Friday, October 20, 2017

It's Friday which means that stats drop because everyone has something better to do than peruse blogs...

so I'm going back to smartphones and social media (which is neither social or media.)

Which brings me to Weight Watchers.


How did I get from smart phones and social media to Weight Watchers? 

Last week I joined Weight Watchers.  I really need to drop some weight and wasn't doing too well on my own.  While I agree that Primal and Paleo eating, which could be considered low carb, is probably one of healthier ways to eat, it is (IMO) very hard to accomplish.

Last week a friend whom I had not seen in several years came over and I was stunned at how slim she was.  Her answer?  Weight Watchers.


So I decided that getting out of the house, spending time with other people on the same journey, and having some accountability would be a good thing.

I signed up online and attended my first meeting last Monday evening and was looking forward to chit-chatting with other peeps at the meeting.

I really should have known better.  As soon as people were weighed and were waiting for the meeting to start, out came the smartphones.  My annoyance level immediately shot into the red zone. 

I had attended (unsuccessfully) Weight Watchers a  gazillion years ago and this is not what I remembered.  Even though I did poorly on the old program, I still remember meeting all sorts of like minded souls who inspired and cheered each other on. 

As a newbie I was asked to spend some time after the regular meeting with the group leader, an elegant and slim older woman,  to help me get started.  I had already started using the meal tracker online and asked a question about something or another.

The response was to tout the WW app on my phone and how I could scan stuff in the grocery store to check points. 

"Umm, I don't have a smartphone."

If I had grown a second head the look on her face couldn't have been more startled.

"Well, how do you get online?" she asked.

"I have this thing at home called a PC - you know, a computer with a yuuuuge monitor.  It sits in my office and functions much like a smart phone", I answered. "If I need information about an item while in the grocery store, I read the label."

Another puzzled look and I was sort of dismissed as some relic from a bygone era.  Remember, this was not some twenty something gal, but a woman who was probably well into her sixties.

What's my point?

My point is not to go all snarky on WW, the elegant group leader who was doing a very good job, or the WW program, which has proven to be fun - mainly because they now have a spot-on website program to track points, but to express my distress at not having people with whom to socialize.

I pretty sure we're all aware of the lost hours watching cat videos, cruising Facecrap, and reading the news. Surely, it's not just me suffering from easy distractibility as I flit from one story to another and my diminished ability to concentrate even when away from my screen.

The phones are getting smarter and we're getting dumber.  If someone attending WW has a phone to scan a grocery item, why bother to learn to read a label?

Young people don't need to be connected to the internet 24/7.  They could do quite well with a simple phone that makes calls or texts.  Recent studies are showing that high smartphone usage is causing skyrocketing depression and even suicide in young people.

I recognize the wealth of good things that a smartphone can bring to people who need such a device.  But, how many people really need to be that connected?

If you have a smartphone and you love it, there's no need to justify your usage to me or anyone else. If the technology does more good than harm in respect to your core values, then have at it.

  And if you don't have a smartphone there's no need to feel like some Luddite.  We're all individuals and need to make our own decisions.

Weight Watchers

Next Monday will be my first week weigh in and I think I'll do well.  The plan has changed considerably since my first go round and I'm really enjoying playing with my smart points.  Every food is assigned a point value.  You get so many points per day plus an extra amount per week to be used, or not used, as the need arises.  When you've used up your points they're gone, kaput, finished.  It didn't take me long to become obsessed with low point meals and being ecstatic when I ended the day with left over points. 

There are some things, due in part to my medical background, I don't agree with, notably fruit being unlimited and their war on fat.  However, I do recognize what they're trying to accomplish in the way of helping people make better choices for what they eat.  So, I obediently eat a small apple every night for my snack -sometimes with a tablespoon of almond butter.

Their on-line tracking system is outstanding and must have taken a gazillion hours to code - and I thank them.

One of the HVAC guys who came to my house last Tuesday is also a newbie in the program and has lost 23 lbs his first month.  Can't argue with success.

To keep me even more accountable, I plan to post my weight loss every Tuesday after my Monday evening weigh in. 


Cal Newport:   Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It?

MIT Technology Revieww:   Smartphones Are Weapons of Mass Manipulation, and This Guy Is Declaring War on Them

 Bloomberg:  Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting

PBS:  Analysis: Teens are sleeping less. Why? Smartphones

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Retired General John Kelly sets the record straight about Trump's call to widow of slain soldier...

