Sunday, August 20, 2017

How to not make a major landscaping mistake...

it's yuuuuuuuge

not that I would ever do such a thing.

Oh yes I would!

Here it is.  Ready?

Always, always be aware of what the full size of a plant will be before you stick it in the ground.

Case in point:

When we moved in 20 years ago our five acres consisted of the noxious weed knapweed.  There was not one tree, bush, or blade of grass. Naturally, I was in a hurry to make it all pretty.  First up was to plan the foundation plantings.  I chose sea green juniper which is a pretty arching juniper - until it isn't.
Mine were about half this size at planting

They looked pretty innocent peeking out of a one gallon pot, so in they went.  I not only planted them in the front, I threw a few in behind the back deck and on the west side of the house because I wanted to keep in simple.

After about 8-10 years the nightmare started.  The back ones were so huge you could't see the back yard anymore.  I pruned, and pruned, and shaped, and pruned.  And they got even bigger.  So one day I grabbed my little hand saw and took the things down to the ground which was no easy task.  I ended up bloody and bruised.

I still see many nurseries recommend them as foundation plantings.  Unless you have hell's half acres to plant them - don't.

For the past several months I'd take my morning coffee out on the front deck and gaze at the massive junipers in front and plan my pruning. Two days ago I finally realized they had to go.  I called my charming, speedy, and very cute tree guys and requested their services.

Today was the day.

Before:  This is what I was facing even after some severe pruning last year.  Ugly sight.  What you can't see is the back where they were smashed into the house.

It also meant I couldn't access the upright junipers to prune, nor could I comfortably deal with the shrubs to the right of the path (yes - there really is a path there), so the bridal wreath, rosa rugosa, and barberry are also out of control.

See the little "puff balls" on the bottom?  That's from cutting back too far - or not far enough. 


Buh bye...

Holy crapola!  Will you look at the size of that space?  It's screaming for a bird bath.

There's actually bark underneath all the juniper droppings but more bark will just be put on top.  Thankfully we put landscape fabric under the whole area.

Green meatball bush overkill.  Ewwww

The replacements will be one Japanese Maple in the center between the window and the remaining upright juniper which will be pruned tomorrow.  Joining the maple will be some hosta and probably a few pink syringa or boxwoods since they're easy to prune into a little ball.  I've resisted "little green bush meat ball syndrome", but at this stage of my life a little green ball of a bush is just what I need.

In October we'll have a nice bonfire in the field outside our fence.  Hot dogs, anyone?

It's deceiving, but that pile is about 5 feet high

Eclipse Day is Tomorrow

If you're in the path of the eclipse please use proper eye protection.  Some of the eclipse glasses sold on Amazon are possibly fake.

Here's How You Can Tell If You Accidentally Bought Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses

We're not in the path of totality, but about as close as you can get.  It starts at about 9:13 am for us and I'm planning an eclipse breakfast on the deck.  Eggs Benedict, hash browns, fresh tomatoes with basil from our garden, orange juice, and fresh plums from our garden. 

Nap to follow?  

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Joel Pollack of Breitbart: "At Breitbart our mission remains the same. "...

unfortunately, as smart and well spoken as Mr Pollack is, he still finds it necessary (5:07) to "disavow" himself of any type of support for neo-Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists.

Just stop it.  Why are we being forced to "disavow" ourselves of anything the left doesn't like?  And we have to do it over and over.  It's the same as apologizing for breathing.  You don't win wars by apologizing to your enemies.  It empowers them.

The next time someone asks you to "disavow" something look them right in the face and say, "That's a stupid and offensive questions. Let's move on."

Other than that, it's an excellent interview.

Supposedly, a bunch of protests, marches, and gatherings are planned for this weekend and mayhem and violence is predicted.

Let's put this in perspective.  The population of this country is 321.1 million people.  A few hundred people show up somewhere to protest something or another and everyone starts bleating about civil war number two.  That means that 321 million people had no interest in these silly goings on.

The real issue is that libtards feel justified in perpetrating violence against speech they don't like or deem "hateful."   The proof that this violence only flows in one direction is the numerous destructive riots by BLM where no one stepped in to counter protest or wage war on their free speech.  Indeed, the police, mayors, and governors of left leaning states stepped back and allowed them to destroy private and public property.

