Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Catholic Perspective: The Covington Catholic Diocese hides; Trump speaks out...

I'm not ashamed of the Diocese of Covington's behavior, but they should be.
 15 hours ago15 hours agoMoreLooking like Nick Sandman & Covington Catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgements proving out to be false - smeared by media. Not good, but making big comeback! “New footage shows that media was wrong about teen’s encounter with Native American”

 5 hours ago5 hours agoMoreNick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good - maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!
The Diocese has failed to support their students and have taken down both the diocese website and the high school website.  They closed the school today due to threats of violence by the commie/marxist/libtards.



Why are they hiding?

In 2004, the Diocese of Covington, a very small diocese by church standards, held the honor of agreeing to the largest settlement (120 million) for alleged abuse cases as part of a settlement on a class action lawsuit.  It's evident that the diocese had no problem covering for the homosexuals - until they couldn't.

Decades ago, the Catholic Church was invaded by massive numbers of chicken-hawk homosexuals.  Was it a plan?  It certainly looks to be the case. Is it still going on?  It would appear so according to this disgusting report by Church Militant. 

The students of Covington Catholic High School have had their innocence ripped from them.  And to have the school and diocese essentially throw these kids to the wolves is unconscionable.

I'm trying to see both sides of this issue.  Is the Diocese erring on the side of safety for their students?  Possibly. They no doubt have their attorneys and advisers on speed dial. At some point in life, the difficult choices must be made. The students, and that includes the entire school, the  alumni, and future students should not be put in harm's way.  But, how about the archbishop and priests show up at that school and prove that they stand for truth and honor?  How about they emulate the martyrs of the Church who died for their faith?

A Note to Catholics and Non-Catholics

I'm Catholic.

I'm proud to be Catholic.

The doctrine of the Church has not changed one tittle or jot.

The ravings of a lunatic Pope, the homosexulists who are still lurking about, and the happy-clappy liturgy that was foisted on the faithful in the 60's, does not change one single truth as taught by the Church.  You may have to dig a bit to find it but trust me, it's still there.

Ask yourself this question:  Why is the Catholic Church under such constant attack by evil forces?  If it was just a bunch of statue-worshiping whores of Babylon misfits, would the commie/marxist/libtards even care?  Take your time.  I'll wait for you to figure it out. 

I attend an FSSP parish which exclusively celebrates the Mass according to the pre-Vatican II liturgy - what is often referred to as the "Latin Mass."  For that I'm often derided and mocked by other "Catholics."  Do I care?  Nope.  Dopes will be dopes.  Do I think this makes be better than other Catholics?  That's would be another nope.

Matthew 5:18-20

For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled. [19] He therefore that shall break one of these least commandments, and shall so teach men, shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. But he that shall do and teach, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. [20] For I tell you, that unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


Lone Star Parson:  Tucker Carlson Slams Celebrity Left Hate Mob

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The real shocker about those high school boys picking on an Indian...

which didn't appear to happen.

The high school boys from the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky,   who have been accused of picking on an Indian, have been largely exonerated by the full video of the (IMO) non-event.

Here's what's really shocking:

Reading the comments at The Hill, Huff and Puff, and Daily Mail further illuminated the hatred the commie/marxist/libtards have for us - the deplorable dirt people.

The majority of comments had nothing to do with what allegedly happened, but instead slandered the boys for, wait for it:

Tied for number one in the list of insults:

1.  Being white
1.  Being male
1.  Being "racist"
1.  Being Catholic
1.  Being a Trump supporter

Followed closely by:

2.  Being rich
3.  Being privileged

If there is anyone out there who does not "get it", please step forward and present yourself to a truth telling team who will help you understand what is going on.

The vile venomous left is willing to destroy the lives of high school kids, not because they actually did something wrong (they didn't), but just because that's what they do.

And what have the high school kids learned?

They've learned that for their entire life they will be sneered at by the left for being white, male, and Catholic.

Diocese of Covington

If the diocese does not stand behind these boys, I fear there will be an immense backlash from the faithful - at least from those who remain.

St. Michael the Archangel ora pro nobis.

Friday, January 18, 2019

46th Annual March for Life, January 18, 2019 search results almost 100% negative...

if it's reported at all.

Year after year hundreds of thousands of people gather in D.C. to march for the end to the slaughter of babies in the womb by their mothers.

The MSM covers it in a most perfunctory manner - unlike the odious pink pussy hat wearing harridans who will gather tomorrow in objection to a myriad of complaints.  Unfortunately, we'll be bombarded with mega coverage of these vile women.

