Monday, August 24, 2015

Stock Market: Is this a "correction" or the beginning of the end?...

I don't know, and no one else does either.

It's all speculation.

Disclaimer:  What I know about the functioning of the stock market could be stuffed into a thimble, and that thimble would still float.

I do know this: We are operating in a debt-based economy.  Debt is not necessarily bad if the debt holder, in this case governments or corporations, produce an asset, bring in enough money to service the debt, pay it's employees, and still make some profit.  We have many, many companies that are not doing that. That's not good.

 A whole bunch of make-believe money is being shuffled from here to there while nothing of any value is being produced.  It's all smoke and mirrors.

I also know this:  When the dominoes fall, the elites won't suffer.  It's the guy in the middle who will get the life squeezed out of him.

This is an interesting interview from X22 with Bill Holter. 
Bill Holter: After a lengthy career in financial services, he retired in 2006 and moved his family out of the U.S. He then returned in 2011 and currently makes his home in Texas. He joined Miles Franklin as an Associate Writer in 2012 and posted commentaries to their website until early 2015. He is now working in collaboration with Jim Sinclair and helping to educate and enlighten folks through Jim's site. His daily features can be be found at the JSMineset site: 
As always - do your own research and decide how to proceed.  


Zero Hedge:   Is This Black Monday Crash The BIG ONE? It Doesn't Matter

Daisy Luther:   How to Survive a Stock Market Crash

Saturday, August 22, 2015

No Trump Saturday aka let's talk about some neat products, movies, and books...

because we all need a break...

so let's start with breaking eggs. 

For love of soft boiled eggs:

We love our soft boiled eggs around here.  I'm used to whacking them on the side with a knife and scooping out the insides.  That approach hasn't been going too well the past few months. Often I'm left with an egg that has multiple cracks and I'm unable to pull the two halves apart.  That leaves me with a soft boiled egg that I have to try and peel.  Doable, but not fun.  We buy Wilcox eggs at Costco, and I suspect, due to a superior chicken diet, the shells are thicker and harder to crack.

Years ago, I had a egg scissor cutter like the one in the picture on the right.  It was so long ago that I don't even remember if it worked very well.

Off to Amazon in search of a solution.  The scissor slicer is still available, but the reviews weren't too good.

The next on the list was the Rosle Egg Cracker/Topper pictured at left.  You pull the handle up and release, the spring mechanism causes vibration, wherein the sharp edge in the dome perfectly cuts the shell.

It had fairly good reviews, but seemed a bit pricey at $15.00 + shipping. 

The search continued, because the good Lord knows we can't do anything anymore without hours of research on the internet.  Maybe I should just stick with my knife approach and hit the egg harder.

I finally settled on the Cucisina Egg Topper / Cracker - Hard and Soft Boiled Egg CutterCost?  $9.00.

It works like a little French guillotine.  Stick the egg up the hole and cut it's top off.  Does it work?  Pictured below is my first egg to be sacrificed in the interest of scientific research.

Why you would need it for hard boiled eggs has escaped me.  One reviewer said she loves it for when she makes deviled eggs.  WTHell?  You just cut the end off your hard boiled egg. How are you going to make a deviled egg out of a decapitated egg? 

I'd say it worked pretty well for soft boiled eggs, and if I ever want to play French Revolution with a Barbie doll, I'm set to go.


Woman in Gold

If you haven't seen this movie, I urge you to view it as soon as possible.

From the Producers:
Woman In Gold is the remarkable true story of one woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage and seek justice for what happened to her family. Sixty years after she fled Vienna during World War II, an elderly Jewish woman, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), starts her journey to retrieve family possessions seized by the Nazis, among them Klimt’s famous painting Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. Together with her inexperienced but plucky young lawyer Randy Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), she embarks upon a major battle which takes them all the way to the heart of the Austrian establishment and the U.S. Supreme Court, and forces her to confront difficult truths about the past along the way.