So if a bunch of propagandized and paid protesters go out this weekend and start trouble, I couldn't care less.  And if you're one of the people who feel it's imperative to stand in the street declaring your position and get run over it's no one's fault but your own.  Harsh?  No. Truthful.

I have a lawn to edge and mow and final preparations for our "eclipse breakfast" on Monday.  Post Falls will not experience totality, but it will be about as close to totality as you can get.  I'm looking forward to the event.

Tomorrow?  I will reveal the biggest landscaping mistake you can make.  It's yuuuge. 


American Thinker:  The New Civil War

Political Clown Parade:  He’s Going To Go Medieval On Their Ass

The Daley Gator:   A Parade of Cowards and Fools

Breitbart:  Steve Bannon Speaks After White House Departure: ‘I’m Going to War for Trump’

Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat:   In The Interest of Fairness, Let us Compare Violence From the Left and Right

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Friday, August 18, 2017


let's light a candle, hold hands, and sing "All We Need is Love."

And then we can spend some time wondering what motivated the attackers, declare Islam a religion of peace, and bring in more "refugees."

Because that's worked so well in the past.

And when we're through with the tears, thoughts, and prayers we can go tear down a few Confederate statues that are creating an unsafe atmosphere for untold millions of people.  Did you notice that "tear" (verb), as in "pull or rip something apart or to pieces with force", and tear (noun) "the fluid appearing in or flowing from the eye as the result of emotion, especially grief " are spelled the same?  


American Thinker:  Charlottesville and Its Aftermath: What if It Was a Setup?

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Elvis Presley: January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977...

RIP Elvis

40 Years Today

While I prefer some of his numbers from his Comeback Special in 1968, I found this to be more appropriate for the events unfolding now.

When I moved to Texas in the early 60's and attended my first musical event the band played Dixie and everyone stood up.  I was completely dumbfounded and had no inkling of why they stood up.  I stood up after being prodded by my new friends.

I was a recent transplant from St. Paul, MN and had little knowledge of the Civil War beyond what I what I had been taught in school - which was truthful, but uninspiring.

My husband at that time (RIP) was a civil war expert and over the years we were together I learned the real history of the war.

What I'm witnessing going on now makes my heart constrict in pain and my soul explode with fury.

You will not erase our history - and yes, the south became my history.  It became who I am.  

No one has to tell me to stand up for the playing of Dixie anymore.

Black run, economically depressed, criminal infested Baltimore sneakily removes four Confederate statues in the dark of night...

which improved the lives of the people of Baltimore - how?

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said crews began removing the city's Confederate monuments late Tuesday and finished around 5.30am on Wednesday. 
'It's done,' Pugh told the Baltimore Sun. 'They needed to come down. My concern is for the safety and security of our people. We moved as quickly as we could.'  source

Safety and security of our people?   I didn't realize those statues were creeping about at night endangering the people of Baltimore.  The reality is the feral, savage, violent, and destructive people residing there are the real danger. 

Here's a little heads up for the people of Baltimore.  The statue removers don't care about you.  Not one little bit.  Your lives are not going to change after the removal of those statues.  No siree.  You'll still be poor, living in crappy section 8 housing, waiting every month for your ebt card to be filled up again, and wondering when your head is going to be blown off by a stray bullet.  
Buh bye, Confederate women. 

And where are the foolish pink vagina hat wearing women to stand up for the Confederate women?  I thought they were all about defending women?

But fear not, gentle people. This latest outrageous behavior from the libtards proves that we're winning.  

It's a distraction.  Yes, it's an outrageous distraction, but it's not the end of the war.  It's just one battle and in the end they will lose. I fear this will not end well for them. 
"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”― George Orwell, 1984

Trump speaks the truth and lefty heads explode.

"You had a group on one side that was bad," Trump said on Tuesday. "And you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that. But I'll say it right now."
Trump later said, "I think there is blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it," adding that there were "very fine people" on both sides.  source


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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Durham, NC: Let's pull down a statue commemorating 500K Americans...

like a bunch of monkeys allowed out of their circus cages. 