As far as I know FoxBreitbart and EWTN are the only people covering the march.

Since Roe v Wade the lies being told about abortion have morphed into being regarded as fact. And if you Google "lies about abortion" or "abortion, the results are overwhelming in favor of abortion and claiming pro-life people are lying.

  • Before Roe v Wade the majority of abortions were performed by medical doctors.  The "coat hanger" we hear about is largely a myth.
  • Before Roe v Wade the deaths from illegal abortion were almost zero.
  • There is almost no time when an abortion is needed to "save the life of the mother."
  • The term "back alley abortion" arose from the fact that legal medical doctors often had their abortion patients enter their offices through a side or back door - for obvious reasons.  
  • The majority of abortions were, and are, performed for matters of convenience.  Planned vacations, interferes with education, and not financially prepared top the list of reasons.
  • Unlike the lies you hear from the left, abortion does have lasting health ramifications - both physically and mentally.  
  • Norma McCorvey (RIP) was tricked and used into being the "Jane Roe" of Roe v Wade.  If you Google McCorvey, almost all the search results do not cover the fact that McCorvey became vehemently pro-life. 
From Youtube: A new report from Breitbart claims the search term 'abortion' was added to a 'blacklist' file for 'controversial YouTube queries'; reaction from Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.
Either you're going to spend your life being manipulated and lied to, or you're going to start to do your own research and learn the truth.  

I've never been a big supporter of marches, but I have great respect for the pro-life people who show up every year to march for life. 

President Trump has pre-recorded a message for the March for Life 2019.  May God bless him... 


Newsbusters: Federal Court: Planned Parenthood Sting Videos ‘Authentic'; Texas May Defund  (Important!)

Newsbusters:  All Three Networks Ignore March for Life; CBS Promotes Women’s March Instead  (I've checked the top MSM sites and have been unable to find one single word on the March for Life.)

March for Life 2018:  President Donald J. Trump speaks to the March for Life from the Rose Garden...

Lifenews:  Trailer Released for New Roe v. Wade Movie: The Story of What Really Happened  (the trailer will be played at today's march, but you can see it at the link)

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Another take on the Gillette ad...

now this is a real eye opener.

I was briefly considering Dollar Shave Club (who is now owned by UniLever.)

Not anymore.

And I have something to say about feminist women backing Gillette's rabidly racist stupid ad.  Notice all the good guys are black and the bad guys are white?

 Head over to Daily Mail and check out the massive number of pics of half or completely naked women (with delicate areas smudged out) displaying vulgar behavior and spewing filth and then come back and tell me how men are toxic.  Women dress themselves like sluts and then complain if a guy whistles at them.

Am I blaming the victims?  You bet I am.

Women are supposed to have a civilizing influence on men.  Instead, feminism has caused them to display behavior that makes most men blush.

Men are considered toxic for acting like a man, while women are slaughtering their unborn babies at the rate of over 600K in the U.S. alone.  And those are just the ones we know about since states do not have to report on abortions numbers.

To compare what in the past was considered flirting with rape is ludicrous.  What today is called "toxic", in the past was simply called "boorish."

I'm not condoning rape, but if a woman hangs out in a bar in shockingly lurid clothing downing shots of liquor, she should not be surprised if the one lone crazy in the crowd thinks she's ripe for plucking.

Now spend a few minutes watching this take on the ad and consider yourself informed.  I have vetted the info and everything seems to be true, although the conclusion reached is up for grabs. Don't be a starling - think for yourself. 


American Thinker:  Next Gillette Should Target 'Toxic Femininity'  While I disagree with the title and think it should say "Toxic Feminism" instead of "Toxic Feminism", I do agree with the assessment

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Are the commie/marxist/libtards really a flock of starlings?...

birds of feather it would seem.

And a lesson to be learned.

Starlings are the pests of the bird world.  We have quite a few around here, but since I live on 5 acres, they don't really cause too much of a problem.

Growing up in St. Paul, MN, they would come home to roost every evening in some neighborhoods causing quite a mess.  The bird poo would get so bad in the streets cars were sliding in it.

A few days ago a huge flock of probably over a hundred settled in the fenced area behind our house. I watched them closely as they hopped around and suddenly, for no apparent reason, they flew off in a tight little group only to come back in less than a minute.  This continued on for some time.

While this behavior, called murmuration, can be quite pretty to watch, it still seems rather mindless.

