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Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking: Styrofoam cups to stay in WH cafeteria, the First Woman displays arm pits, and uses taxpayer money to have photo ops...

we are officially screwed.  Really!

The debt ceiling Kubuki theater continues.  But, not to worry.  The house voted 179-234 to keep the Styrofoam cups in the WH cafeteria.  What the hell is wrong with these fools?  We're not paying them a salary to sit around in Washington and debate the merits of Styrofoam vs some other form of cup.  H/T Red Dog Report via Weasel Zippers.

Allow me to remind you of my prediction:

Taxes will go up and the debt will rise. End of story.

Meantime, the secret meetings continue where people who could give a rip about this country are debating about how to spend our money. Once again, my little brain cannot wrap itself around this nonsense.  These people work for us, not the other way around.  How dare them meet in secret?  Is it so we won't know who's screwing us the worse? 

One way they spend our money is to allow the first woman to fly around on our dime to campaign for her worthless husband while she steals the thunder of the people who really did the work of building a house.   In the process, we are treated to images that make us the laughing stock of the world.

Did Ty Pennington just let a whoopsie or was he overcome by the unspeakably beautiful sight of her armpits?  All the excruciating details are at MOTUS - and we thank her. 

I Have Really Smart Friends

Something I learned early on (from someone way smarter than me), was to always surround yourself with the smartest people you could find and to copy what successful people do. 

Yesterday I posted some links on Marxism, and today two of those people had more to say.  Jim Gourdie, of Conservatives on Fire, left a link to an article tying the Cold War and Marxism to the environmental movement from a fine site that is new to me:  The Truth Shall Set You Free:

*The Cold War Lives On: Gorbachev Exposes Global Communist Environmentalism Conspiracy.

Jim also reminded us of this:   Obama’s War Against Americans is Relentless. His Primary Attack Force is the EPA.

Yesterday, Always On Watch posted the Ten Planks of Marxism which I linked to.  Today she has it all wrapped in Agenda 21, the premier United Nations program designed to limit the rights of humans under the guise of designing eco-friendly and sustainable cities:  And The Logical Conclusion Is?

You see folks, none of this has anything to do with "saving Mother Earth."  It has to do with control.  It is the shoving of people into smaller and smaller areas, limiting their mobility with such things as electric cars, and controlling our food and energy sources.  A populace that is kept all squished up together with no real means of escape is an easily controllable populace. 


New Zealand Blog:   Sustainable Development’ Explained

And yet another smart person in my arsenal is Republican Mother, who has spent considerable time vetting and connecting dots (it's what she does best!) about the Forum for the Future in"   Breaking Down Planned - Opolis

Are John Bircher's crazy?

Heck, I don't know.  I do know that in the following video, compliments (ok - I stole it) of SmashABanana (who went to much trouble to retrieve it when it was "removed by user"  - and we thank him!),  I didn't hear anything that couldn't be verified as factual.  It appears the video was made about the end of 2009 or early 2010.  

Watch it in view of what has happened since then.  You will, and should be, alarmed. 

Is the "Religion of Peace" responsible for the bombing in Norway?  

They claim they are and seem mighty proud.  Pigs  (no insult to real pigs intended.)

The Blaze:  Bloodied and Battered: See the Incredible Pictures of the Oslo Blast Victims
warning: very graphic

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wake Me When It's Over...

I was pleased to note many links to this fine article by Robert Samuelson, The Welfare State's Death Spiral.   Frank Ross, over at Big Journalism, picked up on the article and provided some important charts on welfare.   Ruby Slippers gets it. 

While plenty of people see the present government as unsustainable, way too many folks think it can be fixed with an election.  The best we can hope for is a few years to prepare for what is inevitable.

Now for some really important stuff:

Allow me to thank all the people who have voted for me (and actually admit it in public) at the Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards.

