Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ghetto Hip Hop Obama: High as a kite in Alabama doing his best shuck and jive routine...

don't miss all the nose pulling and touching.
As Weasel Zipper said:  I love watching Obama trip over his numerous fake accents. At the 2:02 mark he starts with “fifty,” followed by “fitty” and then ends with “fiddy”
The tax payers of this country paid big time to fly his ass down to Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama to speak to a predominantly black audience of remedial students.

The libtards I know love this crap.  "He da man, doncha know."

My apologies for not being around lately.  I've been fighting off a cold and finally think I may be winning.  I've also had many daylily orders to fill. 

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz at Liberty University announcing his run for president...

the first of many.

I haven't even watched it yet.  I'm fighting off a cold (so far, the cold is winning), and I will watch it after breakfast.

I will say this after peeking at a few minutes of the speech.  Someone has told him to get better fitted suits and he listened.  Does that sound shallow?  Well, it's not.  Appearance is important and his suit is nicely tailored.

Andrew Klavan: Magical Leftist Thinking

 "What's in the box.  What is it that transforms the happy-faced programs of the left into their exact opposite?"

Andrew Klavin opens the box and tells you what's in it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Okay, I'll bite. Let's talk about Starbucks and race...

the latest shiny object.

This zany idea of Starbucks wanting their employees to talk about race relations is, well, zany, and not going to end well.

If you happen to be in a Starbucks, my first question is; "Why?"  I don't "do" Starbucks because the coffee is overpriced, not very good, and I can never remember the difference between a grande and a venti.  Our local grocery stores have coffee every bit as good for a quarter of the price and if you want something sweet, the donuts are a steal. Besides, being a simple soul, I can handle, "Do you want a 12oz or a 16oz?"

Let's assume you're a Starbucks' lover.  That's okay.  Last I checked it was still somewhat of a free country and I won't publicly shame you.  Your barista wants to talk about race with you.  Ask them their opinion about the following - presented without comment.

From: SBPDL:

A white male out walking his dog. 


Police have announced charges against two 15-year-old boys in the murder of James Stuhlman, who was shot and killed while walking his dog in Philadelphia's Overbrook section last week. 
One of those boys remains at large, and is considered by police to be armed and dangerous. 
Police say they have in custody 15-year-old Brandon Smith. He has been charged with murder, robbery and related charges. 
A warrant has been issued for 15-year-old Tyfine Hamilton - the alleged gunman.
Hamilton is also charged with murder, robbery, and related offenses. 
Lesser charges are expected to be filed against a third boy, who is 14-years-old.

Read the rest


Starbucks Fights Racism. Racism Fights Back.
By Colin Flaherty

If you need a conversation starter with your Starbucks’ barista, try this: What’s up with all the black mob violence?

Just as the coffee giant announced its employees would be educating their customers about race relations, (Hash tag: #RaceTogether) large-scale episodes of black mob violence were breaking out across the country. read the rest



One More for Starbucks: 'Democrats Oppress Blacks'

Coffee, tea, or a frank discussion on race?

Does Starbucks Want an Honest Conversation?


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bill Whittle and Trifecta: Hillary's Contempt...

for us.

Two videos that explain the what and the why.

Worth your time.

It's all I can handle today.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What the hell is Michelle Obama wearing as she arrives in Japan?...

to embark on a five-day visit to Japan and Cambodia to highlight cooperation on helping girls finish their educations.

Because we all know how much the Japanese dislike education while we breed some of the dumbest kids in the world.

How many millions are the taxpayers being charged for her and her daughters to enjoy yet another spring break vacation?

If you can tell me what that thing is around her waist you could win a big prize - or not. 

I'm going to Costco for a palate cleanser.

Downtown Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day Chaos: "Young people, Teens, Youth, Young Adults, Young Individuals"...

at least they didn't call them Irish.
During a news conference, Minneapolis police officials said chaos broke out around 8 p.m. when "hundreds of teens and young adults" who had come downtown "traveling by mass transit" started fighting.
Police inspector Mike Kjos said their "intent was to cause chaos and disorder." source
Think you're safe in the suburbs?  Nope.  The Twin Cities spent billions of dollars on light rail so the chaos can be delivered to your front door.  The lovely Nicollet mall in Minneapolis is no longer safe.

Of course, the yuppie commies of Minneapolis were all on board with light rail to save the earth from cars - or something.  Thing is, the light rail is for the hoi polloi, not them.  They're still in their cars enjoying the convenience they provide. 

More at Fox News Minneapolis

Ted Cruz: Congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu...


I don't believe our petulant narcissist of a president has sent his congratulations yet.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been an extraordinary leader for Israel, and I congratulate him on what appears to be a victory. His electoral success is all the more impressive given the powerful forces that tried to undermine him, including, sadly, the full weight of the Obama political team.

