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Obama's Message To Republicans: "Stop Just Hatin’ All The Time"...w/update

did president ribbon cutter really say that today after spending our money to fly to Kansas and entertain some people with his phony preacher shuck and jive talk?

According to Reuters he did just that.

From Zero Hedge:
Two weeks ago the head of the "most transparent administration ever" (perhaps to the NSA?), president Obama, told the common American to "not be cynical" and have hope. Today, speaking appropriately in an ornate theater in Kansas City, he had a message for republicans: "Stop being mad all the time. Stop. Stop. Stop just hatin’ all the time."

Reuters has more:
"They're not happy that I'm president, but that's OK. Come on!" he said, gesturing as if to welcome lawmakers to a table.

"I've only got a couple of years left, come on, let's get some work done. Then you can be mad at the next president," he said, chuckling.
This is taking place hours after it was reported that Obama, in a clear challenge to republicans, was preparing to announce a plan to deport fewer illegal immigrants, even as one of the biggest immigration scandals in recent years has emerged as the relentless influx of illegal immigrant of Central American children into southern states, something even Obama has acknowledged is becoming a problem read the rest

How many way can you say classless?

Quite a few:

 boorish, churlish, cloddish, loutish, uncouth, coarse, ill-bred, uncultivated, unpolished, unrefined, unsophisticated, tasteless, vulgar, beastly, bestial, doltish, oafish, stupid, discourteous, impolite, mannerless, rude, uncivil, ungracious, unmannerly, awkward, ungainly, ill-bred, crass...
Did I miss any?? 


The Earl of Taint has a few to add (I stole them from his wonderful site.)

Why so Cynical??

Dunno. Maybe Because You’re A Lying, Cheating, Opportunistic, Bony-Assed, Pillow-Biting Sack Of Communist F*cksauce On A Stick?

Head over and check out his graphic.  It's great!  


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is the Catholic Church in bed with the Obama administration?...

of course they are.

No, not every priest or bishop, but the ones who cause the most trouble most certainly are.

This started happening when I was but a wee little one.  To be fair, it really started happening when Eve coerced Adam into eating the forbidden fruit, but I missed that event.

Any Catholic who doesn't believe this is happening is not paying attention.

I leave you with some wise words from Ann Barnhardt and a link to Judi McLeod's article in today's Canada Free Press.

From Ann Barnhardt:


As an opening to this repost, I have to link to Judi McLeod’s piece from today “The Road to Hell Obama is taking the world down created by U.S. Catholic Bishops”.  In it she restates the myriad connections between the infiltrator Communist-sodomite bishops and priests in the Catholic Church, Saul Alinsky and the Chicago Communist Machine that spawned Obama.  I stand foursquare behind Judi’s piece, because it is true.  It does not contain one shred of anti-Catholicism any more than a stage-4 cancer diagnosis contains racism.

When I have screeched, caterwauled and POUNDED for the last however many years that the Catholic Church has been massively infiltrated by Communists over the last century, who then actively recruited homosexuals, I haven’t been merely throwing around mindless pejoratives.  When I make posts about the Eucharist and the catastrophic changes made to the Mass in the 1960s, I hope that some of you out there have the light bulb go on over your head and realize that IT’S ALL CONNECTED.  If you want a conspiracy theory that is ACTUALLY TRUE, and has more meat on it than you could possibly imagine, this is it.  

Everything we are seeing happening right now in real time before our very eyes: Obama, the overthrow of the US and the attendant run-up to World War 3, the reformation of the islamic Caliphate, the economic crimes and creation of catastrophic debt loads, the destruction of the healthcare delivery matrix, the transformation of education into contra-education, the destruction of and hatred of beauty and the elevation and worship of ugliness, and the ascendancy of the satanic sodomite anti-culture, all of this – all of it, can be traced back without too many degrees of separation to these Communist-sodomite infiltrators of the Church and the attempted destruction of the Church, with the primary and “keystone” target being the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The reason why Western Civilization has capitulated to this attack with near-zero resistance is because of the mass-apostasy caused directly and as-intended by the “reforms” subsequent to the Second Vatican Council.    

