Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Witness the end of Ferguson...

by a few thugs.

Allow me to say this again.

The population of Ferguson is 21,111 as of 2013.

At least 20,000 of these people had nothing to do with what you are about to see.

It is a town of well kept bungalows and clean streets.  

It is a town that is forever destroyed due to just a minority of people acting like savages.

Residents of Ferguson have had their property values destroyed.  Minority business owners have been burned or looted out of their livelihoods. Their employees no longer have jobs.

There is no doubt in my mind that these rampaging fools are in Section 8 housing, have food stamps, and collect whatever other welfare they can get their lazy hands on.

And the head race-hustler in the White House claims their reaction is "understandable." 

The good people of Ferguson did not deserve this.

Good work, Democrats.


CNS News:   Terror In Ferguson: ‘I’ve Never Been That Scared Before in My Life’

iOwnTheWorld:  Hitting Home – A Reader Rant by Old Goat 

Breitbart:  40 Ferguson Area Businesses Trashed, Vandalized or Destroyed by Protestors

MOTUS: Pardon the Birds and Pass the Ammunition…er…Dressing


Monday, November 24, 2014

No True Bill in Ferguson...

let's move on.

Prayers for Officer Wilson


for Michael Brown.


Things I don't care about...

in no particular order.

  • Chuck Hagel
  • Ferguson

  •  Black Friday 

  • Obamacare

  • Bill Cosby

  • Federal Budget

  • How to cook a turkey

  • School lunches

  • Michael Brown

  • Saturday Night Live

  • The latest thing Pope Francis has said or done

  • Kim Kardashian (or her ugly butt)

  • Facebook

  • Rosie  O'Donnell

  • The Today Show 

  • Marion Barry

  •  The price of gold

  • Football

  • The Sunday morning talking heads

  • Who's running in 2016

  • Negroes

  • Libtards

  • The newest iPhone 

  • Blogging

I'm quite certain there is more, but it's time to clean the house.

Please feel free to add your own to the list

Saturday, November 22, 2014

You're Invited: Benefit Concert for Gerard Van der Leun, publisher of American Digest..

be there or be square.

MOTUS’ Special Twilight Nocturne Lounge Event: Benefit Concert for Gerard
Welcome to  a special edition of my wildly popular, Twilight Nocturne Lounge. Tonight we are holding a Special Benefit Concert in honor of and to raise money for Gerard Van der Leun, publisher of American Digest,  Literary Genius, “Blog Royalty,” and very special friend of Team-MOTUS and Team-Dewey

Go to the party:

Bloggers:  Please consider a link to party

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is Ted Cruz telling the truth?...

or is it a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
His plan:
  1. Stop all confirmations except those that are vital for national security.
  2. All appropriation bills will have rider that none of that money can go to fund illegal immigration
Will it happen?

Megyn Kelly: Compilation of President Ribbon Cutter of the purple lips saying he can't do what he's going to do...

and no one is going to do a damn thing about it.

Because I believe the Republicans want the same thing.  They'll stomp around and make a bunch of noise, but will do absolutely nothing of any substance.  

And we all wonder why we're exhausted?

Starting Thursday off right with Trey Gowdy...

calling Gruber "an insomniac with Tourette syndrome."
Tourette (too-RET) syndrome is a nervous system (neurological) disorder that starts in childhood. It involves unusual repetitive movements or unwanted sounds that can't be controlled (tics). For instance, you may repeatedly blink your eyes, shrug your shoulders or jerk your head. In some cases, you might unintentionally blurt out offensive words.  source

Jimmy Ruffin...


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I no longer can deal with any of what's going on.

I'm wiped and whipped.

Taking a short break.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Susannah Merry Hanson 1986-2014...

daughter of Victor Davis Hanson passed away after a short illness.  She was 27 years old.

Prayers for the Hanson family and for Susannah.

Susannah Merry Hanson: Obituary


Monday, November 17, 2014

A Monday Morning Saving Tip...

for the thrifty minded ladies and men.

Ladies First:

A few days ago I had to visit the library to pick up a book that was on hold for me.