My friend Sarah, over at My Wonderful Life, could use some votes in the Most Under-Appreciated Blog.  Sarah and her hubby Subvet, are parents of three beautiful special needs children.  It's beautiful to witness the joy these children bring to their parents.

In Sarah's words taken from her blog: 
"My husband is Subvet. We have a 6 year old son "Sonshine", a 5 year old son "Gator-boy" and a 3 year old daughter "Sugars" All have special needs and all are perfect in every way."

I still need votes (lots and lots) so head over and click on my name for best political blog.  You can vote every day this entire week.  Ask your co-workers to take a moment to vote.  Email your relatives and friends with a link.

I have so much more to say, but alas and alack, my garden calls.  When you have five acres (three in gardens), your work is never done. 
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Monday, May 10, 2010

People are starting to wake up ...

While cruising around the news sites and blogs, I've noticed a gradual awakening to the true state of our country and the world.  While there is plenty of blah-blah about Elena Kagan (and who she prefers to sleep with), more and more folks are asking questions that strike at a deeper understanding of the world we live in.  Guess what folks - it's the same world humans have been living in ever since the Garden of Eden, and we know what happened there, don't we?

Listen to Fuzzy Logic, whose logic really isn't fuzzy, as she asks the questions about Obama's most recent stirring up of racial unrest:
"And perhaps most importantly, what is his real goal in stirring up racial and social unrest?  Surely it's not just for votes as so many are arguing.  That may play a part in it, but it can't be the whole reason.  What is he up to?  Why does he want the people of the country he leads at each others' throats, on the brink of violence?  What does he stand to gain?  These are the questions I keep turning over in my head, but I don't have an answer yet."  
Matthew Vadum is asking why we're bailing out socialist Greece. 
Why is the United States involved in a futile scheme to bail out the basket case economy of Greece, which despite its membership in the European Union, is a borderline third world socialist country?
Even Ed Morrisey over at Hot Air asks:
Could the instability in the EU with the failure of Greece spread to the US?
and offers an answer from Paul Ryan.
Here, let’s simply discuss the ostensibly equitable posture that tax increases and spending restraint should occupy similar places on the negotiating table. At first glance, this would seem to establish a reasonable symmetry between negotiating positions.
But that picture would be very wrong. The merest glance at the numbers reveals a very different reality. First, let’s look at the long-term budget picture under current law as seen by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
A quick glance at this graph reveals that the long-term problem is not one of inadequate revenues. If we don’t change the law so as to reduce tax growth, Americans will be taxed as they have never been taxed before. see the Paul Ryan video at Right Scoop
And now  Fannie Mae seeks $8.4 billion from govt after loss and the Wall Street slot machine handle is working overtime as Stocks surge on effort to ease Europe debt crunch.

  Over the next week or two, I'll explore my reasons for believing that our country as we know it, is going to crash.  It is inevitable.  The sooner we get there the sooner we can commence rebuilding.  There will be a "new world order", but not the one the puppet masters have in mind. 

There will be massive change.  To think that the elections later this year and in 2012 will change anything is to require willful suspension of disbelief.  The inevitable is this:  It matters not who is in office except to determine the forward speed of our demise.  Am I being pessimistic?  Not at all.  I'm being realistic.  Step back from the chattering and constant distractions and start looking at the big picture.  Start asking your own questions. 

Your Major Distraction for the Day 
is not the illegal immigrants, Elena Kagan, Obama playing golf while oil is seeping onto our shores, kids wearing flag T-shirts, or crazy Muslims with bombs.  No siree Bob.  This distracition is the only one that counts.

The Annual Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards

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I am nominated in the category of best political blog.  Pitted against such heavy weights as Creative Minority Report and The Anchoress has put me in the position of buying votes.  Yes - you heard that right.  It works for our present day politicians and should work just dandy for moi. 

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I also have friends in important places nominated in multiple categories.  LarryD (Acts of the Apostasy) is nominated in five categories.

Larry has not reached the stage of vote buying yet, but he is promising to donate all prize money to charity, or something.