And just to reiterate, I will never, ever, ever leave the Church, because I do not worship men, I worship God, and God physically subsists nowhere else, and salvation is possible through no other means than the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.  No matter how complete the infiltration is, no matter how utterly, utterly horrific the pope may be, I will never, ever, abandon Our Lord or the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Church is never more like Christ, and never closer to Him in this Vale of Tears, than when she is scourged and crucified by her own, just as her Divine Spouse was.  Read the rest
From Judi McLeod:

The Road to Hell Obama is taking the world down created by U.S. Catholic Bishops

The Catholic Church—through the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration—both paved the road for Barack Hussein Obama’s ultimate takeover of Free West society and continues to actively enable the Fundamental Transformation of America by sinking the US in a tsunami of illegal aliens.

In coming to Obama’s aid in erasing forever America’s borders, the bishops sold the USA out, including its Catholics, for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

In biblical terms, Obama and the Catholic bishops—who both birthed his progress to the seat of power and back him on his Fundamental Transformation mission—are in in league with the devil. The certain-to-come protestations of the bishops should fall on the same deaf ears they use to shun all pleas of mercy from Americans overwhelmed by invaders in their home towns and cities.

How dare these phony paragons of the pulpit ascribe to our Savior the manufactured invasion of America by millions of U.S. government made-to-order ‘refugees’?

It’s a crock that the bishops are saving illegal aliens rushing the U.S. border based on lofty claims of altruism or charity, when they are doing it for power and filthy lucre:
Read the rest


Obama IRS Teaming Up with Atheists in New Attack on Christianity

Monday, July 28, 2014

It's canning season and some prepper advice...

 I can't handle any more politics right now.

It's also going to be very hot today and tomorrow - close to 100 degrees, so I must get my outside work done early.

First batch of canning stuff:  sweet banana with cherry peppers and carrots.  My personal favorite?  Pickled beets.  Hubby hates beets.  No, really.  He'd rather dive into a pool of razor blades then be forced to eat a beet, so all those lovely beets are mine - all mine!  I'll probably make up another batch since my boss loves beets as much as I do.


So much better than store bought

Beautiful color!

Simple water canner

After a lengthy discussion with the produce manager at the store where I work, I decided to buy another pressure canner.

He said that veggie prices were going to skyrocket this winter and veggies need to be pressure canned.  I'm also going to branch out into canning meat, since my freezer is packed.

I used to own a whoop-te-doo All American Canner.  They run over $300.00 for the large one.  I decided to sell it on ebay and managed to recoup my initial investment.

This time, I've opted for a simpler Presto canner - $80.00 from Wally World. It has 576 reviews and 470 of them are five star, 90 four star, with only 4 one star.  Works for me!  The reviews on Amazon are just as impressive. 

It holds 7 quart jars, 20 pint jars, or 24 half-pint jars.  I plan on canning chicken in pint jars and figure I will save about $1.50 per pound.  Each pint jar should hold about one pound which means I'll be almost half way to paying off the canner the first time I use it. 

While our government is fond of telling you that things are wonderful, it's a lie.  I'm a careful and thrifty shopper and know my prices.  When I see prices jump one or two dollars per item, that is very alarming.  And I see that happening a lot.

Anything you can add to your pantry is better than money in the bank, since none of the banks are paying any sort of interest.  Indeed - some banks are charging you to keep your money in their bank.

It's a new world we're living in.

Patrice Lewis, who blogs at Rural Revolution and writes for World Net Daily, lives just south of us in the Palouse of Idaho.  She has wonderful advice on canning.  Give her a visit.

While I'm canning, I'll also be reflecting on how the president is spending his time.

The Sacrificin’ Never Ends

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why do they keep saying Dan Markel must have known his killer because he opened the door...

don't most people open their door when someone knocks on it?

From ABC news:
A criminal law professor at Florida State University gunned down at his home was shot in the side of the head at relatively close range, ABC News has exclusively learned. 

Professor Dan Markel, 41, was fatally shot Saturday in the Betton Hills section of Tallassee, Florida, a neighborhood marked by Spanish moss and ranch-style homes. 

Investigators believe Markel knew his killer and may have literally opened his door to his own death.
“He was the intended target in this situation,” Tallahassee Police Department Officer David Northway said. read the rest and watch the video
How did this writer get a job as a journalist when he so egregiously misused the word "literally?"

