Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Signing off for Thanksgiving...

and because I can't stand much more of the "news."

It's ugly.  It's a time waster.  It's depressing. And, at times, it's utterly revolting.

Do any of us need anymore of this in our lives?

I'll be back on Monday.  I will answer comments, because it's the polite thing to do.

For now, I wish you all a very wonderful holiday.

And no post of mine is complete without some kittehs...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday before Thanksgiving...

let the cooking commence.

Except here.

We decided to eat out.

Not only are we eating out, but we're going to do it at a buffet, because nothing screams "old people" like going to a buffet.  

I'm looking forward to no cooking, no leftovers, and no dirty dishes.

Trump sounded pretty good yesterday in Ohio.  He's dropped 15 lbs and looks good, too.

He's right about the Muslims jumping for joy in New Jersey on 9/11.  And remember the Muslim convenience store owners in Texas?  It's on video.

Off to work where I will be tempting people with delectable baked goods.

See you all later.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Watch Live: Donald Trump Rally in Columbus, OH 11-23-15 - 7:00 PM EST...

Alternate LiveStream HERE

7:32 EST People still arriving

Supposedly to start at 7:30 EST

Confused? Daesh. What's in a name?...

a primer.

I can't be the only one confused about all this terrorist name changing, which appears to be nothing more than a way to avoid saying "Muslim."  If you Google "Daesh", a gazillion sites come up explaining the different terms. 

From: International Business Times:
After the Islamic State group, the extremist organization that controls large parts of Iraq and Syria, took responsibility for the slaughter in Paris Friday night, many people may be confused about the name of the group, which has several different iterations. The terrorists are known variously as ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State and Daesh -- so what’s the difference?

Islamic State: This is the English version of what the terror group calls itself. It also claims to be a caliphate, which is a state ruled by a caliph, which is Arabic for "successor," meaning successor to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. The last generally acknowledged Muslim caliphate was the Ottoman Empire, which ended in 1923. Many governments and media refuse to use this name because it gives the group legitimacy as a state and a representative of Islam.  

ISIS: The militant group, which began as the Iraqi branch of al Qaeda during the U.S. occupation, gained this name after it invaded Syria in 2013. ISIS is short for "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria," or "Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham," which is an old Arabic term for the area.

ISIL: ISIL translates to “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.” The Levant is a geographical term that refers to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean -- Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Jordan. It’s the term the U.S. government uses since the "Levant" is apparently a better translation for al-Sham, the Arabic name for the region.

Daesh: This is a term the militant group hates. French President François Hollande has used it since the attacks Friday, and first used it in September 2014. It’s an Arabic acronym for “al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham.” It can sometimes be spelled DAIISH, Da'esh or Daech, a popular French version. The hacktivist group Anonymous and President Barack Obama have used the term since the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

Thanks to Arabic wordplay, it could also be an insult. “Depending on how it is conjugated in Arabic, it can mean anything from ‘to trample down and crush’ to ‘a bigot who imposes his view on others,'" Boston Globe writer Zeba Khan reported in October 2014. ISIS threatened “to cut the tongue of anyone who publicly used the acronym Daesh, instead of referring to the group by its full name,” the Associated Press wrote in September 2014.


Canada Free Press:  Dear Left: No one is ‘giving in to fear and hatred’ so you can put a sock in that lecture

Townhall:   More Lame Virtue Signaling From President Faily McWorseThanCarter 

Dr. Taylor Marshall:   Islamic Refugee Crisis: Good Samaritan or Maccabean Response? Or both

Nox and Friends:  FYI: Obama Praises Islam


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Feast of Christ the King...

remember who is truly King

Reading I  Dn 7:13-14
As the visions during the night continued, I saw
one like a Son of man coming,
on the clouds of heaven;
when he reached the Ancient One
and was presented before him,
the one like a Son of man received dominion, glory, and kingship;
all peoples, nations, and languages serve him.
His dominion is an everlasting dominion
that shall not be taken away,
his kingship shall not be destroyed.

Reading 2 Rv 1:5-8

Jesus Christ is the faithful witness,
the firstborn of the dead and ruler of the kings of the earth.
To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood,
who has made us into a kingdom, priests for his God and Father,
to him be glory and power forever and ever. Amen.
Behold, he is coming amid the clouds,
and every eye will see him,
even those who pierced him.
All the peoples of the earth will lament him.
Yes. Amen.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, " says the Lord God,
"the one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty."