It was late in the day, and I was very tired and very cold.  The thought of slipping my freezing footsies into my cute little animal print flats was low on my list.

New ones. Last years has cream trim

I spied my Dearfoam slippers purchased last year at Costco for $9.99 and thought, "I'm just slipping in and out of the library and no one will notice I'm wearing slippers."

Well, they did.  But they thought they were the cutest shoes they had ever seen and wanted to know where I got them.  I told them the truth and they thought it was the greatest idea since, well, forever.

Fast forward to last Friday.  After our first trip to Trader Joe's, we headed to Costco.  I had mentioned that I hoped they had the Dearfoams back in for winter since I needed another pair and they were going to be my new winter "shoes."

They did.  And, guess what?  They had an instant coupon for $2.00, so the cost was only $7.99.

I price checked J.C. Penney, and their original price for the same slipper was $26.00.  They were on sale for $15.60, so $7.99 turned out to be a hugely good deal.

These are indoor/outdoor slippers with a very thick sole.  My pair from last year has at least another year left of wear and I wear them quite a lot.

Now the Men

Last year, hubby got a pair of cool slippers lined with thinsulate at Costco for $9.99.  They are also rated as indoor/outdoor.  He wanted another pair and Costco had those also. 

These are perfect for a quick trip to the store or post office.  Depending on where you work, they would certainly pass the sniff test for being appropriate. 

Now I decided that since there was no way I could purchase a decent pair of shoes for $7.99 or $9.99 for hubby, we each should get another pair, so I planned a return trip to Costco.

But first I checked their website and there they were.  Free shipping as a bonus.  We each opted for the brown this time. 

If you're in need of slippers and live near a Costco, go get you some; you won't find a better price!

I call this thinking outside the shoe box...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Melissa Francis Silenced by CNBC and finally Huffington Post says something about Gruber...

and the reactions are what we could expect from the libtards.

I've been scanning Huff and Puff for days now to see if they would say anything about the Gruber tapes.

Finally today (Sunday, Nov. 16th 2014), I spied a very small piece, David Axelrod Slams Jonathan Gruber Over Obamacare Comments,  in which they quoted Axelrod's tweet:
As one who worked hard to make ACA and its benefits clear, let me say: if you looked up "stupid" in the dictionary, you'd find Gruber's picture.
And the article further quoted Odumbo as saying today from a presser in Australia:
“The fact that an adviser who was never on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is not a reflection on the actual process that was run,” Obama said, according to Politico.
“I would just advise every press outlet here: Pull up every clip and every story. I think it’s fair to say there was not a provision in the health care law that was not extensively debated and was fully transparent. ... It was a tough debate.”
Never on our staff?  Let me understand this; Nancy Pelosi is on video quoting the wonderful work Jonathan Gruber did on Obamacare back in 2009, and she now claims she doesn't know who he is.

And Gruber claimed in 2012 that he met with Obama at the White House to work on Obamacare.

This "nobody" who "was never on our staff" was paid close to 400K by the White House to be a nobody who was not on their staff.  Wish I could get a job like that.

And this nobody went on to earn many millions from various states to help them set up their exchanges, not to mention the 2 million he has earned from HHS over the past seven years for helping them with Medicare assessments.

So far, Obama the sock puppet and his puppet masters have blown billions of dollars in order for you to lose your insurance.  They're going to fine you, take away your doctor, and raise your premiums through the stratosphere while expanding the deductible.

That's your money they flushed down the crapper - at least those of you who still have a job.

Explain to me why people are not marching on Washington, DC with pitchforks and torches.  Have we become such sheeple that this is acceptable?   Or are we so glued to our smart phones and big screen TVs that we don't even care anymore?

That little article has been up for over three hours and there is not one comment posted.  There are, however, Facebook conversations going on.

What I saw was astonishing.

First listen to what Melissa Francis has to say about being silenced and then scroll down and read some of the comments from Huff and Puff.

There is none so blind as those who will not see. 

Allow me to remind you that these people are adults and have access to all the same information we do. And.................they vote.

Speak to the sponge...

And let me also state that I've been snookered in the past.  When I did my research and discovered the aforementioned snookering, I admitted I'd been snookered.  Because that's what intelligent adults do.

