Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Trumps Reelection Rally Was Just What We All Needed...

at least I did.

Even though my good blogger buddy Kid agreed to talk me down when I was losing it, LL, of the White Wolf Mine, admitted to "going Galt", the brilliant Bunkerville confessed to also suffering, writer of great books, Francis Porretto, called me "dear" (which I dearly love), my favorite pastor, Lone Star Parson, added his usual calm and steady presence, the very funny Woodsterman suggested that just being funny is a bit easier (except I could never match him), and Deserttrek reminded me that "Trump is the best and most effective of my lifetime. He is the only one to try to keep promises and put the USA and the People first."  Well said, Desert!

So today I will toddle off to my history club, packed with brave veterans, deplorables, and dirt people, eat a breakfast that I don't have to cook or clean up after, and I will do it all with a renewed spirit.

Thank you, President Trump!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Trump Reelection Rally, Orlando, FL w/Update...


Where have I been?

I've been unable to face the increasingly ugly repulsive fake news.  The real news is bad enough.

I'm sure the rally today will reignite my spirit.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019: Join RSBN's Liz Willis, Bailee Byers, Max Kleiber, Baylor Cook and cameraman Gage Fuller for live all day coverage as President Donald J. Trump kicks off his 2020 campaign with a massive campaign rally at the 20,000 seat Amway Center in Orlando, FL. President Trump is expected to speak at 8:00pm EDT.


President Donald J.Trump's Schedule 6/18/2019  (yes, Edith - he is your president)

All Times EDT:
  • 11:30 AM Receive intelligence briefing – Oval Office
  • 3:50 PM The president and first lady depart the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews – South Lawn/Marine One
  •  4:00 PM The president and first lady arrive at Joint Base Andrews – Washington, D.C.
    • 4:10 PM The president and first lady depart Washington, D.C. en route to Orlando, FL – Air Force One
    • 6:10 PM The president and first lady arrive at Orlando International Airport – Orlando, FL
    • 6:20 PM The president and first lady depart Orlando International Airport en route to Amway Center – Motorcade
    • 6:45 PM The president and first lady arrive at Amway Center –
      Orlando, FL
    • 7:30 PM The president delivers remarks at Trump Victory Reception
    • 8:00 PM Deliver remarks at Make America Great Again Rally [Live Stream]
    • 9:15 PM The president and first lady depart Amway Center en route to Orlando International Airport – Motorcade
    • 9:40 PM The president and first lady arrive at Orlando International Airport – Orlando, FL
    • 10:00 PM The president departs Orlando, FL, en route to Miami, FL – Air Force One
    • 11:00 PM Arrive at Miami International Airport – Miami, FL
    • 11:10 PM Depart Miami, FL, en route to Doral, FL – Motorcade
    • 11:25 PM Arrive at the overnight accommodations – Doral, FL

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Does Potential Suffering Justify Abortion?...

an argument heard most often from the commie left (right after "my body, my choice."

I've heard it too many times to count.

Here's the perfect response compliments of PragerU - and we thank them:

And where does this all lead?

Why - to this:

Dutch girl, 17, who was sexually abused at 11 and raped as a 14-year-old is legally euthanised at her home by ‘end-of-life’ clinic because she felt her life was unbearable due to depression.

As Sean Hannity would say, "Unbelievable!"

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Kick your digital crap to the curb for the weekend...

trust me - you don't need it.

That sounds like a funny thing for a blogger to say.  It is.

Isn't it adorable?
I don't have a smart phone.  I actually am close to being phoneless.  I have a little phone that makes and receives calls. I could theoretically text, but I don't.  I turn it on about once a week and check messages.  Usually the message box is empty.

I don't do Twitter, have no interest in Instagram, and my Pinterest page was abandoned about 2 weeks after starting it up.

Before you accuse me of being all finger wagging better than you, I still have a PC that drags me away from more important stuff I should be doing while simultaneously destroying my posture and wrecking my neck.

And it worries me.

I've decided to start by severely limiting my screen time on the weekends. 