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Donald Trump tells black lives matter protester to "get the hell out"...

The Donald sure seems to attract a lot of fat hecklers.

You sure can't beat him for the entertainment value.  I've watched this several times, and it always brings a smile to my face.

And this fool?  Good way to get yourself killed, Zippy.

Some trends that need to go away...

because they're either repulsive or stupid.

Leading off with fabulously wealthy people running around in ripped up jeans that probably cost $500.00, and stringy unkempt hair on women over 16 years old

Sofia Vergara, 43, gives a towfer as she arrived in Florida for her over-the-top fabulously expensive wedding tomorrow.

Ratty jeans?  Yep
Stringy hair? Yep

Didn't we already do the ripped jeans thingy??

The big trend of the "lunbersexual" look for men who sport big ugly unkempt beards, flannel shirts, and work boots.  Thing is, these "men" wouldn't even know which end of a hatchet to hold.

Tattoos.  I'll make exceptions for teeny little butterflies located someplace very inconspicuous, or any tattoo acquired by a service man while on leave and drunk.

This is just plain ugly:

And the latest craze?

Man buns.  Awful, awful, awful.

Bill Whittle: How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks...

"not fighting back is what's radicalizing the middle."

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday: Cleanup in aisle 4...

the one that holds all the tabs.

I wanted to comment on each of these, which only represent about half of the tabs I have open.  Thing is, I slept in until 9am when I am usually up at 5am.  So, here it is at 1:31pm and other than breakfast have not accomplished much of anything.  I'm not even dressed.  Arrrrgh

So comments will be limited to one sentence.

I've been saying this for years:
Soopermexican:  Here’s THREE Simple Things You Can Do Every Day To Help DISMANTLE The Mainstream Media!!
Take your children out of public indoctrination centers otherwise known as "schools."
The Blaze:  Mom Tells Teen Daughter ‘There’s No Way You’re Going to Do This’ After She Comes Home From School With ‘Islamic State’ Assignment 
People actually watch this crapola? 
The Blaze:  Watch the Shocking Scene From ABC’s ‘Scandal’ That’s Being Lambasted as ‘Stomach Churning’ — and Listen for Song Playing in Background
As usual, RR brings his foreign policy expertise to light. 
Reaganite Republican:  WHAT To Make of Donald Trump's Soft-on-the-Russians Thing?
Blogger in need of prayers.
The Blog of Monte Cristo:  Prayer Request for Blogger Down  
The commercialization of Christmas does not really bother me anymore.  I love looking at all the stuff I'm not going to buy. 
OnePeterFive:  Dear Retailers: You’re Making Me Hate Christmas. Stop.

There's much more, but it will have to wait.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Joseph Farah asks: Who is America's No 1 enemy?...

is it?: 
Is it ISIS?

Is it, as Barack Obama seriously suggests, “climate change”?
Is it Russia?

Is it the potential for an electro-magnetic pulse that could take down the nation’s electrical grid and fry the circuit boards we depend on for virtually everything in this high-tech, interdependent society, resulting in the deaths of potentially hundreds of millions of Americans?

Is it China?

Is it the unwillingness of the Washington political establishment to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws?

Is it the potential for attack by rogue nations or other terrorist organizations?

Is it massive civil disorder?

Is it the way Americans have lost control of their government?
His conclusion?:
The No. 1 threat to America’s national security has a name. It’s a person. It’s the defacto president of the United States at least until Jan. 20, 2017 – more than a year from now. The No. 1 enemy of this great experiment in self-governance and limited government under the rule of law and through the will of the people is none other than the man in the White House – Barack Obama.  read the rest
I contend, and have for many years, that making Obama the number one enemy and maintaining the focus on what he is doing, or not doing, is distracting us from much bigger issues.

Obama is a sock puppet. People who are much more powerful than him have their hands jammed firmly up his backside, making his mouth open and close, so that their words spill forth.  It is why he always uses a teleprompter.  It's quite obvious on the few occasions when his teleprompter is removed, or when he does an actual interview, that he is far from bright.  Obama is incapable of manufacturing a cogent thought. 

Of course, this begs the question, "Who is in charge and what is their goal?"  People who are way more connected than I am have been asking that question for quite some time. 