My kitchen sponge is smarter than these commenters.

Chad Austino · Top Commenter · Duke
It's utterly absurd to say that the ACA was passed secretly or that there was intentional obfuscation. The law passed after a whole lot of debate (but dismissal of liberal ideas). Anyone paying attention and following legitimate media knew that they were debating and about to pass a reform bill comprised of an individual mandate and insurance exchanges. If you did not know then it's the fault of the media you watch/read (or the Republican politicians who were lying about death panels).

MOTUS just made our Sunday a whole lot brighter...

no, really!!!

You must go and do some Gruber flinging.

You must...

Post-Obamacare Syndrome Gruber Therapy®

Go, go, go.

I promise you will feel so much better.   

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What do Monsanto, Roundup herbicide, Used Books, and Trader Joe's have in common?...

absolutely nothing (except for Monsanto and Roundup, which we'll be saving for a later post.)

Just a quickie about the Roundup and where I'm going with this.

Yesterday I read an article: The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it's not the gluten) that made me sit back and go, Whoa! 

Daisy Luther, over at The Organic Prepper, followed up with Maybe You Aren't Actually Gluten Intolerant.  Maybe You're Poison Intolerant.

I'm a Master Gardener, courtesy of the state of Idaho (no big whoop), and have been gardening for over 60 years.  I was gobsmacked when I read that farmers are spraying their wheat, barley, and other crops with glyphosate (Roundup) just days prior to harvesting. 

At the beginning of my research, I discovered that the real problem may lie in the inert ingredients, and not the glyphosate itself.

More to follow after more research.

Trader Joe's

The good and the not so good. 

Yesterday was our first time at Trader Joe's.

Upon entering I was dazzled by the beautiful flowers set up like a French market.  Very lovely and rock bottom prices, but it was too cold to avail myself of a few bunches.

Next up was a long row of fancy pre-packaged salads and such, beautifully lighted, and very appealing.  That is, until you actually looked at the price and the amount in the package.  Um, no.  Don't think I'll be buying any of that today.

The cheeses followed.  Also a great selection, but nothing I can't get at Costco, of the same or higher quality, for a fraction of the cost.  No cheese for us.

I had read on reviews that the produce tended not to be the best.  The produce I saw was quite lovely, but readily available at our local grocery store.  Skip the veggies.

I'm starting to panic now because I really wanted to buy stuff.  I was in the mood for a bunch of cool foodie stuff. You know -  yuppie libtard trendy sort of stuff. 

Oh, wait.  Cool gourmet pizzas.  First one I see is Kale, Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Pizza. Now, that's just wrong!  They were offering samples and I was right. It reminded me of the prepackaged butternut squash ravioli I had just seen.  Why would you do such a thing?

Around the corner was the "snacks that are good for you" aisle - except they're not.

By now I'm breaking out in a cold sweat as we head into the frozen aisle pushing an empty cart.

My careful research had sussed out an item that everyone seemed to agree was wonderful - the TJ's ice cream.  Their website said they had one called Coffee Bean Blast.  Since Starbucks pulled it's Java Chip ice cream from the shelves years ago, we have not found one single decent coffee ice cream since.

Not anymore!

We bought the only two Coffee Bean Blasts they had, and when we tasted them, oh my gosh, we were transported to coffee ice cream heaven. The flavor is so strong, there is no doubt that you are tasting and eating coffee ice cream!  Did I mention it is creamy, creamy, creamy?  Well, it is.

I also read superlative reviews on their frozen croissants.  You put them out at night to proof, and bake them in the morning.  We grabbed the chocolate and the almond.  Can't wait to try them.

Great!  I now have four things in my cute little cart, and the cold sweats have subsided somewhat.

Slipping around the corner, I spied some TJ's lemon curd.  Into the cart it went.

A yuppie type lady standing there said, "You must be from England."  Um, no. Not only do I not look English, but I sound like some weird hybrid Chicago type.  It's what happens when you mix a Minnesota with a Texas accent.  But, she was trying to be pleasant, and so I took it in the spirit intended - bless her heart.