On Cal Newport's blog today he posted On the Pleasures and Sorrows of Life Without Screens.
[...] When people contemplate the declutter process I suggest in my book, in which you spend 30 days away from optional technology as a prelude to simplifying your digital life, they often predict that the main challenge will be compensating for the benefits and features they’ll miss out on. 
But this prediction is almost always wrong. Most people report that after a week or so of some mild withdrawal symptoms, they’re surprised by how little they miss the features of services like Twitter or Instagram. 
The real problem — and this surprised me — is figuring out how to deal with all the free time this move toward minimalism suddenly injects into your life. READ THE REST

Don't be this person!

I posted this powerful video back in May of 2014.  It has close to 62 million views and over 553K thumbs up.  Clearly it's been on my mind for a long time and many other people agree with me.  It's time to break free.


Robert Glatter, MD: Digital Addiction:  A Recipe for Isolation, Depression and Anxiety

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I receive a small commission when you purchase through my links - at no additional cost to you.  Thank you from the bottom of deplorable dirt person heart.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

I guess since it's okay to kill kids, it's okay to exploit them...

whatever happened to children should be seen and not heard?

We have a strange little autistic Swedish 16 year old, Greta Thunberg, who dresses like and 8 year old, demanding action on climate change and encouraging school walk-outs by other misled students...

 and little boys dressed in drag mincing and wiggling for adults.

And let's not forget the conservative darling, Ava Martinez, who bares a striking resemblance to Empty Cortex, pumping out videos making fun of her doppelganger.  Funny?  No!

None of this is funny and is only occurring because parents are allowing it.

I guess in a world where killing babies is okay, it's okay to exploit those who escaped into the world.
That is all...

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Medicare for All? Rep. Dan Crenshaw Questions Fundamental Flaws of Single-Payer Systems...

aka "socialized medicine."

It won't work.

Today's Medicare doesn't work.

My mother worked in the medical field and when Medicare first came on the scene she said, "It won't work."

She was right.

Millions of people who have paid their entire life and continue to pay after reaching Medicare age do not have doctors. Medicare is not "free."

I'm one of them.

When I first reached the age for Medicare and was forced onto the program (yes, my little cabbages - you will be forced) my husband's doctor took me on as a patient.

Within about one year he retired.

Guess what?  I have not had a doctor since - close to seven years. The best I can do is a physician assistant, and while they're nice ladies, they're far removed from an actual doctor.  My husband was also shifted to a completely incompetent PA who did her best to kill him. 

After spending several days on the phone I got lucky and was able to find a doctor for my husband who is doing a great job. Unfortunately, he is not taking anymore Medicare patients. My last PA quit.  If I need treatment for something I have no one call.

Doctors cannot afford to treat Medicare patients.  It's as simple as that.

The only way Medicare for All will work is if you force doctors to treat everyone.  There's that word "force" again.

How long do you think most doctors will consider staying in the profession when they are forced to work.  Didn't we free the slaves?

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

RIP Herman Wouk May 27, 1915 - May 17, 2019...

a passing of great personal sadness.

I love to read.

I started reading at a very young age, about four years old (pretty much self-taught and later solidified with phonics), and encouraged by my mother who kept me well supplied with books of all sorts. Our favorite weekend outing was to walk two miles to the library to stock up on books.  I am still a weekly devotee of our local library and at any given time have ten to fifteen books checked out. A back up a fully loaded Kindle is also at my disposal.  God forbid I should have nothing to read.

When I was about ten years old and whining to my mom that I had nothing to read, she darted over to our book shelf, pulled out The Caine Mutiny, by Herman Wouk, and gave it to me.  She figured it would keep me busy for a very long time.  It was my first "grown up" book.

It kept me busy all right, but I devoured it in just a few days.  It led to reading Marjorie Morningstar, Youngblood Hawke, Winds of War, and War and Remembrance - all of which I loved.

Herman Wouk had the gift of making his characters so real that you felt like you knew them and definitely wanted to invite them over for dinner and great conversation.