This is disgraceful and nauseating to watch.  
A crowd of protesters gathered outside the old Durham County courthouse on Main Street Monday evening in opposition to a Confederate monument in front of the government building.Around 7:10pm a woman climbed the statue using a ladder and attached a rope around the statue. 
Moments later, The crowd pulled on the rope and the statue fell. 
In 1924, the Confederate statue was dedicated to Durham.Engraved on the front of the monument is “The Confederate States of America.” 
Above it, is a statue representing a soldier who fought in the civil war.
Was anyone arrested?  Apparently not, nor did the police interfere with this criminal behavior and destruction of government property.

We're also still waiting for the outcome of the investigation of the muslim cop who killed a white woman in Minneapolis - one month later.  

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump: "To anyone who acted criminally in this weekends racist violence - you will be held fully accountable"...

"We will defend and protect the sacred rights of all Americans"

A bit of Monday inspiration brought to you by Nanea Hoffman of Sweatpants and Coffee - and we thank her.

Also thanks to The Deplorable EtoculusDei who posted it in the wonderful MOTUS A.D. combox whose today's post I Don’t Think Diversity Means What You Think It Means  is well worth a read.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lying leftist mayor of Charlottesville, Micahel Signer, blames Trump...

and Jake Tapper, CNN loser, goes along with his statements.

Police standing behind Antifa peeps?  Strange...
No one has anything bad to say about Antifa (who it is becoming clear were protected by the police and who started the riot) or Black Lives Matter, another violent, racist, and intolerable group.

I'm having a hard time following the thinking of someone like this POS mayor who demands Trump renounce "white nationalists" while ignoring the mayhem and violence spread by other groups, because we all know how peaceful Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and while the pink pussy hat wearing women didn't start riots, they most certainly demonstrated violent rhetoric.  Wearing an ugly hat doesn't absolve you of being a hate group.  It's virtue signalling at its most repulsive.

The only person responsible for this is the mayor for not directing his police department to keep the groups separate.  Is that hard to understand?  The only way for this to have happened was for it to be allowed to happen.  I call that state sponsored terrorism.  I don't care how much money Soros poured into Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it would not have happened without the support of the very people who were elected to do a job and refused to do it. 

Trump was right to call out the violence by both all many sides.  The "alt-right" is no more right than the leftists who oppose them.  They're all collectivists - hence they're all leftists. 

Check out this list of groups who are "standing with Charlottesville." It's a huge tent full of  leftist haters and agitators.
Tonight and tomorrow, Indivisible groups, along with our friends at Women’s March, Democracy for America, Working Families Party, Resist Here, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Mi Familia Vota, OurRevolution, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, People's Action, Courage Campaign, Greenpeace, #AllOfUs, #Resist,, OFA, United We Dream, Win Without War, Voto Latino,, Sierra Club, Pantsuit Nation, Town Hall Project, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, iAmerica, National Immigration Law Center, #MarchForTruth, Color of Change, UltraViolet, IfNotNow, People Power, Faith in Public Life, CREDO, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Brand New Congress, South Asian Americans Leading Together, NARAL Pro-Choice America, RootsAction, SEIU, Hip Hop Caucus, CODEPINK, Peoples Climate Movement, T’ruah and others will come together in solidarity with our brave friends in Charlottesville who put themselves at risk to fight against white supremacy. source
You may want to take an anti-nausea med before listening to this blowhard spew his nonsense.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

What the hell is wrong with people? Crazies are running rampant in Virginia...

this is appalling.

Let me make sure I understand what's going on.  About 200 neo-Nazi types decided to march around looking really silly wearing pretend uniforms and carrying torches to mainly protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

The mayor of Charlottesville,  Mike Signer, had denounced the 'cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance" and yet supported Black Lives Matter who, in my opinion, are just as bigoted, intolerant, racist, and hate filled.  We can also throw in the silly pink pussy hat wearing harridans as a group of disgruntled, angry, intolerant, and hateful people.  

Eventually a whole slew of counter-protesters showed up to harass the neo-Nazi's and violence on both sides erupted.  Who threw the first punch is something we'll never know.

Within the last hour a mega-demented person drove a car into the crowd and so far at least one person is dead and many more injured.
Seriously, guys - Tiki torches?

I don't back neo-Nazis, but if the counter protesters had just minded their own business and let the clowns (all 200 of them) march around with their Tiki torches none of this would have happened.