Suddenly it occurred to me that there was never any other birds around their noisy group.  You see, we have a bird feeder on our back deck during the winter and it is usual to see finches, black capped chickadees, juncos, flickers, and robins sharing the feeder.  The quail and the occasional pheasant scour the deck for seeds the little birds knock to the ground. They do this together in apparently good humor. But you never see other birds around the starlings.

Hmmmm.  Could it be because the starlings are like our modern day commie/marxist/libtards and the other birds are of a more conservative bent?

The starlings act together like you would expect a crowd or a mob to behave.  They never act as individuals.  They're avoided by more easy going happy birds who share the seed wealth.  They come and go in groups, are not very pretty by bird standards, and their chirping could only be considered raucous and pointless.  That pretty well describes the average libtard, doesn't it?

And the lesson to be learned? 

Don't be a starling.  Be an individual.  Choose your friends wisely and know your enemies.  If you hang about with the wrong type, sooner or later their attitudes will become your attitudes.  In a quest to be accepted people will eventually take on the plumage of the people with whom they flock. 

Never forget that the liberals who scream and harass you are aware, in some dark corner of their subconscious, they're evil and want company as they march off into the dark. 

Don't fly off the cliff with them.

Later this week on Friday, January 18th, the annual March for Life will take place in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands of happy little birds will gather together to support the right to life for pre-born babies.  They're a diverse group but they share the same common goal.  As always, it will mainly be ignored by the MSM.

The following day a group of women who have branded themselves The Women's March (not this woman) will march for something or another.  No one is quite sure what the main thrust of these hive-minded lemmings starlings is.  The only thing we're sure of is they're angry, will carry vulgar, indecent signs, and scream incoherently.  They're so vile even the Democratic National Committee has removed their sponsorship.  At least we'll be spared the pink pussy hats and women dressed as vaginas (ugh) since the anti-semitic leaders have banned them.

We'll talk more about the psychology of crowds later this week.  In the meantime, go find some nice peeps to hang out with.

Proverbs 13:20 

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Trump and Hannity at the border...

"manufactured crisis is a manufactured sound bite."

I defy any commie/marxist/libtard to try and tell me that Donald J. Trump does doesn't (ooops - thank you Kid) sound like a rational intelligent American human being.  Go ahead. Give it your best shot.  Try and refrain from the "F" bomb or calling him a motherf*cker.  Thank you in advance.

My Prediction:

In view of my lousy record of predictions lately, you may want to consider just moving on to the video (it's excellent!)

However, I predict that Pelosi et al will cave and fund the wall.  Trump will make it possible for them to save face - because that's what a master negotiator does.  Unlike the previous president who loved to roll up his passed bills like newspapers and smack the repubs like naughty puppies who just wet the floor, this president is a man of action and just keeps moving forward.


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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Trump at the border McAllen, Texas 1/10/2019...

and some observations.


One of the things that makes Trump great is his willingness to listen.

Have you ever worked for a boss (I know you have) who made changes to the systems without ever consulting the people who actually did the job?  A few examples would be the manager of a restaurant who changes some part of the  requirements of the wait staff without ever asking them what would improve the service?  Or the manager who tries to make the cashier or salesperson do something that will never work - because they never asked the cashier or salesperson if his change will improve the outcomes?

What Trump is doing here is listening to the people who are doing a job and taking their recommendations. That's what a good boss does!


As many of you know I'm not a super fan of Ted Cruz.  But you are witnessing how a real adult conducts himself.  Cruz and Trump had a primary battle that at times appeared rather ugly.  Cruz lost.  But Cruz has set that aside, supports our president, and does what his constituents want him to do.  My view of him has ratcheted up several notches.


The Border Control Agent is very well spoken.


I think I may like Ted's beard.

Build the Wall!


I purchased this a few weeks ago and finally got around to adjusting it and trying it out.  If you suffer from "computer hunch" you may need one.  Both hubby and I have been wearing it today and it's really helping.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Will President Donald J. Trump Invoke Emergency Powers tonight?...

in my opinion the answer is yes. (and I'd be wrong)

The fact that the major networks had to mull over whether to cover his address should tell you everything you need to know about the commie/marxist/libtards who rule the airwaves. 

This is when I'm grateful to be living in the Pacific time zone so I can watch his address at 6 pm instead of 9 pm.


Ever since the Christmas season I've been very disturbed about some of the occurrences in our country which are not new, but seemed really blatant this year  I didn't have the words to describe what I was feeling and while in the process of sorting it out, I've been in a slump.