His depiction of historical events was meticulously researched and gave the reader an insight otherwise not available.

He was often savaged by book reviewers, a breed of people whose job it is to be snotty while possessing no discernible talents of their own - other than being snotty, that is.

So - thank you Mr. Wouk for the hours and hours of reading enjoyment - you are in my prayers.

Now go out and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend made possible by the service members who died fighting for our freedom.

 I will see you back here on Tuesday. 


Always On Watch:  Memorial Day 2019 (excellent!)

Sarah Hoyt:  We Don't Have a Problem with White Supremacy. We Have a Problem with Leftist Supremacy (also excellent with lots of good comments)

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Remember - only buy what your really need.  Everything else can be shunted off into the memory hole called your "wish list."

Friday, May 24, 2019

Memorial Day "Sales"...

when stuff is marked down to the price it should have been to begin with.

Just say "NO"

Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor and remember our fallen heroes.  You don't want to spend the day buying a bunch of crap you don't really need.

Take your kids to a Memorial Day celebration in your local community.  Place a flag on the grave of a soldier killed in battle.  Have friends and family over to grill a burger.

I'm a big fan of James Clear, author of Atomic Habits - a seriously great book.  I suggest you buy it in hard bound rather than Kindle

Yesterday he posted, The Diderot Effect: Why We Want Things We Don’t Need — And What to Do About ItI've fallen victim to this many, many times.  

I also fall victim to impulse buying on Amazon.  Yeah - I know I'm an Amazon affiliate and earn a few nickels when you follow my links for your Amazon purchase.  But, I'm also the first one to tell you not to buy what you don't need.  Overcome with the "I wants?"  Simple.  Hit the button that sends that item to your wish list.  I guarantee you that 99% of those items will never get purchased.

See something in a store while your doing necessary shopping that you simply must have?  Stick it in your cart and drive it around while you shop.  You get all the fun of "owning" the item and can put it back on the shelf before you leave the store. 

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit Arlington Cemetery. 

Oh, Noes... May 26, 2019
The Last Ride of Rolling Thunder


Final Rolling Thunder, Inc Ride for Freedom will be this Sunday in D.C.

I always hoped I could one day ride in the Rolling Thunder Freedom Ride.


10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day

And More Stuff:

Diogenes' Middle Finger:   Why Are There So Many Lunatics in the Democrat Party?

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I have been remiss in my disclosure statement which Amazon demands we do. To wit - I receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, when you purchase anything through my links even if it's not the item I've posted. We little blog peeps don't have staffs of interns and buckets of paid advertisements and yet often spend hours and hours on research for our posts.  Your Amazon purchases help and I appreciate it so very, very much.

Remember - only buy what you really, really need. The rest goes on your wish list.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Listening to Pelosi live: My IQ just dropped 50 points...

meandering, slurring, nonsense syllables will do that to your brain.

I will post the video when it is over.  Everyone needs to see this disgusting woman bloviating.  

These commie libtards are finished and they know it. 

Here ya go:  I think I have it set to when she finally shows up, but if not, run it up to 27:00 for start.  It's blessedly short so not too many of your brain cells will leak out.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Profound sadness...

I haz it.

The rantings and demands of the commie libtards used to make me mad.  Now they just make me sad.

Is Bill Whittle right?  Is justice finally going to be served?

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Monday, May 20, 2019

It's Monday...

so what, you ask?

Monday - the first day of the rest of your life.

I have trees to plant.  You know - those things that clean the air, provide shade (and often food), and look pretty. Wonder what the greenie-weenies are doing?

Here's Your Monday Kick in the Booty
In this year’s 2019 PragerU Commencement Address, Navy Seal (Ret.) and best-selling author, Jocko Willink, offers some hard-learned, practical advice. It all starts with Discipline. That’s what will get you on the road to personal fulfillment and success – and keep you there. Watch and find out why.
You are never too old to work on your discipline.  I'm 72 (how the hell did that happen?) and my main goals every. single. week. involve discipline.  Do I make it?  Oh, hell noes - but I keep trying.

