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That didn't take long: NYTimes declares Cliven Bundy a racist...w/Update: Bundy responds (video)

because he allegedly said this:
“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”
And what part of that statement is racist?

I could also say the same thing about a growing number of "white" people in this country who live off the government.

The real point here is the attempt to deflect us away from the actions of the BLM.  Right on schedule, the libtards throw out the race card.

And the people fall for it.  As of right now there are over 650 comments at the Washington Post arguing whether Bundy is a racist.   What the hell difference does it make - oh wait, someone already said that.

They really believe that by calling Bundy a racist, the government can seize his land, slaughter his cattle, and threaten all sorts of  unimaginable pain on him, his family, and his friends.

Don't fall for it.

If someone brings this up, look them in the eye and ask, "Exactly what part of that statement is racist?"  If they try to change the subject, and they will, bring them back over and over to the original question.

And if you ever get an answer, ask them what any of this has to do with the BLM seizing land.


Liberty's Torch:  Trigger Trippers


Bundy responds:

For me this issue is over.  I'm going to engage in life for the rest of the day.  I completely stand by what I originally said. 

Trifecta: Unmasking Margaret Sanger...

that happy clappy eugenicist.

This is part one of what will be a three part series.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Top 8 Reasons You Need a Possum Mentality to Survive What’s Coming...

from Survival Sherpa.

By Todd Walker

When times are good, abundance flows like sweet treats from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory. Thinking that this river of abundance will never dry up is, as Willie Wonka sang, Pure Imagination.

Entire nations have experienced hyperinflation, severe shortages, and even collapse. In every crisis (personal, local, or national), we all need to adopt a Possum Mentality when things go south.
I know the animal’s official name is opossum, but possum just rolls off my southern tongue with ease.

It doesn’t matter if you’re so broke that you can’t pay attention, middle class, or living in luxury’s lap, you too can learn from North America’s only marsupial.

Both of my parents passed down the possum mentality to me and my siblings. They taught us to figure out a way to get the job done with whatever resources were available.

My mom was raised in a two bedroom house with 9 siblings. They raised their own food. Clothing and shoes were passed down and worn out. Papa V (my grandfather) drove from Texas to Georgia with a milk cow in the back seat of his car. He made a cow diaper from a burlap feed sack to get the bovine home. Now that’s resourceful – I don’t care where you’re from! Got milk?

In honor of my parents – and all our past generations that survived and thrived by adopting a possum mentality – here are my top 8 reasons you need a Possum Mentality…


Wild Bill: Boots on the Ground...

against John Boehner.

As an aside:  When you type Boehner it's underlined as being spelled incorrectly.  By right clicking you will see that the "correct" spelling is "boner."  Hmmmmmmmmm

Coldwater Creek closing hits close to home...

is it because the middle class is dying?

Maybe, maybe not.

There is no doubt that the middle class is having an economically harder time.  Yet many bloggers are declaring the closing of Coldwater Creek, based in Sandpoint, Idaho, is completely the fault of the economy.

Since Sandpoint is about an hour's drive from my home, allow me to present another scenario.

Sandpoint, Idaho
Sandpoint is a lovely little touristy town in North Idaho on the banks of  the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Pond-er-ray.)  It is also home to Litehouse Foods who, incidentally, has just purchased the Coldwater Creek building in Sandpoint. 

Coldwater Creek was founded in 1984 and presently has over 350 brick and mortar stores.  I'm pretty sure that when the company first started it was catalog only with maybe a store in Sandpoint, but in no way quote me on that point.  I'm digging into my memory bank from when we moved to North Idaho about 27 years ago and at my age that's a risky place to tour.


Over the years, they opened more and more stores while also opening many call centers for the catalog branch of the business.  The call center in Coeur d' Alene has about 200 employees and there are about 500 jobs that will be lost in Sandpoint.  All together, Coldwater Creek employs about 6000 people.

Let's start with a few facts before I wander down the conjecture highway.
  • It is a fact that Coldwater Creek has not made a profit since 2007.
  • It is a fact that Coldwater’s Chapter 11 filings cite assets of $279 million and debts of $361 million.
I don't think we need any more facts than that.

This all brings to mind the first lesson I ever learned about business.  To be successful in business, you must know how much money is coming in, and how much money is going out, and what's coming in better be more than what's going out. Simple.

Now for some questions and some conjecture.