I highly doubt that in a country of 326 plus million people 200 freaks looking super silly with Tiki torches is going to change one single thing.

And yet the progs are lining up to denounce the "bigotry and hatred" when none of them had a thing to say about Black Lives Matter.

Well, counter protesters, give yourself a big pat on the back for turning a nothing event into world-wide headlines.


Tucker Carlson Interviews ex-Planned Parenthood Director...

"When you're working inside an industry like that you become very dark and you stop seeing the heinous acts you're participating in." 

Former clinic Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson reveals the horrors of what she saw in new book "The Walls are Talking" and tells Tucker why she became an anti-abortion activist.

Also by Abby Johnson:   Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader's Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Is fired Google employee James Damore stupid, arrogant, or just naive?...

I'll save you trouble of wondering where I stand.  I vote naive.

He's clearly not stupid, nor is he the least bit arrogant.

What landed me on his side from almost the beginning is the fact that it's the libtards who are so outraged by what his memo said. And why is that?  Because he spoke the truth.

I might add that what the memo actually said is hard to determine since the MSM subverted and falsely reported on his document and published redacted and cherry picked versions of what he wrote minus his footnotes.

Here is the real document.

His naivety on how the world works is typical of someone his age.  When I was growing up my father believed anything that was printed in a newspaper because, gosh darn, it was in a newspaper so it had to be true.  I also realize that there are still people who think this way.  Our present day example of this is people who believe anything they read on the internet.

Adrienne's Axiom:

All news is fake news until proven otherwise.

We know that Google rigs your searches.  We know they data mine, subvert contrary opinions, and otherwise make it highly difficult to dig down to the truth.  

The long march through the institutions includes the world wide web.

Our schools, universities, media, entertainment, and even churches are now well stocked with the liberals who wish to control us.  People who are more conservative have learned to keep their opinions to themselves.  Conservative teachers, professors, and journalists know that to express an opinion contrary to the prevailing virtue signalling SJW's will bring the hounds of hell crashing down on their heads.  The left will not stop until they destroy anyone who speaks the truth.

For James Damore to have learned this lesson so early in life is a blessing for him.  He's a smart guy and already has many job offers.

We can learn much from this young man who spoke the truth. 

This is a very illuminating interview and well worth the time.  Listen and ponder.

Productivity tips for the day:
  1. Put the taskbar on the bottom of your monitor on auto-hide.  It's nothing but a distraction.
  2. Avail yourself of One Tab. I love it. 


Liberty's Torch:  The "Feelings" Blob

Breitbart:  REVEALED: Google’s Social Justice Warriors Create Wrongthink Blacklists

Legal Insurrection:  Google Diversity Memo – Weaponizing giant social media companies to silence dissent  (Excellent!)

Andrew Klavan:  Google Has Done a Horrible Thing to Its Employees

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Is Michael Savage Right? Will fake news and an attempt to remove Trump lead to civil war?...


Things are slowly returning to normal around here after my husband's hasty and late night hernia surgery.  But guess who gets to continue doing the heavy lifting for the foreseeable future?  I'm going to have shoulders like a linebacker in a few more weeks. (Note from Mr. Adrienne:  She already has shoulders like a linebacker, can whip my ass at arm wrestling, comes equipped with Italian killer instincts, and is definitely someone you don't want to tangle with in a dark alley. I've been terrified of her for close to 40 years.)


The news has become so egregiously phony the MSM and libtard blogs don't even try to hide it anymore.  I guess we've moved on from "Russia, Russia, Russia" to "McMaster, McMaster, McMaster."  Just because everyone has jumped on the "McMaster is a traitor" bandwagon doesn't make it true.  It seems the world is filled with "unnamed sources", "sources close to...", and anonymous tipsters".

So about this Trump removal thingy.  

I've never felt that a perfect storm of civil unrest was seething on the horizon until just recently.  I was a Trump supporter from the moment he rode down that escalator with his wife to announce his run for president.  I voted for him.  I still support him and think he's doing a great job, especially considering his job has been Sisyphean.

If any virtue signalling, stupid, and venal libtards think they're going to take my vote, and the votes of other Trump supporters, and pitch them in the trash can of history, I don't think I would be able to contain my rage.  Just thinking about such an occurrence makes me want to grab the closest liberal and choke the life out of them.