Grabbed a bottle of grape seed oil.  It was the same price as Wal-Mart, but looked like it may be a better quality.  

Since I'm now a sardine aficionado, I grabbed up one of every sardine type they had.  Whoo-hoo!  My cart is now serious enough looking to actually check out.

The not so good.

I think the one thing that stood out for us was the attitude of the customers.  Most appeared to be of what we lump together as "yuppies", and for lack of a better word, snooty.  A whole damn store full of them, trying to navigate our way around them, saying; "Cuse me, 'cuse me" as we went.  We're used to customers in a store interacting and being very outgoing and friendly. For me, a trip to any grocery store, or to Costco, is a social event.  I didn't find that at TJ's which is certainly not the fault of TJ's.

Trust me on this; these people would sneer at Premium Saltines, French's mustard, and Heinz ketchup - all three of which are classics, and classically good.  And you can bet they're not eating fried Spam sandwiches, either. 

Would I go back again?

Yes, if for no other reason than to get that Coffee Bean Blast ice cream. 

Second Look Books

Just a few doors down is my favorite used book store.  I haven't been there in years and was excited to peruse the books. We're talking about two floors crammed floor to ceiling with well organized books at great prices.

I managed to find four books of interest, and upon returning home ran them through Amazon, and they all had good reviews.
The Paleo book was actually the first edition, not the revised.  We try to follow ("try" being the key word) a Paleo/Primal way of eating and Dr. Cordain makes what I consider to be a lot of mistakes in his approach.  I purchased it mainly for the extensive recipe section.

Who's this Francis Porretto guy?

Speaking of reviews, I just added some reviews on Amazon for the Realm of Essences series by Francis Porretto.  Mr. Porretto blogs at Liberty's Torch and has quite a few listings of fiction on Amazon.   

Chosen One  is the first in the series, followed by On Broken Wings and Shadow Of A Sword.

They're all excellent!  Check them out.

Off to eat salted-in-the-shell peanuts washed down with a diet coke.  Neither is any way, shape, or form part of a Paleo/Primal diet.  Not at all...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Trader Joe's, decluttering, and a recommendation...

 because I can't handle any more politics for this week.

It will be our first visit to the Trader Joe's in Spokane.

It doesn't take much to get us excited, now does it?

De-cluttering continues apace.

Two more boxes for the thrift store.

A really cool product to save you money:

Woolzies, Wool Dryer Ball, set of 6 ,Natural Fabric Softener 


the ones I bought:

Smart Sheep 6-Pack 100% Premium Wool Dryer Balls (XL, Handmade, Eco-friendly, All-Natural Fabric Softener--Great Gift or Stocking Stuffer!) 

I'm all about saving money.  Our electricity bill skyrockets in the winter since we have electric heat.  While we are pretty diligent about heating with our wood stove, this year we've already been way better at keeping the furnace off. 

The other factor is the clothes dryer.  In the summer I hang our clothes outside, but in the winter they go into the dryer for a short period and are then hung on hangers to dry. Unfortunately, due to their size, the sheets must be fully dried in the dryer.

I really questioned whether these wool balls would help with the drying.  After doing my due diligence on research, I decided to spend the $16.00 dollars.

Trust me on this - they work.

I would say on average they cut drying time (if you completely dry your towels and sheets in the dryer) by at least half.  I have Costco towels which are very heavy and would take as long as 45 minutes on high to dry.  Now they take about 20 minutes.  And they come out super fluffy, too.

An added bonus is the fun you'll have chasing balls all over the house if you fully open your dryer door before it quits spinning.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Does everyone need to go to college?...

which, in most cases, is just a four year extension of high school.

This obsession with the notion that everyone deserves, or has a "right", to a college education is harming way more people than it's helping.

Yesterday, I finally had my washing machine repaired.  For several years, I could only access cold water (I'm not known for rushing into things - obviously!)  in the machine.  I was pretty convinced it needed a new solenoid.

Since the temperature dropped, I decided that washing our sheets and towels in ice cold water was no longer an option.

After careful research, I decided to call a small independent appliance repair company.  Whoa!  Did I ever get lucky!