Helen Mirren is brilliant (as usual), and the rest of the cast is also exceptional.

What I want you to pay special attention to is the Nazi's arrival in Austria and how quickly the people were turned against the Jews.  Take heed, and when you hear people say, "It cannot happen again," know that it can.

It's a magnificent painting:

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer aka The Woman in Gold by Gustav Klimt


I've never been a fan of Swedish writers.  Probably the most famous is Stieg Larsson, who wrote The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  After reading some of the one star reviews on Amazon that referred to "graphic violent sexual abuse and animal abuse", I had to pass. 

One reviewer said:
Hard to imagine that mutilating, burning, sexually humiliating and stoning women and torturing animals to death can be a good read.
I had to agree that didn't sound very good.  I do not read books with graphic sexual episodes. If the author sneaks one in, I'm done.  I'm an adult and I know how people have sex. I don't need to read about it.

Imagine my surprise when I dragged home The Hidden Child: A Novel by Camilla Läckberg, who grew up in Fjällbacka and now lives in Stockholm.

It's the newest in a series of crime novels she has written.  I don't do book reviews.  It reminds me too much of high school, where we were to read a book and do a book report.  I was not good at that. Not at all.

I will say, after reading the Hidden Child, I borrowed all the previous books in the series and have enjoyed them all.

The novels are based in Fjällbacka, and as a result I was able to investigate the area online, learn some Swedish pronunciation, and discovered that Swedes drink an abundance of coffee. I also learned the keyboard command for an umlauted character, which is the two little dots over a vowel.  It's a win-win.

Beautiful Fjällbacka

Next up:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo, has changed my way of dealing with "clutter."

I borrowed the book from the library and promptly purchased the book from Amazon. Since I'm such a cheap thrifty soul, that speaks volumes.

From Amazon:
Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level, promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever. The KonMari Method, with its revolutionary category-by-category system, leads to lasting results. In fact, none of Kondo’s clients have lapsed (and she still has a three-month waiting list). 
First of all, I love the words "tidying up", rather than "decluttering."  To call your possessions "clutter" is demeaning and negative.

Two things really spoke to me:  Decide what you want to keep, not necessarily what you want to throw away, and keep what sparks joy.  

You may think that your mop doesn't spark joy, but if you look at it through the eyes of it's function and the work it performs for you, it should. 

I've been through the phase of buying multiple containers to house my "stuff", then the phase of organizing drawer by drawer, or cupboard by cupboard, and can verify what she's saying. It doesn't work!  

I thought my closet was pretty well organized and my clothes pared down.  Umm - no.  When I heaped every article of clothing I owned on the bed, and went through them item by item, I managed to fill two trash bags, as well as a large box for the thrift store.  

Talk about sparking joy.  Every time I open a drawer or walk into my closet, I'm overwhelmed with joy.

Next up were my books.  Every book we owned was heaped on the dining room table.  End result? Another eight boxes to the thrift store.  My book shelves look wonderful, and every book I kept sparks joy.

Isn't she just the cutest?
Here is the only place I quibble with Ms Kondo (I understand it's now Mrs. Kawahara - Congrats!) - she has an aversion to stocking up, which I attribute to her being Japanese where most people have limited space, her age (30), and her belief that you will always be able to head down to the corner store for toilet paper.  People in Venezuela would probably tell her something different.  

I've always admired the Japanese approach to life, the sort of zen of it all, and Marie brings that to life. 

Smoke, Prayers, and Pope Francis

North Idaho has been shrouded in heavy smoke from the forest fires raging in Washington and Idaho.  Three firefighters have died fighting the multiple fires. 

Resources, including firefighters, are running very low.  A call went out for volunteers, and three thousand people responded.  Good on them!

We have friends in Chelan, WA, who, along with their older children, had to defend their own property against fire, while forest service people rode around in pickups and did nothing to help.  Ironically, our friend works for the forest service. 