Who in hell runs a business in the hole for SEVEN YEARS (sorry for shouting) without changing a thing?  It wasn't until Oct. of 2013 that the company even suggested some changes.
"As a result of an increasingly challenging retail environment, we are continuing to take the necessary steps toward improving our financial position as well as our long-term prospects as a more competitive and successful company," said Coldwater Creek CEO Jill Dean in a press release. source
Who thinks racking up 361 million in debts vs 279 million in assets, thereby putting them 82 million in the hole is rational?

And question number three, who, with the increasing dominance of internet shopping, keeps opening up brick and mortar stores? 

Here's the conjecture part.

I heard from a very credible source, who was born and raised 30 minutes from Sandpoint and runs many successful stores, that Coldwater Creek is known to be very, very top heavy in management - most of whom are earning in excess of hundreds of thousands per year.

I also can only comment on the few people that I personally knew who worked at the call center in Coeur d' Alene that it was a pretty awful and low paying job.

As for the merchandise?  The only time I ever wore something from Coldwater Creek was when I purchased a dress at a garage sale held at a house that was most assuredly not middle class.

Most middle class women I know do not pay $130.00 for a sweater or $140.00 for a little daytime dress.  They also don't pay $50.00 for an ordinary T-shirt.

So there you have it.  Overpriced (and mostly in my opinion not very pretty) clothes, too many stores, over-compensated and bloated management, and a clearly incompetent CEO, is a recipe for disaster.

And, again this is just my opinion, they forgot who they were.  They started as a catalog store and should have stayed that way while only branching out into internet sales.  It reminds me of what Jim Sinegal, co-founder and former CEO of Costco, said when they split from Price Club and dumped all the real estate that Price Club brought into the deal right back in Mr. Price's lap.  "I'm in the warehouse club business, not the real estate business." 

Litehouse Foods knows who they are, too.  They make salad dressing. Period.  They're not running around opening stores.

They also are known for their Christian beliefs and favorable treatment of their employees.

Make of that what you will... 

Does this mean that the middle class is not being economically squeezed?  Of course not. But Coldwater Creek's closing is not a symptom.  It's simply the result of poor management.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Neutron Dance...

Did they know something we didn't know??

The Pointer Sisters performing 'Neutron Dance' on October 16, 2013 at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

 Neutron Dance (1986)

I don't want to take it anymore
I'll just stay here locked behind the door
Just no time to stop and get away
'Cause I work so hard to make it everyday

Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh

There's no money falling from the sky
'Cause a man took my heart and robbed me blind
Someone stole my brand new Chevrolet
And the rent is due, I got no place to stay

Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh

And it's hard to say
Just how some things never change
And it's hard to find
Any strength to draw the line
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance

Industry don't pay a price that's fair
All the common people breathing filthy air
Roof caved in on all the simple dreams
And to get ahead your heart starts pumping schemes

And it's hard to say
Just how some things never change
And it's hard to find
Any strength to draw the line
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance

Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh
I'm on fire
I'm on fire

And it's hard to say
Just how some things never change
And it's hard to find
Any strength to draw the line
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance

I know there's a pot of gold for me
All I got to do is just believe
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
And I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance

Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance

It's Tuesday...

what's going on.

The best on Earth Day:

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Wild Bill: Harry Reid is throwing verbal bombshells and possibly setting the stage for violence against patriotic Americans...

telling it like it is - and we thank him!

April 22: "Earth Day" 2014...

the wonderful event wherein soy latte drinking yuppies can gather together to worship Gaia and insult and demean those of us who are really earth friendly.

Mark your calendars.  Tomorrow is the big day when the above mentioned people will hug trees that someone else planted, berate us for using Styrofoam, and claim life on this planet is about to end due to man-made global warming.  

Carefully scrubbed from the Wikipedia Earth Day page, is one of the masterminds behind Earth Day who was an active participant in the first Earth Day celebration in Philadelphia (1970), Ira Einhorn.

Ira, that peace promoting wunderkind, earned his Master Composting Certificate by killing his girlfriend, Holly Maddux, and carefully composting her in a trunk that sat on his porch for 18 months before discovery. 

His Composting Certificate was subsequently rescinded when the neighbors complained of a foul smell emanating from Ira's abode.  Proper composting should not smell foul.

The fun loving tree-hugger skipped bail and headed off to Europe where he resided in France until he was finally captured in 1997.  After a lengthy extradition process he was finally brought back to the U.S. in 2001 and is presently serving life without parole. 