From Larry:

Just to remind you - AoftheA has been nominated in 4 categories (well, it's actually 5, but I've agreed to not tell anyone that I've also been nominated in Best Underappreciated Blog, so I won't say anything about that) - Most Hifreakinlarious, Snarkiest, Most Church Militant, and Most Bat Sh!t Crazy.

Currently, AoftheA is 2nd in Hifreakinlarious; 3rd in Snarkiest; 4th in Church Militant; and 3rd in Most Bat Sh!t Crazy. And in the category I've promised to never ever mention, I'm currently 3rd. With your help, I can surge past my opponents and not look like such a failure.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

New World Order & Health Care

How to Fix Health Care

  1. End employer mandated insurance. The individual should be the owner of his own coverage. It is ridiculous for employers to be overseeing your health care.
  2. Remove government mandates from current policies which drive up costs.
  3. Remove government restrictions on the sale of insurance to allow for true competition.
  4. Insurance should return to the original concept of insuring against catastrophe, with patients paying out of pocket for everyday medical expenses.
  5. Tort reform
  6. Allow Medicare and Medicaid to be phased out over time.
America - there is no health care crisis. This "crisis" is nonsense, invented by the very government that has caused the problem to begin with. The solution to "fixing" what is currently a problem is to get government out of health care. No more micromanaging our lives.

Does no one else see how just plain weird this is all is? We have a bunch of ignorant, overpaid elitist snobs running around in Washington arguing about how you will receive your health care. By my estimates, we have close to 50% of the people in this country thinking this is "normal." This is not normal; this is more like crawling down Alice's hole and dancing with the gerbils.


I've also become tired of not saying some of the things that need to be said. Just openly say anything about a "plan" or a "plot", or throw God into the mix, and you are automatically called a "conspiracy wacko". Even the conservatives jump on this little band wagon. Glenn Beck is routinely disparaged by both sides of the aisle, and we all know how relentlessly Sarah Palin is attacked in an attempt to marginalize her message.

Folks, this is all about control, and the question I've had to ask myself over the past few weeks is; why? Why would you want to destroy a country's economy just so you can feel powerful? Wouldn't a rational person rather be head of a prosperous country? Therein lies the key. We are not dealing with rational people. We are dealing with evil, sick people, and it's time we all realized this.

The reason we, referring to those of us who are rational, cannot wrap ourselves around any of this is because we are rational. Spend some time connecting the dots. Read up on the UN's Agenda 21, Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, and the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

At the dinner table the other evening, my husband compared these people to shopaholics. No matter how much a person shops, and regardless of how much "stuff" they pile up in their homes, they are never satisfied. They have a bottomless pit in their soul that can never be filled. We are dealing with people who are nothing more than Godless empty pails riddled with holes. As fast as they pour other people's money and lifeblood in, it leaks out the bottom.

These people are the modern day Gnostic's, believing they have secret knowledge and can become as Gods. And many everyday folk are being dragged along this path by the "feel good" message being fed to them by their churches, including the Catholic Church. Dumbed down theology, watered down liturgy, liberation theology, diversity, and tolerance being preached relentlessly from pulpits of all denominations has turned the modern day Christian into a weak and vapid sycophant, demanding their "rights."

As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. " Glenn Beck has been saying for weeks now that we need to know who we are and what we believe if we are to win this battle. I couldn't agree more.

The following article from American Thinker is great and I highly recommend a thorough reading.

August 16, 2009
Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

James Simpson

These are perilous times. Last November's election of Barack Obama and a veto-proof majority of Democrats in both houses allowed a virulent cabal to capture our nation's seat of power. As with the Democrat takeover of Congress in 2006, it was a disaster of epic proportions. With one shocking, enormous, blatantly partisan, self-serving and destructive proposal following on the heels of another, the sheer enormity of their power grab defies description. But as each new proposal moves forward, the hand of the Crisis Strategy becomes clear. read the rest

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