I listened to this on the way home and, like Kelly, was stunned.

The brouhaha is a result of congresswoman, Rep Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), who used the widow to advance her Trump hating agenda. She doesn't care about the widow. She only cares about her black grievance.

I'm going to take it one step further based on a few comments I read over at the cesspit called Salon:
You know I wondered if the fact that the fallen soldier was black would influence how trump talked to the family. I have a very sneaky suspicion that is why he talked the way he did. I'm wondering how he talked to the families of white soldiers.....
That's all.  You don't need to read any more than that to get the drift. No link on purpose.

Is it any coincidence that an Obama loving widow, who happens to be black, is belly aching over being "disrespected?"   And is it also a coincidence that the black congresswoman in question is not only a Trump hater, but also voted against any bill that would have benefited vets? 

All those who think the black congresswoman goaded the black widow into complaining about Trump please raise your hands.  She's so foul that she would feast on the sorrow of a war widow to advance her political agenda.

That widow doesn't even know she's been used.  More's the pity.

The only people who are making this a race issue are the libtards. 

This is very powerful testimony.  Please listen...

Alarming Statistics That Show Just How Addicted We Are To Mobile Devices...

I don't own a smart phone because I have no need for a smart phone.

And I'll wager that a goodly number of people who have smart phones don't need them either.

My take on the situation will continue later as today is hair cut day.

 Yesterday was history club, and Tuesday was a Christian Values town hall with Raul Labrador who is running for governor of Idaho.  In addition, on Tuesday I met with the HVAC peeps who are going to clean my ducts.  But first the poor apprentice HVAC dude had to slither around in the crawl space looking for any damage to the duct work allowing for mice to have rave parties every night in my house.  Mice are, no doubt, the original party animal.  On the upside no damage was found and we haven't seen a mouse in 3 weeks. On the down side, every time the furnace comes on I just about gag at the thought of mouse poo air being blown around my house.

On Nov. 2 they will clean and sterilize my ducts.  Yay!  If you've never had your duct work cleaned you may want to think about having it done.

Okay - back to the smartphones.  Read this and later I'l expand on my thoughts.

From Break the Twitch:

We’re using smartphones and other mobile devices more than ever before, and there is no shortage of evidence. Even anecdotally, just take a look at any place where people have to wait: stop lights, bus stops, checkout lines, restaurants, and parks. There’s no sign that this trend is reversing, either—despite the fact that high levels of screen time have been shown to have substantial negative effects.
  • The mere presence of your smartphone is reducing your cognitive capacity.
  • Over-dependence on smartphones leads to user stress and is correlated to psychological traits including loss of control, social interaction anxiety, and materialism.
  • There’s a strong link between the amount of time teens spend looking at screens and how sad they feel.
Along with that, who knows what issues we’ll see surface over the next decade as the technology we use is forced to become even more addictive in order to compete in today’s attention marketplace. There are some pretty alarming statistics that give you a good idea of where things are now, and where we’re headed.  Read the Rest and watch his video below

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sean Hannity lays it all out for you with the help of John Soloman and Sara Carter. Will anything be done about the Uranium One Deal?... w/Update...

call me cynical, but I have my doubts.

Any sentient being over the age of 10 has known about the Uranium One deal for a very long time.  But, now, oh gosh, like, the FBI just figured it out?  The members of Congress are suddenly aware? LOL

Who the hell suspected that Odumbo being paid 400K to give a speech was a tiny bit suspicious?

It's time for Jeff Sessions to either do his job or go the hell home and play with his grandkids.

Peter Schweizer did a documentary and published a book that spelled out exactly what the Clintons and Obamas were doing back in 2015.  If you missed it when it was in the theaters, I've posted it at the end of this post.  I urge you to watch it.
In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity said that those looking for collusion between President Trump and the Kremlin are pointing at the wrong administration.
Hannity said President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are the ones guilty of collusion. 
He said that in 2009, the FBI found evidence of a Russian bribery plot prior to Clinton's Uranium One deal. 
In 2010, Clinton signed off on the deal and Vladimir Putin gained control of 20 percent of America's uranium. 
Hannity said that five years later, only one person, a Russian citizen, was charged by the feds for their participation in the bribery scheme."Uranium One will be one of the biggest scandals this country has ever seen," he said.  
"Hillary Clinton and her husband sold out America to the Russians as [money] flowed to the Clinton Foundation," he added. 
He said that, for the "liberal ideologues" who are "screaming Russia" and looking for collusion, "we've got it for them." 
Hannity said Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller should "stop wasting time" with Trump and turn their attention to the Uranium One deal.