On November 10th, The Rutherford Institute posted The Deep State: The un-elected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay  by John W. Whitehead.  It is a sobering insight that will answer the many questions any thinking American has about the state of western civilization.
America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe when he or she assumes office. He will also inherit a shadow government, one that is fully operational and staffed by un-elected officials who are, in essence, running the country.
To be precise, however, the future president will actually inherit not one, but two shadow governments.
The first shadow government, referred to as COG or continuity of government, is made up of un-elected individuals who have been appointed to run the government in the event of a “catastrophe".
The second shadow government, referred to as the Deep State, is comprised of un-elected government bureaucrats, corporations, contractors, paper-pushers, and button-pushers who are actually calling the shots behind the scenes right now. 
Is Mr. Whitehead right?  Probably.  But before you haul out the tin foil, I also don't believe that the eventual goal of a one-world type scenario is possible.  What we're seeing are lots of random occurrences that certain factions of the different governments are using to their full advantage. 

Are some of these distractions orchestrated by the Deep State?  Most assuredly. Mr. Whitehead points out how this will work;
The first shadow government, COG, is a phantom menace waiting for the right circumstances—a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an economic meltdown—to bring it out of the shadows, where it operates even now. When and if COG takes over, the police state will transition to martial law.
Yet as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it is the second shadow government, the Deep State, which poses the greater threat to our freedoms. This permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and beyond the reach of the law.
Look how fast Hollende called in the military and imposed martial law in France.  Since when do you need the military to catch eight or nine people?  And then he turns around to welcome another 30K or so more Muslims into France. Does that make sense?

Today, at American Thinker, Ed Lasky posted Obama Doesn't Really Like People, and while well written and most likely true, it still misses the point.  Obama being a malignant narcissist or even a sociopath places all the emphasis on a person who holds no real power.  He does what he is told to do.  His narcissism allows a situation where he can be manipulated very easily by those who are pulling the strings and understand his pathologies.  While Obama play acts at being in control, those who are much smarter are the ones really in control.

There are signs of his running amuck and becoming harder to control.  It was evident when in Madrid he made some very inflammatory statements:
“Apparently they [Republicans] are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America. At first, they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of 3-year-old orphans. That doesn’t seem so tough to me.”
And in the Philippines he compared the Muslim invasion as being just like tourists: 
 “The idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the United States every single day just doesn’t jive with reality,” Obama said during an appearance in the Philippines. “So my expectation is after the initial spasm of rhetoric, the people will settle down, take a look at the facts, and we’ll be able to proceed.
I find it hard to believe his handlers think either of these statement are good verbal optics, and can't imagine them being loaded into his teleprompter.

What are we to do?

Mr. Whitehead's conclusion to  The Deep State: The un-elected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay
Remember this the next time you find yourselves mesmerized by the antics of the 2016 presidential candidates, or drawn into a politicized debate over the machinations of Congress, the president or the judiciary: it’s all intended to distract you from the fact that you have no authority and no rights in the face of the shadow governments.
If Whitehead is correct and there is nothing we can do, then we might as well grab a gun and blow our brains out.  On the other hand, if you believe in the kingship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then you will know that "this too shall pass."


Nox and Friends:  Incredible Restrictions on Rules of Engagement

Moonbattery:  Obama Promises to Veto Measure to Screen Potential Terrorists Imported From Syria

Ulsterman:  Barack Obama: The Most Un-American Of American Presidents… 

Donald Trump: Says heckler is "seriouly overweight"...

"It's amazing. I mention food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Michelle Obama shakes her booty in solidarity with France...

no, really - she did.

From the Daily Mail:
Michelle Obama brought Broadway and some of its brightest stars to the White House on Monday to host a workshop and celebrate performing arts students from around the country.
Gloria Estefan, legendary composer Andrew Llyod Webber, Whoopi Goldberg, and Glee star Matthew Morrison were just some of the big names welcomed to the East Room on Monday.
Estefan sang music from On Your Feet!, a show based on the story of her life, and Morrison sang music from Finding Neverland.
Other performances featured music from Fun Home, An American in Paris, School of Rock, and Something Rotten.
The first lady told the 40 ‘extraordinary’ high school students that her famous guests were there to help them.
‘These folks are here today to honor you and to hopefully inspire you,’ she said.
‘They’re also here with an important message for you about what it takes to succeed, not just on Broadway, but in life’, she said, according to the Huffington Post.
The students participated in workshops on acting, directing, singing, costume design, makeup and musical composition.
And Obama made sure to show off some of her famous moves while dancing with Estefan and choreographer Sergio Trujillo to the singer’s hit song Conga.
She managed to say something really stupid about the terror attack in Paris:

'As my husband said on Friday, this was an attack not just on France, our dear friend and ally, but on all of humanity and our shared values.' 