American officials should not be undermining the elected leaders of our closest allies, especially when Prime Minister Netanyahu's heroic - even Churchillian - opposition to a nuclear Iran has done such tremendous service to U.S. national security. The American people are proud to stand steadfastly with our Israeli brothers and sisters. May our friendship grow and prosper, and may the Nation of Israel stay forever strong. Ted Cruz via Facebook

Sunday, March 15, 2015

People today: More "connected" than ever and dumb as rocks...

observations while at work.

I worked Friday and Saturday last week, and Saturday this week.  Handing out samples at a grocery store gives me ample opportunity to engage with many people of all ages.  Since I work directly for the store and not some demo company, I have, over the past few years, built a less superficial relationship with the people I serve.  I provide cooking tips, marriage counseling (really), listen to their woes and heartaches, and certainly have a good grasp on their political views (almost 100% conservative.)

Last Friday (March 6th) turned into what we at the store call food stamp day.  Most people in Idaho still have their EBT cards filled up on the first of the month, overburdening the stores with hoards of people.  Idaho is in the process of staggering the days to avoid this problem, but I saw no signs of that on March 6th.
Let's take a moment to first look at the food stamp people.  Certainly there are some people receiving food stamps who, through no fault of their own, have fallen on temporary hard times.  Temporary being the operative word.  I do not begrudge them the help they receive through food stamps.  However, the vast majority are frankly just gaming the system. 

The most striking observation is that just about all of these people have multiple multi-color tattoos and wander about with top-of-the-line smart phones, both of which cost a lot of money.   They're "connected" to the world-wide web 24/7 and yet, if questioned, they are absolutely ignorant of anything that is going on in the world.  I had one who was confused about who Biden was, and had to be reminded that he was the vice-president of the United States.  Huh?

Most of these people are fat - not just a bit fluffy, but hugely, dangerously obese, and yet I see no vegetables in their cart.  I do see beer (lots of beer which they can afford since we're providing their food), chips, corn dogs, and ice cream, all of which are way more expensive than good wholesome food - you know, the kind you may actually have to prepare.

Now let's contrast that with yesterday.  It was raining, so all the people who would have otherwise been working on projects in their yard came to the store.  Most were older.  Most were not what the average young person today would consider "connected."  While having a conversation with one lovely gentleman, who was in his upper 60's, he showed me his flip phone and was darn proud of it.  He was online at home, but as he said, "I only use my computer to look up things."  I took that to mean he didn't play useless games.  Yet this man knew more about world events than the average MSM news commentator. 

These people do not wander about staring at a phone.  And their carts of full of wholesome food that will take a bit of preparation.  They most assuredly don't eat corn dogs. 

So what's my point?  Does staring at a phone, which is becoming a reprehensible sight in my opinion, lead to food stamp usage?  Uh, no.  Does staring at a phone cause you to become dumb?  Probably.

The real point here is I have no point other than the sight of the majority of young people staring at phones is sad and ugly, and most food stamp recipients are gaming the system while staring at their smart phone - or something.

Think on these things.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Obama to Kimmel: Protesters had some “very legitimate grievances”...

because we all know the best way to calm a situation is to go on a third rate crappy entertainment show to stoke the flames of unrest.
Please note the pencil necked president sitting lower than the host of the show appearing like the weak, feckless twit he is.  I've heard that Valjar carries his cojones around in a briefcase.

Mark my words:  Ferguson will be ground zero for a nationalized police force. 

Now listen to a real man

Sheriff David Clarke on Obama's "condolence" tweet:
“That might score him points with hipsters, but it’s not going over real big with me and it’s not going over real big with the American law enforcement officer".
“He didn’t have the decency to put on a suit and go to the East Room or the Rose Garden and issue a heartfelt condemnation of what’s going on in these assaults against officers"


Civil Rights Hero, Lesley McSpadden

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary: No, you can't look at my server...

of course not.

Seems to me that if she used her personal server and private email account to conduct official State Department business, then she has forfeited her right to privacy when it come to her server.

Don't you agree?

Of course, she is "completely complying with State Department requests."

Hillary, no one is buying what you're selling. 

I think Proof is right - stick a fork in her.


Gowdy:  We Will Call Hillary For Questioning, Turn The Server Over To Neutral Third Party To Review

Hillary to make statement about emails...

I can hardly wait.

"I've been completely cooperative"

"Didn't do anything wrong"

"It's Bush's fault"

I don't think she's taking questions.  Coward.

Watch Live at Fox

Time for my favorite spokeskitteh:

Free lunch Flicker...

smarter than most people.

I moved the suet feeder so I could spray the tree with Immunox.

The Flicker had no problem finding it on the table.

Look at the last picture and you can clearly see him holding the feeder with his foot.  It was sliding around and so he grabbed it to hold it steady.