But today, Lone Star Parson, posted a Tucker Carlson video from January 2nd.  I had blown by the video when it was first posted, but LSP's comments made me slow down and take another look.  Even better, Real Clear Politics posted a transcript, since I really like to read as well as listen.  I've swiped the transcript and posted it below the video for those who also like to read.  I will also print it for future reference.

May I also suggest that you follow LSP, a voice of pragmatic reason and wisdom, along with great fishing, hunting, and cooking advice emanating from the great state of Texas.

So what was so disturbing this Christmas and why did Tucker nudge me into being able to write anything about my disturbing and very, very sad feelings this past Christmas.

Tucker is spot on with declaring the core of our country's problem - the decimation of the family and the elitists on both sides of the aisle only caring about protecting their mercenary outlook and their own pockets.  Thing is, it's purely a secular viewpoint.  There's nothing wrong with a secular viewpoint, it's just not complete.

Every year we complain about the merchants subverting the real reason for Christmas.  The thing is, it's not their job to push the "reason for the season" down our unwilling throats.  Their job is to make money. However, the fact that keeping Jesus out of the equation seems to make them more profit is disturbing.

Yet, this year, more than any other past year, I witnessed what appeared to be a record number of people whose focus was on decorating, shopping, gift giving, and parties.  I saw people more concerned with taking their children to secular "holiday" events without ever telling them that Christmas was a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior.

I attended both Midnight Mass and Mass on Christmas day and didn't see the usual influx of the C & E (Christmas and Easter) church goers who take up space, but who we hope will make church a regular occurrence.


Tucker says that people are not really concerned with having more stuff, but instead are most concerned with their happiness.
"The goal for America is both simpler and more elusive than mere prosperity. It’s happiness. There are a lot of ingredients in being happy: Dignity. Purpose. Self-control. Independence. Above all, deep relationships with other people. Those are the things that you want for your children."
A deep relationship with other people must start with a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.  And without the Kingship of Christ in our lives and our country we will not have dignity, purpose, self-control, or independence.  Naturally, you wish for happy things for your children, but you must first and foremost pray for the salvation of their souls and raise them in such a way that Christ will always be first.  It's really as simple as that.

For those of you who think that dignity, purpose, self-control, and independence are possible without Christ - good for you. You are free to think whatever you wish.


Tucker Carlson delivered a monologue on how the American citizen is being exploited on the Wednesday edition of his FOX News show:
TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Happy New Year. Newly-elected Utah senator Mitt Romney kicked off 2019 with an op-ed in the Washington Post savaging Donald Trump’s character and leadership. Romney’s attack and Trump’s response this morning on Twitter are the latest salvos in a longstanding personal feud between the two men. It’s even possible that Romney is planning to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020. We’ll see. But for now, Romney’s piece is fascinating on its own terms. It’s a window into how the people in charge, in both parties, see our country.

Romney’s main complaint is that Donald Trump is a mercurial and divisive leader. That’s true of course. Beneath the personal slights, though, Romney has a policy critique. He seems genuinely angry that Trump might pull American troops out of the Syrian civil war. Romney doesn’t explain how staying in Syria would benefit America. He doesn’t appear to consider that a relevant question. More policing in the Middle East is always better. We know that. Virtually everyone in Washington agrees.
Corporate tax cuts are also popular in Washington, and Romney is strongly on board with those too. His piece throws a rare compliment to Trump for cutting the corporate rate a year ago. This isn’t surprising. Romney spent the bulk of his business career at a firm called Bain Capital. Bain Capital all but invented what is now a familiar business strategy: take over an existing company for a short period of time, cut costs by firing employees, run up the debt, extract the wealth, and move on, sometimes leaving retirees without their earned pensions. Romney became fantastically rich doing this. Meanwhile, a remarkable number of those companies are now bankrupt or extinct. This is the private equity model. Our ruling class sees nothing wrong with it. It’s how they run the country.

Mitt Romney refers to unwavering support for a finance-based economy and an internationalist foreign policy as the “mainstream Republican” view. He’s right. For generations, Republicans have considered it their duty to make the world safe for banking, while simultaneously prosecuting ever more foreign wars. Modern Democrats generally support these goals. There are signs, however, that most people do not support this, and not just in America. In countries around the world — France, Brazil, Sweden, the Philippines, Germany, and many others — voters are suddenly backing candidates and ideas that would have been unimaginable just a decade ago. These are not isolated events. What you’re watching is populations revolting against leaders who refuse to improve their lives.