'And as we mourn, we know that we must continue to show the strength of those values and hopes that the President spoke about when he talked.' 

'And the beauty is that all of you here, our young people that are here, you all reflect that passion, that creativity. You all are a part of those values that the President talked about.'
'That's what we're protecting. We're protecting what you all represent.' 
I don't recall Odumbo talking about values.  He has no values. And, no, Mooch - those kids do not in any way, shape, or form represent me or my values. 
Warning:  Please have a certified barf bag handy before viewing these pictures.  You're welcome.
 After getting all that heavy duty mourning out of the way, we commenced to boogie.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Idaho Governor Otter to Obama: Stop importing refugees...

way to go Butch!

Idaho joining 16 other states refusing to take any refugees from Syria.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                            
November 16, 2015                                                                                                                                (208) 334-2100


(BOISE) – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter called on President Obama today to halt the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program until the vetting process for all foreigners crossing U.S. borders is fully reviewed and state concerns about the program are addressed.

“It makes no sense under the best of circumstances for the United States to allow people into our country who have the avowed desire to harm our communities, our institutions and our people,” Governor Otter said. “The savage and senseless ISIS-driven attacks in Paris illustrate the essential inhumanity of terrorism and make it clearer than ever that we must make protecting our homeland from this threat our primary focus.”

In a letter to President Obama, the Governor urged him to join in shouldering the “shared priority” of safety for American citizens.

“While I understand that immigration and refugee resettlement are authorized under federal law, I am duty-bound to do whatever I can to protect the people of Idaho from harm,” Governor Otter wrote. “Instead of Congress rubber-stamping this program each year, we ask that you and Congress work with states and governors to thoroughly review this process and how states are affected.”

Meantime, he vowed to “use any legal means available to me to protect the citizens I serve.”

“It is my desire, and should be your goal, to reassure the people of Idaho that their views are respected and that consideration is given to enabling states to opt out of the refugee resettlement program,” wrote Governor Otter, who is traveling to Las Vegas on Tuesday for a Republican Governors Association meeting and will discuss the issue with his colleagues.

President Odumbo produces word salad when asked "Why Can't We Take Out These Bastards?...

this is what happens when you take away his teleprompter.


The Blaze:  Obama Blasts Those Urging Greater Caution Before Accepting More Syrian Refugees: ‘That’s Shameful’

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Reading I and Gospel for November 15...

Reading 1, Daniel 12:1-3

1 'At that time Michael will arise -- the great Prince, defender of your people. That will be a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came into existence. When that time comes, your own people will be spared -- all those whose names are found written in the Book.

2 'Of those who are sleeping in the Land of Dust, many will awaken, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting disgrace.

3 Those who are wise will shine as brightly as the expanse of the heavens, and those who have instructed many in uprightness, as bright as stars for all eternity.

Gospel, Mark 13:24-32

24 'But in those days, after that time of distress, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light,

25 the stars will come falling out of the sky and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.

26 And then they will see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.

27 And then he will send the angels to gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the world to the ends of the sky.

28 'Take the fig tree as a parable: as soon as its twigs grow supple and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.

29 So with you when you see these things happening: know that he is near, right at the gates.

30 In truth I tell you, before this generation has passed away all these things will have taken place.

31 Sky and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

32 'But as for that day or hour, nobody knows it, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; no one but the Father.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pianist Plays 'Imagine' for Crowd Outside Paris' Bataclan...

while mourners heap flowers and light candles.

Where's the outrage?  Why aren't they mad as hell?  Why are they not storming the government buildings of France demanding that these "refugees" be gathered up and deported? 

Instead, they hum along to a song that was written by a sophomoric drug-addled commie wannabe dedicated to the new world order, and try to imagine a world where they will skip through the fields of clover hand-in-hand with members of the religion of peace.


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today 

Mark Steyn get's it:

The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates
by Mark Steyn
 [...] Twenty-four hours ago, I said on the radio apropos the latest campus "safe space" nonsense:
This is what we're going to be talking about when the mullahs nuke us.
Almost. When the Allahu Akbar boys opened fire, Paris was talking about the climate-change conference due to start later this month, when the world's leaders will fly in to "solve" a "problem" that doesn't exist rather than to address the one that does. But don't worry: we already have a hashtag (#PrayForParis) and doubtless there'll be another candlelight vigil of weepy tilty-headed wankers. Because as long as we all advertise how sad and sorrowful we are, who needs to do anything?  read the rest

Just a few days ago, I watched and recommended a video of Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux discussing the r/K Selection Theory.  