Granted, I make lots of mistakes (I confess to being comma challenged), but I also don't call myself a journalist. 

A comment of note from the ABC article:
literally opened his door to his own death.
Someone please fire this reporter for misuse of the word literally as it adds nothing to the sentence except to alert us to the fact that the writer is an idiot.


Who killed Florida State University Law Professor Dan Markel?...

Bill Whittle: The Case for Israel...

Civilization vs Barbarity

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who killed Florida State University Law Professor Dan Markel?...

in light of this intriguing comment on my post about Dan Markel's death:

He got too close to the truth while investigating local corruption in the Florida judiciary.
I would never reveal the email address of the commenter, but I will say it was a very credible source.

In addition his ex-wife has stated that she is "scared to death."

You connect the dots.

Monday, July 21, 2014

President "Ribbon Cutter" has another busy day ahead of him...

I really hate this "man"...

H/T as always to White House Dossier

10:35 am || Meets with Apollo 11 representatives to recognize the 45th anniversary of the moonlanding
12:10 pm || Signs H.R. 803, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; South Court Auditorium
1:00 pm || Departs the White House
3:15 pm PDT || Arrives Seattle, Washington
5:05 pm PDT || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Seattle
6:00 pm PDT || Attends a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence; Bellevue, Washington
7:25 pm PDT || Departs Seattle, Washington
9:10 pm PDT || Arrives San Francisco

President "Ribbon Cutter" spends the weekend at Camp David to enjoy some "family time"...

except he spent Sunday on the golf course at Fort Belvoir.
Cocky long-legged mack daddy in his natural habitat

Wow, with a schedule like his, the August 9th annual vacation to Martha's Vineyard can't come fast enough.

Wonder what his wife and kids were doing on Sunday.

Word has it that he failed to recognize his eldest daughter last time he saw her.  

America, are you tired yet of him rubbing your noses in his armpit?  

Weekend Must-Read: Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

Perfectly describes just about every libtard I ever met. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Retired Border Control Officer tells the truth about asymmetric warfare...a must see video

I don't believe he says anything a thinking person has not already figured out, but it's nice to be validated.

This really is a "need to see" video.  It was posted on July 19th and already has over 31K views.  

H/T Clash Daily

Asymmetric warfare is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differs significantly.

Asymmetric warfare can describe a conflict in which the resources of two belligerents differ in essence and in the struggle, interact and attempt to exploit each other's characteristic weaknesses. Such struggles often involve strategies and tactics of unconventional warfare, the weaker combatants attempting to use strategy to offset deficiencies in quantity or quality. Such strategies may not necessarily be militarized. This is in contrast to symmetric warfare, where two powers have similar military power and resources and rely on tactics that are similar overall, differing only in details and execution.

The term is frequently used to describe what is also called "guerrilla warfare", "insurgency", "terrorism", "counterinsurgency", and "counter-terrorism", essentially violent conflict between a formal military and an informal, less equipped and supported, undermanned but resilient opponent.  Source: Wiki

Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions. For more information, please contact:

NAFBPO's mission is "to contribute to the security and stability of the United States." Please also watch their other video:

I confess to not having seen the following video since I must dash off to run some errands.  I will watch as soon as I return.


Nox and Friends:   Border Patrol Taking Fire From Cartels

It's Sunday: You know what that means...



Silly Sunday at Woodsterman's place

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Breaking: Dan Markel, Florida State Law Professor and founder of the PrawfsBlawg, has died from a gunshot wound...w/Upate

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- The Florida State University community is mourning the loss of a law professor who was shot and killed.

According to an email sent out by the school to students, Dan Markel was taken to the hospital after being shot Friday. He died from his injuries Saturday morning.

According to the Florida State University Law School website, Markel primarily taught criminal law. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2001.

Funeral arrangements will be made by his family in his hometown of Toronto. A memorial service is planned in Tallahassee for Sunday, July 20 at noon. It will be at Congregation Shomrei Torah at 4858 Kerry Forest Parkway. FSU says another memorial will be planned in the fall when more students and faculty are back in Tallahassee.