Something like this has been in happening in our country for three years. Donald Trump rode a surge of popular discontent all the way to the White House. Does he understand the political revolution he harnessed? Can he reverse the economic and cultural trends that are destroying America? Those are open questions. But they’re less relevant than we think. At some point, Donald Trump will be gone. The rest of us will be too. The country will remain. What kind of country will be it be then? How do we want our grandchildren to live?

These are the only questions that matter. The answer used to be obvious: the overriding goal for America is more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods. But is that still true? Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones, or more Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China are going to make us happy? They haven’t so far. A lot of Americans are drowning in stuff. Yet drug addiction and suicide are depopulating large parts of the country. Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot.

The goal for America is both simpler and more elusive than mere prosperity. It’s happiness. There are a lot of ingredients in being happy: Dignity. Purpose. Self-control. Independence. Above all, deep relationships with other people. Those are the things that you want for your children. They’re what our leaders should want for us, and would if they cared. But our leaders don’t care. We are ruled by mercenaries who feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule. They’re day traders. Substitute teachers. They’re just passing through. They have no skin in this game, and it shows. They can’t solve our problems. They don’t even bother to understand our problems.

One of the biggest lies our leaders tell is that you can separate economics from everything else that matters. Economics is a topic for public debate. Family and faith and culture, those are personal matters. Both parties believe this. Members of our educated upper-middle-classes, now the backbone of the Democratic Party, usually describe themselves as fiscally responsible and socially moderate. In other words, functionally libertarian. They don’t care how you live, as long as the bills are paid and the markets function. Somehow they don’t see a connection between people’s personal lives and the health of our economy, or for that matter, the country’s ability to pay its bills. As far as they’re concerned, these are two totally separate categories.

Social conservatives, meanwhile, come to the debate from the opposite perspective, but reach a strikingly similar conclusion. The real problem, you’ll hear them say, is that the American family is collapsing. Nothing can be fixed before we fix that. Yet, like the libertarians they claim to oppose, many social conservatives also consider markets sacrosanct. The idea that families are being crushed by market forces seems never to occur to them. They refuse to consider it. Questioning markets feels like apostasy.

Both sides miss the obvious point: culture and economics are inseparably intertwined. Certain economic systems allow families to thrive. Thriving families make market economies possible. You can’t separate the two. It used to be possible to deny this. Not anymore. The evidence is now overwhelming. Consider the inner cities. Thirty years ago, conservatives looked at Detroit or Newark and were horrified by what they saw. Conventional families had all but disappeared in poor neighborhoods. The majority of children were born out of wedlock. Single mothers were the rule. Crime and drugs and disorder became universal. What caused this nightmare? Liberals didn’t want to acknowledge the question. They were benefiting from the disaster, in the form of reliable votes. Conservatives, though, had a ready explanation for inner city dysfunction: big government. Decades of badly-designed social programs had driven fathers from the home and created what they called a “culture of poverty” that trapped people in generational decline.

There was truth in what the conservatives said. But it wasn’t the whole story. How do we know? Because virtually the same thing has happened decades later to an entirely different population. In many ways, rural America now looks a lot like Detroit. This is striking because rural Americans don’t seem to have much in common with people from the inner city. These groups have different cultures, different traditions and political beliefs. Usually they have different skin colors. Rural people are white conservatives, mostly. Yet the pathologies of modern rural America are familiar to anyone who visited downtown Baltimore in the 1980s: Stunning out of wedlock birthrates. High male unemployment. A terrifying drug epidemic.

Two different worlds. Similar outcomes. How did this happen? You’d think our ruling class would be interested in knowing the answer. Mostly they’re not. They don’t have to be. It’s easier to import foreign labor to take the place of native-born Americans who are slipping behind. But Republicans now represent rural voters. They ought to be interested. Here’s a big part of the answer: male wages declined. Manufacturing, a male-dominated industry, all but disappeared over the course of a generation. All that remained in many areas were the schools and the hospitals, both traditional employers of women. In many places, women suddenly made more than men. Before you applaud this as a victory for feminism, consider the effects. Study after study has shown that when men make less than women, women generally don’t want to marry them. Maybe they should want to, but they don’t. Over big populations, this causes a drop in marriage, a spike in out of wedlock births, and all the familiar disasters that follow: more drug and alcohol abuse, higher incarceration rates, fewer families formed in the next generation. This isn’t speculation, or propaganda from the evangelicals. It’s social science. We know it’s true. Rich people know it best of all. That’s why they get married before they have kids. That model works. Increasingly, marriage is a luxury only the affluent in America can afford.