In view of that theory, it's not hard to understand how the wolf has been bred out of  people and replaced by the rabbit.

Waiting for the wolf

Listen to Bill Whittle talking about r/K Theory, and then go back and watch his discussion with Stefan Molyneux.

At Amazon:  The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans

Ted Cruz: "I recognize that Barack Obama does not wish to defend this country"...

"He may be tired of war but our enemies are not tired of killing us."

Friday, November 13, 2015

Terrorist Attack in Paris Brought to you by the Religion of Peace...

possibly up to a fifty dead.

Hostages held - 100?

Do you understand yet?

Obama wants to import hundreds of thousands of these third world savages to the United States.

France needs to round up every Muslim and ship them back to where they came from.

On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux...

let's step away from the "red cup controversy" (which is one of the most ridiculous non-controversies, ever), the tiny minority of college students who are getting way more attention than they deserve, and spend some quality time with two people discussing really important matters.

Yes, I understand it's almost an hour and a half.  What were you planning to do instead?  Perhaps watch cat videos, cruise the pictures of celebrities at the Daily Mail, or any of the other myriad ways we have of wasting time?

I know about this because I'm often guilty of just such behavior. Often, when tired, instead of taking a nap (I'm nap resistant), I've gotten in the habit of mindlessly clicking about from here to there looking for something to engage me.

The most valuable aspect of the world wide web is our ability to access world class thinkers from the comfort of our homes.  And it's free.

When I saw this link on Iotw Report, with the admonition, "This is how your time should be spent. With these guys", my first reaction was, "Oh, crap - an hour and a half?"

It took about 2 minutes into the video to be completely absorbed, and the time just flew by. 

Take some time this weekend to watch.  You won't be sorry.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Special Society of Hubristic Oligarchs and Leaders of Extraordinary Sagacity - aka ASSHOLES...

spot on.

Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic:

You first became aware of them when you were in grade school—self-appointed leaders, directors of taste and trend, unchallengeable because their mockery and physical abuse could make life quite uncomfortable—the in-group. As you got older, you discovered there was always an in-group. An in-group runs the country and indeed, the world. Just like grade school, they flaunt their exalted status and make life miserable for outsiders. SLL hereby christens this group: A Special Society of Hubristic Oligarchs and Leaders of Extraordinary Sagacity. For convenience, we’ll refer to both the society and its members by the acronym ASSHOLES.

The caveman who bludgeoned other cave people until they made him king, hailed him as a god, and were forced to let him and his crew run things, and later, the pharaohs, emperors, kings, queens, tzars, kaisers, fuehrers, dear leaders, dictators, etc. who did essentially the same things, are testament that notwithstanding the occasional setback—revolution, coups, foreign conquest—ASSHOLES have dominated and subjugated throughout history. There have been rare and fleeting times when ASSHOLES have left their serfs alone, but anyone who lived during those periods should have counted themselves lucky. The present age is certainly not one of them.

No particular virtue is required for membership in ASSHOLES; many members have been virtually virtueless. One sociopathic character trait is necessary: a neurotic compulsion to tell others what to do and a willingness to use any means available to enforce compliance. An exercise in proctology—studying ASSHOLES—is as distasteful as it sounds, but an examination of their last one hundred years or so is instructive.
Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, JP Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller, et. al., were the ASSHOLES of their day, and two “innovations” they thought Americans ought to have “for their own good” (a favorite phrase of ASSHOLES), were a central bank and an income tax. Funny money and government theft weren’t really new ideas, but in 1913, America got the Federal Reserve and the income tax. Not to worry, the ASSHOLES assured, “elastic money” would prevent panics and the income tax would only be exacted in almost imperceptible levies on the fattest of the fat cats.

One year later, European ASSHOLES started a glorious little war to further their convoluted geopolitical interests and aspirations. Four years later Europe lay in ruins with 17 million dead and another 20 million wounded. Empires were in tatters and a war-weakened Russian government had succumbed to Bolshevik ASSHOLES. Just to prove that war is the gift that keeps on giving, a war-spread Spanish Influenza pandemic killed another 50 to 100 million people. Just to prove that ASSHOLES’ work is never done, the winners imposed on the losers terms so onerous they almost guaranteed another war.  READ THE REST