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Yesterday I found some Costco baby back ribs which had been vacuum sealed and shoved to the back of my freezer since 2014.  Seriously!  They were just as fresh as the day I sucked all the air out of that package.  I cooked them for 15 minutes in my Instant Pot and finished them under the broiler for about 10 minutes.  They were fabulous.  If you don't have a Food Saver or an Instant Pot, you're missing out on a great way to save money and time.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings...

I have been remiss in my duty and I apologize.

With Facecrap, Twitter, and Instagram dominating the ethernet, it behooves us to share, link, and comment on good content.  I have fallen short of my own advice. has developed into an important voice in the battle for the soul of America.  They also encourage you to link or reproduce in full their articles - and I thank them.

I'm going to get you started with their latest very important article, Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings and then I'm going to send you over there to finish it so you can spend some time perusing their other offerings.

This is not a sound-bite article.  It is longish by internet standards and so chock full of links that you should plan on spending some time there.  

While you're there, please take a moment to add them to your bookmarks or Feedly.  Also add a link on your site like I have on my sidebar.  If you don't like the way Facecrap and Twitter are silencing conservative voices, this is a good way to defeat them.

I also find it ironic that North Carolina is suing Juul, makers of vape cigarettes, while so many states are trying to legalize marijuana and they force feed dangerous drugs on our children. Children as young as 9 or 10 are given hormone blocking drugs if they think they're a boy instead of a girl.  Young boys are given dangerous drugs like Ritalin and when they're sufficiently nuts they're given SSRI's.  Stop the madness! 


 According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a mass murder occurs when at least four people are murdered, not including the shooter, over a relatively short period of time during a single incident. Over the last 30 years, the United States has seen a significant increase in mass shootings, which are becoming more frequent and more deadly.

Seemingly every time a mass shooting occurs, whether it’s at a synagogue in Pittsburgh or a nightclub in Orlando, the anti-gun media and politicians have a knee-jerk response – they blame the tragedy solely on the tool used, namely firearms, and focus all of their proposed “solutions” on more laws, ignoring that the murderer already broke numerous laws when they committed their atrocity.
Facts matter when addressing such an emotionally charged topic, and more gun control legislation has shown that law-abiding Americans who own guns are not the problem. Consider the following: The more gun control laws that are passed, the more mass murders have occurred.
Whether or not this is correlation or causation is debatable. What is not debatable is that this sick phenomenon of mass murderers targeting “gun-free zones,” where they know civilian carry isn’t available to law-abiding Americans, is happening. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, 97.8 percent of public shootings occur in “gun-free zones” – and “gun-free zones” are the epitome of the core philosophical tenant of gun control, that laws are all the defense one needs against violence.
Therefore, when the media and politicians focus their ire on guns, specifically what types of guns are used, such as AR-styles, carbines, semi-automatics, and “high capacity” handguns, in the wake of such tragedies the American public are being intentionally drawn into an emotionally charged debate about legal gun ownership (irrespective of whether the murderer’s gun was legally or illegally obtained). This debate leads them away from the elephant in the room and one of the real issues behind mass shootings – mental health and prescription drugs.  READ THE REST

This is a LINK to a listing of all their articles including gun and ammo law state by state.  The amount of work that has gone into this site is staggering.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

It's Friday. Let's talk about MCT oil...

because I've learned that no one wants to talk about serious stuff on Friday.

What is MCT Oil?

From Health Line:
As the name suggests, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are easily digested and many health benefits are linked to the way your body processes these fats. 
MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconut oil, as more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs. These fats are also found in many other foods, such as palm oil and dairy products. 
Here are 7 science-backed benefits you can get from adding MCT oil to your diet.
Last week Dr. Davis of Wheat Belly fame chatted about MCT oil.  Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple uses it also.  
When I was at Costco I saw a bottle and since I trust Costco to carry the best I brought one home.
I dumped a tablespoon in my coffee yesterday and foamed it up with a stick blender.  Did I get a burst of energy?  Yes.  Did I also get some stomach upset?  Yes.  Because you're only supposed to start with a teaspoon and work your way up to a tablespoon. My bad! Later in the day I had another tablespoon with no adverse effects.
How many of you have tried MCT Oil and what has been your experience?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Alabama anti-abortion bill is like throwing holy water on Satan...

and it's illuminating to witness the writhing and screeching of the demons.