And, yes, I know there's chipped paint.  I just power washed in preparation for painting.

I must finish preparing my agricultural exemption papers.  See you later. 

Wipe your beak!

Who you lookin' at??

Monday, March 9, 2015

The only post you need to read about Hillary's emails...

and, no - it's not by me.

My friend, Proof Positive, took umbrage with my calling this whole email thingy a "tempest in a teapot."

Allow me to state that I think what Hillary did re: her emails is an egregious assault against proper behavior for a public official. 

My question remains whether anything of substance will be done about it.  So far, she and Bill have skated out of responsibility for numerous dead bodies which could total as many as 47.  And Bill got away with lying at his impeachment trial (boys will be boys, doncha know.)  

Here's what I think.  Something will come of this, if, and only if, the puppet masters behind Odumbo want it to happen.  Remember this - it's not Odumbo.  He's a nothing, a nobody, a feckless doper who only wants to hang out with immoral and equally feckless celebrities, play golf, take vacations, and watch sports. 

My statement, however, galvanized the worthy wrath of Proof who has put together the most comprehensive post ever covering this whole Clinton debacle - and we thank him.  His command of logic is awe inspiring.

So without further ado, please head over and read his fine article:

Hillary Clinton and the Emails of Doom

Homemade fresh Italian sausage...

lots of work, but worth it.

My first time ever making sausage. 

Decent Italian sausage is hard to come by and it's very expensive - usually way over $4.00 per pound.  I bought two shoulder butts at Costco for  $1.59 per pound.  I turned one of them into sausage and the other one will become Mexican-style carnitas.

The video below is excellent and shows the process using a Kitchen Aid stand mixer with a grinder and sausage stuffing attachment.

The only thing he didn't stress was putting the cut up pork into the freezer for about 30 minutes before grinding.  My first batch was only in for about 15 minutes and you really need to get it a tiny bit more frozen in order to grind quickly. Second batch was a breeze.

So for approximately $12.00 (including spices and hog casings) I have over $35.00 worth of sausage.  Not only that, but I know exactly what's in it. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hillary's emails (tempest in a teapot), and Obama's attack on "racist" police departments...

ready for the feds to take over local law enforcement?

I spent a little time over at Huff & Puff yesterday.  After first hunting all over that site for a story about Shillary and her email thingy, guess what I found out? 

Yep.  No one cares and think it's much ado about nothing.

And, as I've already predicted, absolutely nothing will come of this.  Just like all the other Clinton scandals, it will just quietly slink off into the night.

My friend, Trailbee, left a link to Ricochet, who has some rather strange advice:  Go Dark.   Hot Air picked up on it:  Rick Wilson has some advice for the GOP on Hillary: This isn’t about you, so shut up.

I guess we're all supposed to just keep quiet about Hillary and her emails so the libtards don't accuse us of being fruitcakes, or something. 

I'm not hopping on this latest shiny object because no one give a crapola - including moi.  Seriously, she's left a trail of dead bodies and we're screeching about emails?

Obama will use "racism" as a basis for nationalizing police 
Obama said his administration will act on recommendations from a presidential task force, which called for greater oversight of police departments and the use of independent prosecutors to investigate deadly use of force by officers. The 11-member panel also urged state and local police departments to change how officers view the communities they patrol and collect and publicize demographic information and about who they stop.  source
When are we going to face the truth?


SBPDL:  Setting Straight the Lies of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division Report on the Ferguson Police Department

MOTUS: Black Lies Matter

Gateway Pundit:  As Obama, Holder Stir Racial Pot over Ferguson, White Federal Judge Shot by Black Men in Detroit

I'm heading off to work.  Play nice while I'm gone.

The rules:
  • Use your indoor voices
  • Keep the sand in the sandbox
  • Share the toys


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Considering the weather today in many parts of the country, I almost hate to show you this...

but I will anyway.  

Why, yes - that crocus is blooming by my back deck.

And our temps will hit 60° by this weekend.

Sunday I'm going to plant lettuce, kale, and arugula in some pots since it's too early to work the soil in my veggie garden.  

I've really been enjoying all the posts about "Hillary is finished blah blah."  Silly peeps.  No she's not.  The average American couldn't care less about those silly little ol' emails.

I'll tell you who's finished.  We are.

And.........................OMgosh - I just saw a video of her getting off a plane over at TMZ.  Whoo hoo - have the doctors done a number on her face.  Scroll down to see the miracle of modern plastic surgery. And, trust me, she's just getting started.  By next year you won't be able to recognize her. 

Rather than sit around and stew about the collapse of our freedom, I'm going to do what any rational person would do -  I'm going to Costco and eat samples.

When I get home, I'll finish my spring sale ebay auctions.  Shipping of daylilies will probably commence a month early.

Special discounts to my readers who wish to order direct from moi.