And yet, and here’s the bewildering and infuriating part, those very same affluent married people, the ones making virtually all the decisions in our society, are doing pretty much nothing to help the people below them get and stay married. Rich people are happy to fight malaria in Congo. But working to raise men’s wages in Dayton or Detroit? That’s crazy.

This is negligence on a massive scale. Both parties ignore the crisis in marriage. Our mindless cultural leaders act like it’s still 1961, and the biggest problem American families face is that sexism is preventing millions of housewives from becoming investment bankers or Facebook executives.

For our ruling class, more investment banking is always the answer. They teach us it’s more virtuous to devote your life to some soulless corporation than it is to raise your own kids. Sheryl Sandburg of Facebook wrote an entire book about this. Sandburg explained that our first duty is to shareholders, above our own children. No surprise there. Sandburg herself is one of America’s biggest shareholders. Propaganda like this has made her rich. What’s remarkable is how the rest of us responded. We didn’t question why Sandburg was saying this. We didn’t laugh in her face at the pure absurdity of it. Our corporate media celebrated Sandburg as the leader of a liberation movement. Her book became a bestseller: Lean In. As if putting a corporation first is empowerment. It’s not. It’s bondage. Republicans should say so.

They should also speak out against the ugliest parts of our financial system. Not all commerce is good. Why is it defensible to loan people money they can’t possibly repay? Or charge them interest that impoverishes them? Payday loan outlets in poor neighborhoods collect 400 percent annual interest. We’re ok with that? We shouldn’t be. Libertarians tell us that’s how markets work: consenting adults making voluntary decisions about how to live their lives. OK. But it’s also disgusting. If you care about America, you ought to oppose the exploitation of Americans, whether it’s happening in the inner city or on Wall Street.

And by the way, if you really loved your fellow Americans, if it would break your heart to see them high all the time. Which they are. A huge number of our kids, especially our boys, are smoking weed constantly. You may not realize that, because new technology has made it odorless. But it’s everywhere. That’s not an accident. Once our leaders understood they could get rich from marijuana, marijuana became ubiquitous. In many places, tax-hungry politicians have legalized or decriminalized it. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner now lobbies for the marijuana industry. His fellow Republicans seem fine with that. “Oh, but it’s better for you than alcohol,” they tell us. Maybe. Who cares? Talk about missing the point. Try having dinner with a 19-year-old who’s been smoking weed. The life is gone. Passive, flat, trapped in their own heads. Do you want that for your kids? Of course not. Then why are our leaders pushing it on us? You know the reason. Because they don’t care about you.

When you care about people, you do your best to treat them fairly. Our leaders don’t even try. They hand out jobs and contracts and scholarships and slots at prestigious universities based purely on how we look. There’s nothing less fair than that, though our tax code comes close. Under our current system, an American who works for a salary pays about twice the tax rate of someone who’s living off inherited money and doesn’t work at all. We tax capital at half of what we tax labor. It’s a sweet deal if you work in finance, as many of the richest people do. In 2010, for example, Mitt Romney made about $22 million dollars in investment income. He paid a federal tax rate of 14 percent. For normal upper-middle-class wage earners, the federal tax rate is nearly 40 percent. No wonder Romney supports the status quo. But for everyone else, it’s infuriating. Our leaders rarely mention any of this. They tell us our multi-tiered tax code is based on the principles of the free market. Please. It’s based on laws that congress passed, laws that companies lobbied for in order to increase their economic advantage. It worked well for those people, but at a big cost to everyone else. Unfairness is profoundly divisive. When you favor one child over another, your kids don’t hate you. They hate each other. That happens in countries too. It’s happening in ours, probably by design. Divided countries are easier to rule. Nothing divides us like the perception that some people are getting special treatment. In our country, some people definitely are. Republicans should oppose that with everything they have.

What kind of country do you want to live in? A fair country. A decent country. A cohesive country. A country whose leaders don’t accelerate the forces of change purely for their own profit and amusement. A country you might recognize when you’re old. A country that listens to young people who don’t live in Brooklyn. A country where you can make a solid living outside of the big cities. A country where Lewiston, Maine seems almost as important as the west side of Los Angeles. A country where environmentalism means getting outside and picking up the trash. A clean, orderly, stable country that respects itself. And above all, a country where normal people with an average education who grew up no place special can get married, and have happy kids, and repeat unto the generations. A country that actually cares about families, the building block of everything.