  Most of us are so used to dealing with big companies that the down home approach I encountered when making the appointment was a bit nervous making.  However, the wife of the service man set the appointment for Wednesday (this was Monday), and said she would call on Tuesday evening with a more specific time for his arrival.  She did.

He showed up exactly when expected.  I answered the door and the service man, Bill, a friendly man in his early 70's, got right to work.  Keep in mind that all service people charge for a service call, and so when I opened the door and said hello, he had already earned $60.00, which is $5.00 lower than the going rate.

In record time he had the washing machine torn down, found the offending culprit which was a burnt out wire and not the solenoid, spliced it back together, and I now have a fully functioning washing machine.

He also reset the temperature on my water heater at no extra charge and the entire bill came to $60.00

What's my point?

Glad you asked.

I sat down and did a bit of math; always painful.  Now, these figures are rounded out and not scientific by any means, but will still provide a nice overview and give you something to think about.

Suppose Bill makes only 6 calls a day.   Using the base service charge figure of $60.00, he's already made his first $360.00 for the day just for showing up.

Let's also assume that half of the calls are going to be a bit more complicated than my repair, and will take an extra hour. I'm figuring half the calls are going to be under an hour and the other half will be longer.  That would be an additional $180.00.  He's worked approximately 6 hours and I'll throw in a few hours for travel, which is very high considering our smallish area and his wife's careful scheduling, bringing it to 8 hours.  That brings his hourly earnings up to almost  $70.00.

Further suppose that he does this 6 days a week.  His earnings for the week would be $3,240.00 and just shy of $13,000.00 for the month.  Since there's actually 4 1/3 weeks in every month, it would actually be a bit higher.

Since Bill is in his 70's, he probably does not work 50 weeks a year.  Let's say he takes four two-week vacations every year, which means he works 44 weeks.  13,000.00 x 44 = $57,200.00.  He's an independent business man and, no doubt, has lots of deductions, so his tax bill is not going to be too high. Remember that operating expenses like insurance on his truck, which he needs to have anyway, has now become a deduction, as well as gasoline, and part of his home as office space.  Due to his age, there is no social security penalty either, so we'll add another $2000.00 per month for he and his wife's social security.  Now we're over $81,000.00 yearly income.

So, here's a guy who answers to no one for his daily bread.  He's doing what he likes, when he likes.  Does it compare to some high priced attorney in some high-end firm?  Nope.  But, I have news for you.  Most attorneys do not earn all that much money, and they probably invested a hundred grand toward their education.

According to US News:
Lawyers earned a median salary of $113,530 in 2012, according to the BLS. The best-paid earned more than $187,999, while the lowest-paid made approximately $54,310. The highest earners worked in the metropolitan areas of San Jose, Calif., Dothan, Ala., and San Francisco. source
Notice that in order to earn that $187,000.00, the attorney had to be living in a very expensive city like San Francisco or San Jose, so that $187K is chump change.

Our Bill, however, lives on 22 lovely acres in a 3000 plus square foot home valued at over $400,000.00 - which around here is a palace.  And guess what else?  Bill has never, ever been on a computer.  Never.

We also need our furnace serviced.  My future furnace person will be Bill's grandson, who owns and operates his own HVAC company.  Obviously, he's learned how to get ahead from his grandpa.

Think about the untold number of people saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loan debt, while having gained a degree in women's studies (isn't that done in the frat house?), or interior design (you need a degree for this?) Add to that the fact that colleges are no longer about education, but indoctrination.

When you hear deadbeats like Odumbo, someone who has never held a real job in his entire life, tout the party line of how everyone deserves a college education, think about Bill. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, can't keep his mouth shut and the hole he's been digging keeps getting deeper...

all the while trying to control his flapping hands while dropping the "basically" bomb.


telling us we're stupid because we're "misreading" the law.


we're not "sensibly" reading the law


stating: "Why would congress write a law that unraveled itself?"

Why indeed, Jonathan?

Perhaps someone should have read it before passing it.

Trey Gowdy on Jonathan Gruber...

“If you want to see how stupid our fellow citizens are, take a look at last Tuesday night, because they rejected you, this bill and this administration.”