Michael Savage:

[...]“That is what’s going to happen in this country,” he pointed out. “You have not yet seen mob violence in this country. You’ve seen some mob violence instigated by George Soros’ mobs.”  

“But you haven’t seen the thing I’m telling you is coming in this country. You haven’t seen the ‘Day of the Locust’ yet.” 

Savage was referring to the 1939 novel The Day of the Locust, which analyzes the violent rage of Americans who slaved away their entire lives only to realize that the American dream was impossible for them to achieve.

When Eddie finally gets up and says that’s the end of the road, and Eddie’s eyes turn red, and blood is in his eyes, Eddie will turn this society upside down,” the Savage Nation host said. “And if [the left] take(s) Trump down, through Mueller or through any other source and deny Eddie his vote, there will be a civil war in this country.” 

“I’m warning you. All of you leftists who think you’re going to steal our vote, you’re wrong.” 

“…But if you do the next step and steal our president, I warn you. You’ve seen nothing yet,” he added. “You will see the ‘Day of the Locust’ in this country.”  source
You may feel free to call me Eddie.  I've had a lifetime of putting up with elitist SJW snotty libtards and their fake concern and holier-than-thou approach to the normal people of the world.  You've called me homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, deplorable, and an ignorant dirt dweller. The only thing you haven't called me is by my real name - normal.  
 Normal people don't think a man who calls himself a woman is normal.  Normal people don't think it's okay to teach teenage girls as young as 12 that sodomy is A-okay.  By the way, Teen Vogue - it's not "anal sex", it's sodomy!  Normal people don't march around declaring that islam is a "religion of peace."  Notice the muslims aren't marching. It's the stupid white people who are clamoring for their own destruction.  That's not normal. The mass killing of babies in the womb is not "choice", it's murder, and it's not normal for a woman to kill her own child. 
I have no idea if McMaster is a leftist plant as many people think.  I do know that everything I read now is suspect and deserves very little attention.

Let's take some advice from Kurt Schlichter

[...]Time to say “No.” Time to refuse to go along and get along. Time to fight the culture war instead of surrendering to the lies. Time to fight the legal war and refuse to allow our justice system to be exploited by prosecutors so biased and dishonest they wouldn’t pass muster in 1600s Salem. Time to fight the political war against the frauds, fakes, and Flakes infecting our party.  
Because if we don’t, they are going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and they are going to demand we submit to subjugation, and then we’re going to have to fight another kind of war to preserve our liberty and our Constitution. And that would be really, really bad. Mostly for them.  read the whole thing 

And to sweeten the pot some Bill Whittle at his finest:


Liberty's Torch:  Apologetics 

Independent Sentinel:  Leaks Timed to Mar Trump Wins Prove DC Elites Don’t Give a Damn About You

The Right Way: The Atrophy of Civilization

Roger L. Simon:   Is America on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown or Civil War?

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The orchid

The flower bud

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wild Bill interview on his Canadian fiasco with my friend Don Bradway of Redoubt News...

and what does Youtube have to say about this video?

This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.


Let's make sure this is seen by as many people as possible.  Please link or share this interview.  The hell with Youtube!

Bill has much to say about hate speech laws and why this is happening.

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Don't those look beautiful?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First interesting thing I've seen in days: White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts the liberal media...

because everything else is a big yawn.

For instance:  Anthony Scaramucci.  I don't give a rat's rear patootie that he got canned.  And guess what?  No one else does either.  Don't believe me?  Try standing in front of your local grocery store and ask the next 100 people exiting the store who Scaramucci is and the answer 99.9% of the time will be, "Who?" Besides, I'm not even sure what a Director of Communications job entails and couldn't care less.

Rinse Prius?  He should have been run off when they booted his bestie Katie Walsh.  He's not a friend to Trump.

Chaos in the White House?  Only if you listen to the MSM - so stop listening to their crap right now.  Capisce?

And how about that Somali muslim police officer, Mohamed Noor, in Minneapolis who over two weeks ago blasted bullets through the door of his police car killing an innocent Australian woman.  He shot across his partner who was the driver and reports are saying his partner's hearing has been permanently damaged.  Charges?  Not yet.  Two weeks for the BCA to investigate and no charges yet?  Hmmmmmmmm.