Let's review class:

It's not a choice
It's not a blob of cells
It's not reproductive rights
It's certainly not about "planned" parenthood

It's simply killing a baby a woman has determined is inconvenient.

That's 61,290,850.2 inconvenient babies since 1973.

The Nazis only managed to kill six or so million Jews.  Think about that. 

Here's Just How Unhinged Hollywood Is Over Alabama Passing A Massive Pro-Life Bill


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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"Dangerous" Paul Joseph Watson as you've probably never seen him discussing censorship...

just being himself.

Not only is he predicting his own future, but the future of free speech.

Facecrap figures strongly here.  I'm not overly bothered by the censorship on Facecrap, the adverts, or any of the other stuff people complain about.

My news doesn't come from Facecrap.  I don't look at their ads, and I don't spend an inordinate amount of time there.

The danger in that thinking is that millions upon millions of people do get their news from Facecrap, buy from their advertisers, and spend just about all day trolling the platform.

On the other hand I've learned over the years (many, many years) that people who are on the left (commies) are not going to be convinced by truth.  We've had many generations subverted by the siren song of the left and nothing is going to change their minds.

They've sent their children to state controlled schools who have indoctrinated them to the point of complete lunacy.  Instead of "Our Father, Who Art in Heaven", they now chant "Diversity is Our Strength" and "A Women's Right to Choose."

What do we do?

How about going direct to the source?  Nothing is stopping you from accessing these "dangerous" people on their sites - at least not yet. Will the left eventually get them off the internet?  I'm pretty sure that's where this is headed.

And if you think it's only the big sites being affected, you'd be wrong.  There is no doubt that I, as well as many of the other smaller sites, are being shadow banned.

The only thing I ever post on Facecrap is a link to my posts.  After culling my friends list it only has the potential to reach about 200 people directly.  I have several friends who "share" my posts adding another 1000 or so peeps.

In the past I would have at least 300 or more daily page views that came from Facecrap.  Guess how many I get now?  Zero.  That's right - zero.

You Can't Watch This from RWFS Distribution on Vimeo.
Release Date:  May 15th, 2019 3:00 pm ET


American Thinker:  The Next Battlefront: Social Media

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Jordan Peterson Confronts Australian Politician on Gender Politics and Quotas...

but, but, but ------- fairness and diversity!

Dr. Jordan Peterson and prominent Australian Labor Party politician Terri Butler, clash over quotas in parliament.

Please note how she can't answer his question.


National Post:   Jordan Peterson: When the left goes too far — the dangerous doctrine of equity

Town Hall:   The Left’s Obsession with Race  "If you divide people into groups it is much easier to win. Groups of people are easier to manipulate than millions of individuals."

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

These people are possessed by an evil spirit...

tell me why I'm wrong!

Give it your best shot...

Amazon Today

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Deals in Power and Hand Tools

Yesterday I went to Lowe's in search of wood hardener and wood filler for exterior use.  They stocked one of the items, but it was out of stock.  The other items they didn't carry at all and it was a special order.  WTHell?  Isn't it a home improvement store?  Our local Ace Hardware is better stocked than Lowe's, and I do shop there quite often. 

So, I came home and ordered both items through Amazon.  I will have both products by tomorrow (delivered to me by a cute guy wearing brown shorts 😉.)

As much as I detest Bezos' politics, I often wonder why a store like Lowe's complains about Amazon.

Years ago I worked for Home Depot for about two long miserable weeks.  Since then I've refused to shop there.  However, since the co-founder is such a huge Trump supporter, I will re-consider my personal shopping ban and check them out again.