Police are still investigating the incident. If you have any information, you're asked to call the Tallahassee Police Department at 850-606-5800.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

In Memoriam: Dan Markel (1972-2014)

I am very sorry to report the horrible news that Professor Markel, a well-known criminal law scholar and theorist at Florida State, has died, apparently murdered during an attempted robbery of his home in Tallahassee on Friday.  (The details are unclear at this point, I will post more as soon as I know more.)

Update 2:

Dan Markel, a well-known Florida State law professor and author, died after being shot Friday, according to friends and the FSU law school.

"I am deeply saddened to report that our colleague Dan Markel passed away early this morning," wrote Donald Weidner, dean of FSU law school, wrote this morning to faculty and staff. "As many of you are already aware, Dan was fatally injured in a shooting incident that took place yesterday and which is still under active investigation by local authorities."

Tallahassee Police responded to a shooting Friday in the Betton Hills neighborhood after a neighbor called police about 11 a.m. upon hearing a "loud bang" in the 2100 block of Trescott Drive, about a half mile north of Betton Road. Police showed up shortly after and found the person with a gunshot wound. That person wasrushed to a local hospital, said Officer David Northway, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department.

Police have since not released any other details.  source

Wild Bill: The War on Babies...


I saw the following graphic somewhere or another. 

This is what passes for "thinking" for libtards.

Do I need to point out how stunningly illogical it is? 

I didn't think so... 

  Notice that abortion is referred to as "family planning."  Ummm - I think that's more like lack of planning. 

Time for my favorite kitteh:

Run Liz Run...

is this song a joke?

I only made it to 1:19 before my barf meter hit the danger area.  I only watched to be polite to my buddy Bunkerville who posted in my combox.  I still love ya, Bunk!

My musician's soul is weeping.

We laugh to keep from crying...

It sounds a bit like Phoebe...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Elizabeth Warren: This woman is dangerous....

wake up America.

 She is coming and she is evil.

Wild Bill: Using children to violate the laws of America! Obama must be held accountable...

what side is Obama on?

"Americans, prepare to protect yourselves."

Woodpile Report: Ol' Remus Has a Few Words for You: "There's a tsunami arriving"......

reprinted with permission from The Woodpile Report with a H/T to Doug Ross at Larwyn's Linx  - and we thank them both.

Are we there yet? 
Imagine everything familiar collapsing like an accordion in the time between your morning coffee and your first midday yawn. It may happen just that way. In fact, it's difficult to see how it can happen any other way.
Back in 2001, the Argentine economy all but collapsed. In a matter of days, the country went from mild recession to full-blown economic crisis. The currency went into free-fall. Police were out in the streets shooting protestors. Unemployment and crime rates soared overnight. And the nation defaulted on its debt.
Simon Black at, July 10, 2014
It's said we're in hard times, and we are in hard times. But as hard times go, these are the good days. There are those who have known real-and-for-true hard times. Not the poverty porn hawked around by social activists or the tiresome stories peddled in the movies. Actual hard times are ahead, not hard times by comparison but long term destitution with real privation, when we'll fear a lot more than fear itself. 

Ahead, stretching to the horizon, lies deepest 1932 but without the civility and yes, without the relative plenty. The Great Depression will be something to aspire to, where even migrant field hands drove cars to work. Actually it doesn't all lie ahead, some of it is already behind us. Truth is, we arrived a while back. We're like the Okies in that first month without a good rain, or the laid off employee who thought he was between jobs. The era of hustle and opportunity that lifted all boats ended a long while ago. We've fallen below the event horizon. Gravity is in charge now. We've entered an era of relentlessly deepening want. In not much time it will beggar belief, then plunge directly to the heart of catastrophe. You'll never again use the word hungry as lightly as you do now.

You needn't fear the Mad Max scenario 'though, not for long, there'll not be the wherewithal to support it. Nor should you fear DC overmuch, other than rogue Free Corps and last ditchers and everyone taking control of everything and arresting each other. It will remain an obnoxious meddler at the outset and a while longer, but it'll be mostly habit. DC's broke. In fact, it's broker than you are. Meddling gets prohibitively expensive absent voluntary compliance. We've already seen DC metastasize from a dignified bribery and extortion racket with a credible claim to utility into smash-and-grab street thuggery. But more importantly, DC has become exclusively self-referential, a dead short in the circuitry, irrelevant to the problems at hand other than as an extravagant consumer of wattage.