So take a moment to listen to Sarah Sanders mop up the floor with the lying liberal corrupt MSM reporters.

As for me, I'm headed to the store to snatch up some Sarah Lee mini hamburger buns and pickle chips because tonight I'm making White Castle burgers for dinner.

If you're from the west coast the importance of White Castle's will be lost on you.  I grew up on them and harbor a lust for the little sliders that will never go away.  I can buy them frozen, but it's just not the same.

While searching for something on Youtube this White Castle slider video popped up. I'm pretty dang sure he nailed it.

I got the dehydrated onions on Amazon and they smell wonderful and were a super great price.

I also took possession of a new microfiber wet/dry mop from Amazon that is outstanding.  No more expensive Swiffer pads to buy.  Yay.  And this mop did a waaaaaaaaay better job than Swiffer.  The little loops around the edge snagged the dust bunnies lurking in corners.  It's 18" and it took about 5 minutes to dry mop the entire house (our house is all wood floors.)  It takes about 30 minutes to use the Swiffer and I go through at least three pad refills.  Very expensive!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

If John McCain craved attention, he found a really crappy way of getting it...

and his "no" vote on Odumbocare repeal tells us everything we need to know about him.

And what's with all the drama, John?

 Read his statement below the video.

As for Scaramucci and his language?  The outrage is laughable.  When you consider that just about everyone online is bleating out WTH's, "WTF's", and OMG's are now clutching their pearls and slapping a cold pack on their forehead because Scaramucci said the "F" word.

The nice part is his rather unprofessional language has pushed Russia off the front page.

Transgenders in the service?  Nope! And for good reason.  Know what?  Fat people can't serve either.

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released the following statement today on voting “no” on the so-called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare:
“From the beginning, I have believed that Obamacare should be repealed and replaced with a solution that increases competition, lowers costs, and improves care for the American people. The so-called ‘skinny repeal’ amendment the Senate voted on today would not accomplish those goals. While the amendment would have repealed some of Obamacare’s most burdensome regulations, it offered no replacement to actually reform our health care system and deliver affordable, quality health care to our citizens. The Speaker’s statement that the House would be ‘willing’ to go to conference does not ease my concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and passed at any time. 
“I’ve stated time and time again that one of the major failures of Obamacare was that it was rammed through Congress by Democrats on a strict-party line basis without a single Republican vote. We should not make the mistakes of the past that has led to Obamacare’s collapse, including in my home state of Arizona where premiums are skyrocketing and health care providers are fleeing the marketplace. We must now return to the correct way of legislating and send the bill back to committee, hold hearings, receive input from both sides of aisle, heed the recommendations of nation’s governors, and produce a bill that finally delivers affordable health care for the American people. We must do the hard work our citizens expect of us and deserve.”

An Interview with Anthony "Tony" Scaramucci Aka: Mooch

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Emergency surgery... w/ Update

sorry for not being here.

Hubby was transported to the emergency room early this afternoon.

At he moment (9:00 pm PDT) he is having surgery to repair a hernia.

I'm headed back to the hospital.

Update tomorrow.



Surgery complete. He's doing fine.  Can come home tomorrow.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Saturday Pep Talk: Alex Jones interviews Stefan Molyneux...

there's a lot packed into this 16 minutes.

Do not let the name "Alex Jones" deter you from watching this.  It's very powerful. 

My veggies are calling out to me and they're saying, "Water me."

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Some random stuff after wasting the morning slithering around the interwebs...

is interwebs a word?

What makes us do this?  Why do we feel the need to "know" everything that is going on? It's a question for the techie world we inhabit now.  I have no answer.

Then again - I sort of do have an answer.

Every morning at the close of my morning pages I ask myself:
  1. What do I need to know?
  2. What do I need to try?
  3. What do I need to accept?
  4. What do I need to do?
This morning's insight into my wasted time cruising aimlessly around the news sites, Daily Mail (pictures are great), Facecrap, (but no kitteh videos since I have my very own kitteh roaming around my desk.)

The conclusion I came to is that when you feel the need to almost live vicariously through someone or something else it means you don't have a life.


So I'm headed outside to move a rock border, spread some bark, water my veggies, and, well - get a life.

How about you?  

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