Please take a moment to say a prayer for Holly on Earth Day.  Thank you.

Enough about Ira.

Closely aligned with Earth Day is Agenda 21, the UN sponsored program that seeks to end all rural living and pack us all into sparkly bright cities while ending our private property rights.  Can you say

I don't know about where you live, but the some of the cities that are most invested in this are some of the nastiest.  On my last trip to St. Paul, Minnesota (a breeding ground and haven for all things greenie-weenie), I was appalled at how dirty it is.  Oh sure, take a drive down the River Road where the runners almost outnumber the cars and everything looks fairly nice.  Drive two blocks away and it's a different story.

Meanwhile, those of us who are rural dwellers are planting trees, tending our gardens, conserving our energy, and doing proper composting - not making Soylent Green.

We're ranching, raising chickens and pigs, and growing all that green stuff you city dwellers scarf up in huge quantities. 

So next time you encounter one of these latte drinking elitist snobs, ask them where the milk, chocolate and other goodies came from so they could sit around at a sidewalk table and deride those who actually do the work.

Ask them why it's okay to avail themselves of a plastic umbrella while telling us to carry our groceries in a cloth bag.

Ask them how much of their food they actually grew and how many trees they actually planted.

Ask them why they don't get off their lazy asses and sweep the curb in front of their house instead of waiting for the city to power up a gas hog of a street sweeper to do it for them.

Ask them why they don't hang their clothes out to dry in the summer.

Ask them why they're using a snow-blower instead of a shovel in the winter and why they don't turn off their air conditioning in the summer. 

And finally, ask them if they've always been this stupid and arrogant or if it was a recent development.

Heading out to the laundromat to wash rugs that will be hung out to dry and pick up an Arbor Day seedling at the library to plant on my property. 

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Patrice Lewis at WND:   Easter or Earth Day?



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bundy Ranch: What You're Not Being Told...

he may or may not be right.

However, listen carefully to his advice on fact checking.  Trust, but verify.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday...

I shall be offline today.

FĂ©lix Louis Leullier (1811 – 1882)

Palm Sunday.  Zdzislaw Piotr Jasinski 1863-1932

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Bundy Ranch Standoff: We all know it's not about a turtle...w/Update

don't we?

I have to go to work, but this morning's reading has given me more to consider.  One thing I do know is that Harry Reid is into this up to his beady little eyeballs.

It's always about money.

Possible scenarios:
Below is one of the reasons that I like to read comments.

 The following comment is from the above mentioned American Thinker article.
 You may or may not be correct that this is about water rights but that doesn't explain why the BLM chose to take action at this time. I believe there is a much more plausible explanation for the Bundy Ranch episode and why it is happening right now.
Senator Harry Reid is attempting to force the Bundy family off their
ranch in order to sell it, along with surrounding public lands, for the
Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone. His son, Rory Reid, represents a Chinese
corporation which intends to make a $5 Billion dollar investment in it.

On March 14th, 2014 BLM released Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) Mitigation Strategy

Then, on March 19th BLM announced intentions to impound ‪Bundy Ranch‬ cattle

This is the key though:

Combine those two BLM actions along with a DELETED BLM web page specifically stating that the Bundy Ranch was a "CONCERN OF IMPACT FOR SOLAR DEVELOPMENT". http://webcache.googleusercont...

It's clear that BLM (and Harry Reid because of his relationship with
the BLM Director Kornze, his former aide) intention in Bundy Ranch is

Lots of info on Dry Lake SEZ here. Click on .pdf's for maps including Bundy Ranch
Yesterday, Sean Hannity interviewed Cliven Bundy and I was surprised to learn that this is actually state land. 

Now there are reports that cell phone service has been shut down.  There are also reports that cell phone service has not been shut down.

As always:  Trust, but verify.

 I think the sleeping giant is being awakened.  The people of this country - well, okay, the half that is sentient, are fed up.  I pray for the safety of all involved.




Nox and Friends:  BLM Also a Problem for Texans

Freedom's Lighthouse:  Update on Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada; Bundy believes Feds Seeking to Put Ranchers Out of Business over Radical Environmental Agenda – Video Report 4/12/14  

Maggie's Notebook:  BLM Anti-Free Speech Zone From the Sky: No Fly Zone Over Bundy Ranch Prevents News Helicopters 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Trifecta: How about some movie reviews for this weekend?...

we'll be working outside.

Time to plant the lettuce, kale, chard, and radishes.