The Tenth Amendment movement looks more dynamic every day, in fact, they're already preparing Uncle Sam's commitment papers in the back room. He doesn't like it one bit. Too bad. We've had a family meeting and that's the way it has to be. You see, not only is our formerly beloved Uncle paying his bills with counterfeit trolley tokens and IOUs, and not only does he get violent just because he can, he's getting, well—bizarre. When we're on the phone, he listens in, then says he didn't. And he insists we expose ourselves to him as a condition of travel. Stuff like that art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif. The senile demand attention in, you know, odd ways. Our descendents will wonder why we ever took him seriously but we remember him in his youth, when he was a quirky but okay guy. 

What you should really fear is scarcity. It's unAmerican to say this, but what you have is all you're likely to have and chances are you won't keep all of that. So, are you planning a mountain retreat with a well and a hand pump, more than a tank of gas from the nearest urban center, away from lines of drift, solar powered hot tub with optional foot massage? If you're not there now, or nearly so, you're not going to get there. In other words, time's up. Get your affairs in order where you are, because where you are is where you're going to be. And what you have is what you're going to have. 

Societies are normally this badly wounded coming out of catastrophes, not entering them. Which means we're in no condition for what's coming, and what's coming is something not seen since feudal times. Everything's on the table including civilization itself. We've run out of good outcomes. There isn't even a name for what's coming. So far we've only seen the water trickling between the sandbags. Even so, the alarms have been notable, full of entertaining nuance and learned anecdotes about Medieval Venice and such. We've had the time for it. There'll be no time for nuance when it all unzips. It'll be a fire-hose in the face. Events won't so much occur as uncork that which has already occurred. 

The financial sector has reached the suburbs of self-parody. 'Bmoreland' at Zero Hedge comments: "it takes holding $50,000 in a Wells Fargo High Yield Checking Account for 1 year to generate the $15 necessary to handle one Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer. Yes, that's Incoming Wire Transfer, what used to be free at 95% of the banks a decade ago." When deposits are a liability for both banker and depositor it's plain we've been "crashing upward" long enough. With nothing to keep it aloft it's visibly stalling. Dire warnings are arriving closer together. Here are samples from recent days:
So just maybe the Fed fully intends on heeding the advice of the BIS [Bank for International Settlements], and is strategically positioning itself as a stalwart dove to shield itself from the public fallout of it’s orchestrated financial calamity. A particularly sound play from a political perspective in the event that things don’t go as smoothly as planned. One thing is certain at this point: An intentionally orchestrated crash is the direct recommendation of the BIS, per it’s annual report. That this action exists as a potential policy measure is now confirmed. The remaining question is: Would the Federal Reserve pursue such a policy measure openly, or behind the same curtains from which most of their historic policies were enacted., July 8, 2014
art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif The report and a plain English analysis by Ambrose Pritchard, at The Telegraph.
and, about the market:
We are now at heights where even the so-called “Uber Bulls” are beginning to get a little nervous in the hoof. For just who is going to buy when the first major dip goes stampeding past? There are no shorts to speak of at these levels... These prices are only representative of anything worth value if they can be sold.
Mark St. Cyr at, july 8, 2014
FOMC Minutes Show Fed Fears Investors Are Too Complacent; QE To End In October
Tyler Durden at, July 9, 2014
and, about banks:
Germany's cabinet Wednesday approved plans to force creditors into propping up struggling banks beginning in 2015, one year earlier than required under European-wide plans that set rules for failing financial institutions... "This ensures that in times of crisis mainly owners and creditors will contribute to solving the crisis, and not taxpayers."
Andrea Thomas at, July 9, 2014
Note: this appears to be the infamous "bail-in" where depositor's accounts are "recognized" as "shares" in a bankrupt bank. Add the risk of confiscation to the next-to-zero interest rate now, and a negative interest rate soon, where direct taxation of deposits is automatically deducted. And note well, Spain's trial bail-in is retroactive to the first of the year. The mother of all bank runs could be in the making from this alone.
Karl Denninger at Market Ticker summarizes the Fed's dilemma plainly:
In the last quarter for which we have data the net economic impact including QE, which totaled about $250 billion during that time, was a negative $500 billion... The Fed has maintained repeatedly that QE "helps the economy." The facts say it does no such thing; gross economic output trends downward to flat when QE has been in process, and net-net economic progress is negative. They lied. What QE did was boost asset prices—but not economic activity.
Karl Denninger at, July 10, 2014
The Fed is pulling QE because it doesn't work, exactly as I pointed out it would not because arithmetic doesn't allow it to (and which the Japanese discovered over a decade ago) and laddered fixed-income segments in the market are being progressively destroyed by it.
Karl Denninger at, July 12, 2014
Charles Smith at Of Two Minds says reform hasn't worked, probably can't work, and offers his bottom line:
People constantly ask me for solutions to our all-too visible ills. You want solutions? Here's the solution for every systemic, structural problem we face: Avoid getting hurt when it collapses, then start over.
Charles Smith at, July 13, 2014
Every bank's liabilities are on every other bank's books as credit or collateral, except massively more bloated with years of leveraging and rehypothecatation. The BIS is warning the Fed to back away and the Fed is backing away. We're about done stair-stepping into the night. A colossal collateral meltdown is looming. This time it won't merely take down a Lehman or two, it may take down whole nations. 