I'll have to agree with Jim Hoft on this one
On Wednesday Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) asked Attorney General Sessions if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be allowed to investigate himself regarding new information on the Hillary Clinton Uranium One scandal.
Attorney General Sessions said it was up to him.
Attorney General Sessions: It would be his decision.
What the hell?


Bunkerville:   Bombshell – Russia, FBI, Uranium and Clinton Bribery Plot

Zero Hedge:  Senate Launches Probe Into Russian Nuclear Bribery Case That Netted Clintons Millions


Gateway Pundit:  FBI Informant Working on Russian Nuclear Bribery 

Scheme Was THREATENED by the Obama Administration

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

John McCain says I'm not only deplorable, but I'm also unpatriotic, practice spurious nationalism, and tired dogma...

well, okay then.

During a ceremony where he received the Liberty Medal on Monday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) stated:
McCain said, “To fear the world we’ve organized and led for 3/4s of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last, best hope of earth, for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism, cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is an unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”
No doubt he's taking a back-handed swipe at Trump and Trump supporters.  Other than that, I'm not even sure about what he's actually saying - and I doubt he is either.

It appears that he's trying to say putting the interests of America and the citizens of this country first is somehow wrong.

He's built an entire career by touting his service to this country that, at best, is "spurious."

John McCain is the poster boy for term limits.  He's been kicking around the body politic for about 35 years.  Politics should not be a career and a gateway to enormous wealth. 

I will say that I find it very disturbing when people hope for a speedy and painful death due to his brain tumor.  That is a perversion of the virtue of Hope.  If you find it impossible to actually pray for him, at least just pray for God's will to be done and leave it at that.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton continues Obama's legacy of trashing the U.S. while in the UK...

and defends the angry whining football players "taking a knee" for the systematic racism practiced here.

Question number one:  Why is she running around the UK promoting her book?  Why should the people of Britain care one whit whether she lost the election?  For that matter, why should anyone care?  It's only important that she did lose the election. 
Hillary Clinton: You have to resist the very clear dog whistles to that base. That’s what the black athletes kneeling was about. That was not against our anthem or our flag. That was actually kneeling was a reverent position. It was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system… I think it would be a grave error for Democrats to recede from those fights and so therefore we have to stand up, fight back, resist!
Speaking of dog whistles, did she just call us deplorables a bunch of racists - again?

Being an equal opportunity insulter, she hies off to Wales to essentially call them stupid and responsible for kids being bullied in school:
The former New York senator was presented with the award during a ceremony at Swansea University’s Bay Campus on Saturday for her “commitment” to promoting the rights of families and children. The university’s College of Law was also renamed the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. 
During her acceptance speech, she claimed children were being “disadvantaged” by Brexit, and the democratic vote to leave the political bloc was the source of “bullying” in British schools.
[...]Clinton stopped over in Wales to pick up her honorary degree en route during the British leg of her What Happened book tour, during which she has gone to lengths to propagate conspiracy theories of how she lost the election, to demean Brexit voters, and to deflect criticism of her party’s longtime association with Hollywood mogul and alleged rapist and sex offender Harvey Weinstein.    source
Way to go Wales - rename your school of law after a disbarred lawyer.  Now that's something to aspire to.

After her last appearance Hillary, wearing her best horse coat swiped from a nearby paddock, and her best gal pal Huma Abedin had supper at the La Petite Maison.  Must have been one heck of a liquid dinner as she "fell and hurt her ankle" and cancelled all her interviews today.

What a vile woman.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017


let's put Christ back in Christmas.