What will it take a get a country like that? Leaders who want it. For now, those leaders will have to be Republicans. There’s no option at this point. But first, Republican leaders will have to acknowledge that market capitalism is not a religion. Market capitalism is a tool, like a staple gun or a toaster. You’d have to be a fool to worship it. Our system was created by human beings for the benefit of human beings. We do not exist to serve markets. Just the opposite. Any economic system that weakens and destroys families isn’t worth having. A system like that is the enemy of a healthy society.

Internalizing this won’t be easy for Republican leaders. They’ll have to unlearn decades of bumper sticker-talking points and corporate propaganda. They’ll likely lose donors in the process. Libertarians are sure to call any deviation from market fundamentalism a form of socialism. That’s a lie. Socialism is a disaster. It doesn’t work. It’s what we should be working desperately to avoid. But socialism is exactly what we’re going to get, and soon, unless a group of responsible people in our political system reforms the American economy in a way that protects normal people.

If you want to put America first, you’ve got to put its families first.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Commie/Marxist/Libtards to the Deplorables™: "I reject your facts"...

the fact is Nancy Pelosi actually said this.

However, it's my supposition that it's the major thinking of the majority of the left. A supposition is not a fact - it's a guess, notion, suspicion, or a hunch.  But, if the left can pick and choose what they wish to believe as a fact, I suppose we can too.

Look at any meme a commie/marxist/libtard posts on Facecrap.  It's never based on facts or, God forbid, truth. As a matter of fact it's usually a complete lie.

Viewing their constant display of stupidity, my supposition is they're venal lying virtual signalling arrogant ignorant idiots and should be mocked at every turn.

A good start would be rejecting the constant urge to post on every stupid nugget that dribbles from the pie-hole of Empty Cortex.

Tomorrow, Donald Trump, president of the United States will address the nation from the Oval Office before traveling later in the week to the U.S.-Mexico border.  He will present the citizens of this country with facts.  And he'll do it without calling anyone a motherf*cker.  

Be ready to listen to the commie/marxist/libtards shout, "Racist."


American Thinker:  Mounting indications that a Civil War 2.0 may be close at hand  what do you think?

Don Surber: Trump's success is bigger than a wall  excellent!

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence tells Tucker Carlson: "No Wall, No Deal!"

and he didn't refer to anyone as a m***erf**cker even once.

After being sworn in, Jew hater Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), attended a raucous reception by ultra-left wing advocacy group MoveOn.org. Her closing remarks at the function were, “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”

Funny, muslim Tlaib doesn't find it necessary to wrap her head in a rag, while Jew hater Minnesota muslim Ilhan Omar demanded that the rules of the house chamber against head coverings be changed so she could wear her "religious" rag.  

Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese immigrant who came to the United States after losing her country of birth to militant Muslim fundamentalists during the Lebanese Civil War and a Christian convert, has a message for us:
"There are people who follow Islam [who] want to mind their own business," Gabriel says. "These Muslims are out there. But those are what I call 'the irrelevant Muslims,' because by their lack of action terrorists advance their agenda unchecked. It's just like Christians. ... Twenty-six million born-again Christians stayed home [in 2012] and did not vote. By default, they advanced a leader who didn't share their values. What we need to worry about is the radicals who are driving the agenda. Why? Because 2 percent of the passionate will always rule the 98 percent of the indifferent."
[...]"You must be involved in politics," she says. "God changes the world using His people. God doesn't change the world through lightning in the sky. The Christians fled from the Middle East and took Jesus' gospel worldwide. People were saved. The world became a better place. It is Christianity that improved the lives of millions across the globe."
Later, Gabriel affirmed the truth of James 2:14: "What does it profit, my brothers, if a man says he has faith but has no works? Can faith save him?"  (read the rest of the interview - it's excellent!)

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

If you thought 2018 was bad, just wait for 2019...

however, to repeat the message of the angels, fear not.

After two years of escalating insanity by the commie/marxist/libtards many of us have mistakenly thought it couldn't possibly get any worse.

Au contraire my little cabbage.  You haven't seen anything yet.

Today the obstructionists take over the house of representatives.  They will start pushing a socialist agenda.  Good luck with that.  I predict we can look forward to a couple of years of absolutely nothing getting done - which is not necessarily bad.