Please take a moment and say a prayer for all the people who have lost their homes, the firefighters, and the people who are volunteering. 

The fires are due to the decades long mismanagement of forests by the Federal government. 

Read that sentence again, and let it sink in.  The forests, thanks to the Federal government, are stacked shoulder high with dead timber and diseased trees.  Now they want to confiscate even more of this forest land and keep us from even accessing it. 

Coming in September is Agenda 2030 from the UN.   It has been described as Agenda 21 on steroids. 

Forget about the stock market taking a nose dive - Agenda 2030 is the real danger.

Pope Francis will travel to the U.S. next month and speak to the U.N. about Agenda 2030. 

I am a cradle Catholic, and it saddens me to say this Pope is dangerous and a disaster. The Church will survive, but how many souls will be lost as a result?  

Babies are being torn limb-from-limb, with their little parts sold to the highest bidder, while this Pope spews his dangerous Marxist nonsense, which, I may remind you, is his opinion, and has nothing to do with Church teachings.

Please, pray also for this Pope, and the many Catholics who are being led astray.

If your pastor, priest, or deacon preaches on "sustainable development", "global warming",  or any of the other buzz words in use today, leave that church as quickly as you can. 

Thank you.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Watch Live: Donald Trump in Mobile, Alabama

due to start shortly.

Livestream is streaming right now. 

Washington Post - where are you?? 

There you are.  Thanks...

Planned Parenthood Two Minute Trailer: New video shows StemExpress CEO joking about shipping ‘intact’ aborted babies...

are we going to be ready for the full length video?

I'm still trying to recover from the last one.

From Life Site News:
(JillStanek) - This afternoon Los Angeles District Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell lifted a temporary restraining order that had been placed against The Center for Medical Progress after fetal tissue procurement company StemExpress filed a lawsuit to try to block the release of any video involving its executives.
That said, according to ABC News, “StemExpress was expected to seek a stay from an appeals court.”
Within hours after the TRO was lifted, CMP posted a two-minute video entitled, “Human Capital Trailer,” on YouTube.
The trailer shows clips of Planned Parenthood executives we’ve already seen in previously released videos, but it includes a new small clip (at the 1:25 mark) of StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer joking about shipping intact fetal cadavers:
Oh, yeah, I mean if you had intact cases, which we’ve done a lot, that we sometimes ship those back to the lab in its entirety…. Tell the lab it’s coming. You know, open the box and go, “Oh, God,” ha ha ha.
I just spoke with CMP’s David Daleiden, who explained the trailer was originally intended for release as a teaser before CMP’s first video was launched on July 14.
His team ultimately decided to hold things back. Then the TRO happened, and releasing the trailer became a moot point.
“But for our purposes today,” Daleiden explained to me, “we wanted to get something quickly out there.”
Daleiden said they are trying to get the full video posted as soon as possible, barring another court block.
“But for now, this is a little preview,” said Daleiden.
And if this is just a preview of more of the same – or worse – to come, it’s no wonder Dyer wanted this video blocked.
Reprinted with permission from

The videos in order:

Planned Parenthood: Selling Baby Parts...

More Ghoulish Planned Parenthood Video Released...

Planned Parenthood Exposé Continues with Video Number Three...

Video #4: The Butchers of Planned Parenthood: "It's another boy!"...

Breaking: Breaking my break for the 5th Planned Parenthood undercover video...

Human Capital - Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site...

Planned Parenthood 7th Video: Beating hearts stilled...


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Donald Trump's Position on Immigration Reform...

in detail and in print for all to read.

Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again
When politicians talk about “immigration reform” they mean: amnesty, cheap labor and open borders. The Schumer-Rubio immigration bill was nothing more than a giveaway to the corporate patrons who run both parties.

Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first – not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change. Here are the three core principles of real immigration reform:
Read the Rest

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's Friday...

what's going on?

I know it's Saturday, but I started this post yesterday and decided to keep the Friday part.  