From World Net Daily (emphasis mine)
An anonymous donor has joined with the activist group American Nativity Scene and the Thomas More Society in a campaign to provide free Nativity scenes to display at or near statehouses across the nation.
The organizers say now is the time to prepare for the displays because of the process required to obtain permission.
[...] The mission of American Nativity Scene is to place a Nativity scene within or directly outside state capitol buildings across America. Last Christmas, it provided 14 displays.
The attorneys at the Thomas More Society have defended citizens who privately fund religious displays on public property, arguing they are protected by the First and 14th Amendments of the U. S. Constitution.
The organizers explain a permanent federal injunction banning discrimination against religious speech assures that the Christmas creches are protected from erroneous applications of the widely misunderstood concept of “separation of church and state.”
American Nativity Scene says it already has shipped more than 300 scenes to 32 different states to be erected in public parks, libraries, farm roads and government buildings.  Read the rest

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Outdoor Nativity Store Silhouette Outdoor Nativity Set - Holy Family Yard Scene (Standard Size)

Almost all 5 star reviews. 

I wish we had a place to put a Nativity scene outside, but our house is completely blocked from view by our landscaping.  Not to mention we're on a private road with only four houses.  I do however hang lighted stars in inside of my windows and you can see them across the field on a road a half mile away.  Check Walmart for the window stars soon because they sell out fairly fast. Ace Hardware and Lowe's usually have them too.  They only cost about $12.00 and look amazingly pretty from outside.  

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cup it Up American Grill in Tucson posts conservative message on Facebook and ends up closing due to threats...

while I understand the concept of free speech, I think a cafe should just be a cafe and not make political statements.  But that's just me.

However - if they do make a statement they, their family, or their employees should not have to suffer death threats either. 

Isn't it enough to just eat somewhere else if you object.

I keep asking this, but what the hell is wrong with people?
An Arizona was forced to close its doors indefinitely this week after a politically charged Facebook post the eatery’s owners wrote prompted mass criticism from social media users. 
Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, the owners of Cup it Up American Grill in Tucson, posted a statement on the restaurant’s social media page last week with a list of things the two support and resent, including the president kneeling for the anthem and late night hosts, Vice News reported. source
But what I really find appalling is the number of violent and ugly commenters calling them "racists" and threatening violence against them. 

Nothing they said is the least bit racist.  They didn't say they wouldn't serve black, green, or orange people.  They didn't say they wouldn't sell food to registered democrats.  They even specifically said they were against hate crimes and hate groups.  

Is "racist" some sort of default position for anyone who doesn't agree with you?  

Here's what they said:

Please point out the racism to me.  Thank you in advance...

Facecrap Assault

And check out this woman who just attacked me on my Facebook page - a woman I don't even know, in response to my last post on Hillary Clinton.  I have deleted the names of my friends and replaced them with question marks to protect their privacy.  

She has since deleted her parting shot.  I guess the irony finally got to her.  And guess what???  Her Facecrap page has disappeared too.  

 (?)  Heard a rumor she might become a professor at some snowflake university. Ain't that precious?
LikeShow more reactions
Reply2 hrs
Adrienne Streeter It's exactly what the snowflakes deserve.
LikeShow more reactions
1 hr
 (?) Adrienne Streeter Academia is bad enough - why would they ensconce her on their staff?
LikeShow more reactions
1 hr
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez Adrienne Streeter bet i know who you voted for!
LikeShow more reactions
Reply22 mins
Adrienne Streeter Patricia - It's no secret that I support Trump. And, guess what? I'm proud of it. 🤣
LikeShow more reactions
16 mins
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez You should be begging God's forgiveness for that -- and I'm no fan of HRC!
LikeShow more reactions
Reply15 mins
Adrienne Streeter Patrica - that is a ridiculous, inflammatory, and unnecessary thing to say to anyone -let alone someone you don't know. Didn't you just complain about the negativity of Facebook? Why don't you try begging God's forgiveness for being a negative busy body.
LikeShow more reactions
12 mins
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez look in the mirror, Adrienne -- describing yourself -- you're describing yourself, a nasty name-caller -- typical Trump troll! I'm no snowflake, but you, madam are what you describe me as being -- I'm expressing my opinion in a free country - and I despise Trump and what he is doing to the US, simply because he is a vindictive egomaniac ripping up any good thing done by his predecessor -- gotta teach them uppity guys a lesson, doncha know! Now bugger off and let me get back to my crossword!And BTW, you spelled my name wrong!
LikeShow more reactions
Reply4 mins
Adrienne Streeter Patricia Gonzalez Go away.
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Reply3 mins
Patricia Gonzalez · 
You too. nasty witch!

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