Will they impeach Trump?  I hold out hope that they won't be that stupid, but since brain power is sadly lacking on the left they may indeed try.

This unrelenting abuse by the left has had deleterious affects on the mental health of sane people.  I've given up trying to understand what drives these people. 

Place your hope in the Lord and the words of the angels:

Be not afraid


V for Victory:  The Passing Scene: 2018  wonderful recap of 2018 month by month

Don Surber:  Go ahead, impeach

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Fear Not...

And the angel said to them: Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, that shall be to all the people: For, this day, is born to you a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David.  Luke 2:10
O God, Who hast illuminated this most holy night with the splendor of Him Who is the true Light; grant, we beseech Thee, that we may partake in Heaven of the Light of which on earth we have known the mystery Who liveth and reigneth with Thee. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Melania talks to Hannity and the MSM has loony meltdown because Melania's highlighted hair is lighter...

the comments from the left are really stupid.

Yesterday, while waiting for my husband at the doctor's office, I had a chance to peruse the entertainment type mags like People.  Cue up the brilliant, fashion icon, amazing, and timeless beauty of Michelle Obama plastered in every issue.

After suffering 8 years of the most obnoxiously undignified and slovenly first lady who spoke in fake ghetto in the history of this country, anyone who finds the lady-like Melania not up to par needs to be hauled away on a 5150 - stat!

In case you need to be reminded:

"The media likes to focus on the gossip and I would like them to focus on the substance and what we do and not nonsense." Melania Trump

Kurt Schlichter: Don’t Underestimate Dumb Voters’ Appetite For Idiot Leftist Politicians  Excellent summation and an offered solution.  Trust me on this: the peeps I know who voted for Empty Cortex or the Fake Mexican can not tell you one thing these two support.  And. they. don't. care. Capisce? 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Commenter "The Other Dave Miller" lets loose on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...

and we thank him.

Ordinarily, I ignore most news about Empty Cortex, but a few days ago she called General John Kelly a coward for not apologizing to congressclown Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) .  Empty Cortex accused Kelly of lying about the clown.  Did he?  No. 

"The Other Dave Miller posted this comment on a post yesterday and I think we can safely say he speaks for most Americans. 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the ignorant, mush-headed, ex-Bartender, now the newly elected Democratic Socialist Child Congress person is also very disrespectful! She actually disrespectfully attacked General John Kelly for Kelly's verbal slap of Frederica Wilson for her lack of honor, for what was said between the President and a Gold Star family.
A retired 68 year old U.S. Marine Corps General who is the White House Chief of Staff for the President of the United States who had enlisted in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and then commissioned as an officer. He was later deployed to Iraq, where he was the first Marine Corps Colonel to serve in an active combat zone, and then promoted to Brigadier General.He rose through the ranks, eventually serving in his from 2012 to 2016 as a four-star General.
The half witted, former Community Organizer, self admitted socialist moron insisted that General Kelly owes Frederica Wilson an apology, accusing him of “COWARDICE” if he chose not to do so.
For her stupidity and poor choice of words, and her comments Ocasio-Cortez was slammed by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. In defense of General Kelly, Conway stated:“This country owes him (General Kelly) a debt of gratitude, not the nonsense that’s been spewed about him, even recently from the left and from this 29-year-old congresswoman who doesn’t seem to know much about anything when you ask her basic concepts about the economy, the Middle East, military funding — really embarrassing”
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can insult and name call all she wants in regards to the General, but one thing she can NOT legitimately do is call the man a “Coward'” The man has lived a live of service to his, and our country, has also fought in some of the worst places on this planet, in hell holes, and in deserts, and has done so willingly in “service to this country”, something I assume she thinks she that so many of our Brave Men, and Women are currently doing today, Right Now, And Every Day!!
She is an embarrassment to the Brave men and women on both sides of the aisle who have served our county here in America, and everywhere across the ocean.
General Kelly, himself, will brush off Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUPID name calling comment because it was made by an insignificant MORON, as she is has proven herself to be too dumb to know what she is talking about no matter what the subject is about. Others, like myself, who have served our country, however, takes it a little bit more personally.
I can not help but look at her and think IS THIS WHAT THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO BE LIKE? Are we going to have our counties leaders to be as disrespectful of this country and to the men and women who have unselfishly served and sacrificed themselves to protect us in their service. This is the kind of person that you Liberals elected to Congress to represent you and me, and our families. It’s already pretty obvious that this women will be your new Hillary Clinton in the years to come. And she will be my Nightmare.

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