And...............not a fan of Macy's and rarely go there, but their recent decision to stock muslim attire, including the hijab, has permanently knocked them off my list of places to spend my money.  I haven't noticed them carrying chapel veils for traditional Catholic women.  Pigs!

Monday, May 6, 2019

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia), Pennsylvania's First Openly Gay Representative Attacks Elderly Woman Praying in Front of Planned Parenthood...

You can read about it at PJ Media.  

This is the LINK to the video, apparently from 4 days ago, of this POS harassing a nice older lady who is quietly saying a rosary.

I couldn't even watch the whole thing it was so terrible.

This level of hate and ranting could only be spurred on by someone who was possessed by the devil.

Rep. Sims brings up morality and accuses her of not being moral.

The following is going to be direct and to the point:

This is a man who allows another man to ram his erect penis into his filthy anal orifice and then feels morally able and has the audacity to spew a disgusting barrage of insults at a nice lady.

I have a message for all the liberal commies out there:  This is not about "love." If you believe that then you are probably the result of a liberal education, such as it was, in a state run school.  And don't even try to bring up "diversity."

 This is perversion and this guy has no business representing anyone.

Check out his twitter post below directed at Mike Pence from 2018:

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Should government intervene in "social" media?...

I'm not in favor.

Do I think Facecrap, Instagram, or any of the other time wasting unsocial sites sway elections?


Listen - if you're a conservative, in particular a conservative Christian, you don't have a gaggle of commie Facecrap friends. In fact,you probably don't have any.

Now reverse that.  Do the commies have a basket full of deplorable friends?


The uneducated willfully blind commies in this country do not give a fig what a conservative has to say.  And other than to mock them, we don't pay any attention to the commies.

I do have a problem when they start messing with the income stream of ordinary people.

Our local political brainiac, Brent Regan, had this to say today - on Facecrap.

There is much talk about regulating the SVMOTUs (Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe) for their censoring the free speech of conservatives. I am fundamentally opposed to additional government regulation both from the policy perspective of not giving government additional powers and from a practical perspective in that the probability of government improving the situation is essentially zero.
On the flip side you have a HUGE monopoly which is wielding its power in a perceptibly unfair manner. Arguments that the free market will eventually break the monopoly are not credible as the barriers to entry are massive. Any nascent platform would be crushed or subsumed by the ubiquitous giant.
SVMOTUs lobbied and received protections from the government against being sued for libel arguing that they do not supply the content and therefore cannot be held responsible. This "we are just a utility" argument is now crumbling because now they are filtering content to the extent that the "product" is significantly different than the "input".
If you own a bridge upon which red and blue cars cross and you decide not to let blue cars use your bridge then you have stopped being a bridge provider and started being a content provider even though you don't make red cars. Gold miners don't make gold, they just filter out the "not gold" from the stream of gravel. The essence of providing any product is that you start with a raw material and then modify it in some way. As a producer, you are responsible for your product.
It is time to remove the protections against litigation and let the free market regulate the SVMOTUs with legions of attorneys.
The standard would be easy to set as it already exists. Our basic right of the freedom of speech is limited in that you cannot advocate for the direct harm of another person. If a platform restricted speech beyond that basic limit then they should lose their liability shield because they have stopped being a platform and started being a supplier.
Protections should remain if the platform allowed speech that someone somewhere found offensive. This would create the situation where allowing speech is incentivized over censoring speech.
It is time to allow the free market to regulate SVMOTUs.

Geller Report:   Link-banning Is Facebook’s Terrifying New Censorship Tool

Breitbart:  Facebook, Google Pour Big Money into Lobbying Congress While Blacklisting Conservatives

Breitbart:   Beware the Big Tech Censorship Domino Effect

Sharyl Attkisson:  
How Media Narratives Became More Important Than Facts

"The effort to expose flaws and conflicts in media reporting is growing stronger, not weaker, despite the narratives. The desire to affect improvements is building. Make no mistake: Not all of us are free to speak publicly, but there are a lot of us. And we aren’t going away."