Big Money knows it. They'll act with blinding speed in the final feeding frenzy, anxious to cage prize morsels before decamping to their redoubts for brandy and cigars. This is what all the positioning is about. They're maneuvering, rigging this and nudging that to get just the right deflection, always careful not to snag a tripwire prematurely, but knowing someone will blunder eventually. When they do you'll need an egg-timer at most. The alert and realistic observer—also known as a tinfoil hat alarmist—sees the maneuvering and what it points to.

You may think it comforting we're all in this together. We're not all in this together. While you've been stockpiling essentials and planting thorny bushes outside your windows and putting away heritage seeds, the upper percentiles have figured out they don't need to be clever to survive, they just need to be somewhere else. Surely you've noticed sellers of big boats and Peruvian realty are affluent America's new best friends. And how they've been keeping company with vendors of portable wealth.

You and yours, and those trusted few with whom you can ally, will be on your own. America isn't the Apple Blossom Valley of the past where communities looked out for one another and left a picnic ham on the porch of those in need. No, this time your odds are millions to one. Against. For those who think there's safety in numbers, you're wrong. As has been said here many times: get away and stay away from crowds. Most are created by opportunists calculating an advantage at your expense, the rest are outright vermin. When it all goes sour, and it will, they'll cash in your well being to save their own. Control over your own life passes into the hands of others when you find yourself in a crowd. The crowd's fate becomes your fate.

You may believe being a productive and honest citizen is an asset. It isn't. If you listen carefully you'll hear yourself being positioned as an enemy of all that is good and wholesome. For instance, if you oppose the regime's serial squandering and—gasp! are a veteran—you're an incipient terrorist. If you criticize Obama by name you're a crypto-racist. If you're a boomer you wantonly plundered the nation's future for your own squalid gain. If you take responsibility for your own life and expect the same from others, especially if you seriously prepare for hard times, you're an anti-social loner nursing dark thoughts of mass violence. It's a setup.
These lone wolves. These homegrown violent extremists are people who keep me up at night, as well. Trying to monitor them, trying to anticipate what it is they are going to do. And the experience that we had in Boston is instructive. It only takes only one or two people to really do something horrific.
Attorney General Holder via Daniel Halper at
Wherever the TSA or the Department of Education struts its stuff even toddlers are a security risk for which they have "zero tolerance". Being a kid is the new entry-level crime. Nobody escapes. Creating criminals is not only fun, it's profitable. Notice the Soviets vilified the wealthy, not the workers and peasants. Also notice the untermenchen of the Third Reich had confiscatible wealth. The SS was not only self-supporting, it returned a profit. Even slave labor wasn't free, it was rented out. Wholesale, systematic wealth confiscation, not wealth creation, is the universal model for political economies.

All any regime requires is a continuing supply of crimes that can be neither understood or avoided. Think of Political Correctness as the field-testing and conditioning phase and it all makes sense. Notice how the civil rights movement went from sunny sing alongs to one-way prosecutable offenses in less than a generation. Notice who's terrified of getting tangled in some trivial, unintended but ruinous offense. Hint: it isn't The Diversity. 