Wild Bill: Cowboys and Snipers...

is it really about the tortoises?

Statement from Clive Bundy's daughter:


I have had people ask me to explain my dad’s stance on this BLM fight. Here it is in as simple of terms as I can explain it. There is so much to it, but here it is in a nut shell.

 My great grandpa bought the rights to the Bunkerville allotment back in 1887 around there. Then he sold them to my grandpa who then turned them over to my dad in 1972. These men bought and paid for their rights to the range and also built waters, fences and roads to assure the survival of their cattle, all with their own money, not with tax dollars. These rights to the land use is called preemptive rights.

  Some where down the line, to keep the cows from over grazing, came the bureau of land management. They were supposed to assist the ranchers in the management of their ranges while the ranchers paid a yearly allotment which was to be use to pay the BLM wages and to help with repairs and improvements of the ranches.

 My dad did pay his grazing fees for years to the BLM until they were no longer using his fees to help him and to improve. Instead they began using these money’s against the ranchers. They bought all the rest of the ranchers in the area out with their own grazing fees. When they offered to buy my dad out for a pittance he said no thanks and then fired them because they weren’t doing their job. He quit paying the BLM, but tried giving his grazing fees to the county, which they turned down. So my dad just went on running his ranch and making his own improvements with his own equipment and his own money, not taxes.

 In essence the BLM was managing my dad out of business. Well when buying him out didn’t work, they used the endangered species card. You’ve already heard about the desert tortoise. Well that didn’t work either, so then began the threats and the court orders, which my dad has proven to be unlawful for all these years.

 Now they’re desperate. It’s come down to buying the brand inspector off and threatening the County Sheriff. Everything they’re doing at this point is illegal and totally against the constitution of the United States of America.

 Now you may be saying,” how sad, but what does this have to do with me?” Well, I’ll tell you. They will get rid of Cliven Bundy, the last man standing on the Bunkerville allotment and then they will close all the roads so no one can ever go on it again.

 Next, it’s Utah’s turn. Mark my words, Utah is next.

 Then there’s the issue of the cattle that are at this moment being stolen. See even if dad hasn’t paid them, those cattle do belong to him. Regardless where they are they are my fathers property. His herd has been part of that range for over a hundred years, long before the BLM even existed. Now the Feds think they can just come in and remove them and sell them without a legal brand inspection or without my dad’s signature on it. They think they can take them over two boarders, which is illegal, ask any trucker. 

Then they plan to take them to the Richfield Auction and sell them. All with our tax money.

  They have paid off the contract cowboys and the auction owner as well as the Nevada brand inspector with our tax dollars.  

See how slick they are?  

Well, this is it in a nut shell. Thanks”    

H/T  American Freedom Fighters

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trey Gowdy attacks ex-IRS official Lois Lerner...

who, by the way, was held in contempt of court today.

Put her in a cell right next to Elijah Cummings.

How long before the libtard lemmings start bellyaching about the cost of drycleaning...

“We’ll talk about dry cleaners next, right,” Obama said. “Because I know that – I don’t know why it costs more for Michelle’s blouse than my shirt.”

Because, Doofus, a ladies blouse is a bit more complicated than your shirt. 

Spare me the phoney outrage.  

With all the things going on in this world and the president of the United States is talking about dry cleaning?

I own exactly one item that goes to the dry cleaners - my winter dress coat.  Anyone who is sending large batches of clothes to the dry cleaners can obviously pay for it.  Are my tax dollars going to have to subsidize dry cleaning now?

Besides, who wants to wear clothes that have been dipped in all those smelly chemicals?

All my clothes are washed.  In the summer I even hang them outside to dry.  And, yes, I iron, too.  

Granted, I don't work in a situation where I'm wearing lots of expensive suits and such, but I'm quite certain those who do can afford to pay to have them cleaned.   

From:  The Washington Examiner:
The next feminist outrage: Dry-cleaning bills
First there was abortion-on-demand, then there was the supposed wage gap, then birth control without a co-pay, then the word “bossy” and now? Dry-cleaning bills.

Expect the cost of dry cleaning to be the next feminist outrage, President Obama said so in his Equal Pay Day remarks Tuesday.  read the rest

The Daily Caller:   Obama: GOP policies ‘un-American,’ women and Latinos ‘diseased’

Look at all the nice little grinning prop ladies lined up behind him.  I don't see one single item of clothing that requires dry cleaning.  Those ugly polyester suit jackets and dresses can all be washed.