These are good times for the crime-fighting trade. Thanks to asset forfeiture, the militarization of civilian police and other outrages, there are plenty of resources to use for a police state. Those well-publicized SWAT debacles rattle dissenters like direct threats never could art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif, and they normalize random violence for the troops. Mainly, they display the new order at street-level in a wartime occupation sort of way. 

These are nice side benefits, but law enforcement is a business, and like any other business it has to pay its way. If you're a solid citizen with something to lose, watch out. It's unlikely their financial files on The Dependency see much use. You, however, interest them. Maybe it helps to know there's little new in all this. When Sherman marched through Georgia, well beyond his supply lines, he took the census and tax roles with him as ready-made shopping lists. 

Perhaps you believe this time it will be different, that the safety nets put in place since the Great Depression will be there for you. They won't be. The safety nets are overflowing with professional voters and have been from the first day. They're part of the boondoggle bankrupting us in the first place. As any first-aider knows, first stop the bleeding. That would be you. The rhetoric will say otherwise, but you'll be amputated like gangrene. 

There's a tsunami arriving. If you paid attention to those who saw things clearly and warned you plainly for all of your adult life, if you recalibrated your expectations and took charge of your own destiny, good for you. This calamity won't last forever, quite, but it will bring low those it doesn't maim or destroy. There won't be any bystanders. The prudent and prepared may make it, some of them, maybe even most of them. Lord help the rest. Nobody else will.


Backdoor Survival:  Prepping As a Form of Personal Activism

SHTF Paln:  Crippling the US Without Firing a Shot: The Electrical Grid May Well Be The Next War’s Battlefield 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obama responds to Malaysian airliner allegedly shot down with 23 Americans aboard...

next up?  

Probably golf.

No, really.

Check out President "Ribbon Cutter" eating with one of the common folk, a certain Ms Tanei Benjamin, who is struggling as a single mother.  Ummm, is she even old enough to have children?

She looks a bit different on her Facebook page. 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the White House was aware of reports of the crash but that he was "not in a position to confirm" details.
President Barack Obama has been briefed and has directed his national security team to be "in close touch" with Ukrainian authorities, Earnest said. (Obama ignored a shouted question about reports of the crash as he made his way from the Oval Office to Marine One.)  source
 Well, we can't be late to a fund raiser, now can we...

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?”...

and the outcome is?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized Senate Democrats and their legislation to circumvent the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision by explaining that their bill would impose “faith fines” on groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor, who refuse to subsidize abortion-inducing drugs, and asked, “Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?”
“The bill that is being voted on this floor, if it were adopted, would fine the Little Sisters of the Poor millions of dollars unless these Catholic nuns are willing to pay for abortion-producing drugs for others,” said Sen. Cruz in remarks on the Senate floor on Wednesday.  read the rest

Senate Dems Fail To Overturn Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling
Democratic Senators’ attempt to nullify the Supreme Court’s ruling in Hobby Lobby and force religious employers to pay for every type of contraceptive coverage required by Obamacare failed to pass a cloture vote Wednesday. 
The bill, introduced by Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Mark Udall, failed to pass a vote Wednesday afternoon, as expected. The Senate voted 56-43 against invoking cloture on the legislation.
The bill would have effectively annulled the Supreme Court ruling by making it impossible for employers to claim exemption from Obamacare’s full contraceptive mandate through the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mark Kirk voted to advance the bill, but it still failed to attract the 60 votes needed to move forward. read the rest

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thursday, July 16: Another busy day for President "Ribbon Cutter" raising money and talking jive...

never mind the border, Benghazi, an out of control IRS, and  Fast and Furious - to name a few.

He's really going to ready for that long vacation in Martha's Vineyard in that big ol' house with 8 bedrooms and a gazillion bathrooms.

He has to fly to Delaware to deliver remarks on infrastructure?? What the hell would he know about infrastructure?      

11:20 am || Departs White House
12:15 pm || Arrives Delaware
2:10 pm || Delivers remarks on Infrastructure; Port of Wilmington, Wilmington, Delaware
3:15 pm || Departs Delaware
4:00 pm || Arrives New York City
5:45 pm || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, New York City
7:30 pm || Attends a fundraiser for House Democrats; private residence, New York City
9:15 pm || Departs New York
10:30 pm || Arrives White House

schedule: h/t White House Dossier