I'm posting this without my usual editor fixing commas and such.  Please feel free to mentally  add or remove commas.  Thank you...

Have you been following the Conservative Treehouse "tripwire" articles?  Very interesting, and I think, very important.

I could spend lots of time explaining what they're predicting, but they've already done a great job, so I won't waste your time.

To quote Sundance, author of the articles:
"I WANT TO BE WRONG – Because if we are correct, the next 15 months are just about an exercise in futility."
I am of the opinion that Treehouse is completely right about what is going on.
This article from Aug. 9,  GOPe 2016 Road Map To Victory – Tree House Challenge…

sets the stage for the Aug. 11th article, The GOPe Tripwires Continue – Despite Campaign Trouble Rick Perry Must Be Kept In The Race…

I would suggest you read them both.

*          *          *

Minnesota is thinking of dumping their state exchange, MNsure, and sending the enrollees to the Federal exchange.  Despite how poorly the exchange has done, Minnesota libtards still think Obamacare is working wonderfully well and that if it wasn't for Odumbo we would all be under the rising sea water - or something.
Minnesota’s state exchange, MNsure, has faced billing problems and low enrollment numbers. After the King decision, Representative Matt Dean (R), calls MNsure an “unnecessary problem.”

It was recently announced that a software problem with MNsure forced 180,000 Minnesotans to have their MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance renewals delayed. This created a dilemma for politicians: deny coverage to people in need, or contribute to the insurance of some ineligible people, typically 5 to 10 percent of enrollees. Not surprisingly, the politicians choose the second route.

Another problem with MNsure is that 24,000 Minnesotans did not even receive a bill for a full half-year. This has created two problems. First, there is uncertainty over how much each individual should be required to pay. Second, many individuals that had to budget for each month’s premium will now be required to come up with a half-year’s worth of premiums.

MNsure is scheduled to cost $229.6 million through June 2017. However, most of this will be covered by the federal government, Minnesota will only pay $16.5 million. For this price, the state has received software that cannot update basic life changes such as marriage or birth of a child.  there's more - if you care.
*          *          *
And, in ultra liberal St. Paul, a black teacher, Aaron Benner, is running for the school board to end this whole concept of "white privilege."

Here's how the St. Paul school district spends the tax payer's money.  About three year ago they hooked up with PEG (Pacific Educational Group), a consulting group out of San Francisco, who say that the reason little black kiddies do poorly in school is because they just don't understand "white" culture.  I'm sure the cost for this service is huge. 

Benner had this to say:
“You are not doing kids any favors by making excuses for them because they are black,” Benner told EAGnews in the spring. “It’s not a matter of culture if you’re talking about norms that all cultures need to abide by – you cannot throw things or attack your teacher, regardless of your race.” source
Visit any St. Paul neighborhood group Facebook page and listen to the libtards squeal about the complete lack of discipline in their precious public schools.  It's so bad, they don't want to send their kids to the  schools.  Not once have I seen anyone actually mention what the real problem is. They're just dumbfounded about what's going on.  Libtards need to protect their normalcy bias and white guilt at all costs.

*           *          * 
   Yesterday a judge said that the undercover videos featuring Stem Express could be released.  Today Stem Express cut ties with Planned Parenthood. Things that make you go, Hmmmmm.

*            *          *

Erick Erickson of Red State, wrote a positively hilarious article today at Town Hall (remember, Town Hall, Red State, and Hot Air are all owned by the same company) about how the GOP should quit dissing Trump.  This after he dumped Trump from the Red State Gathering.  Erickson knows he's peed in his corn flakes and is busy doing damage control, while Megyn Kelly is taking a week and a half "vacation", because, after all, she hasn't had a vacation in six months.  Who needs Comedy Central when we have clowns like this running around off their meds.

*          *           *

Interesting interview with Trump.  He sounds almost normal. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trey Gowdy: Hillary is Lying...

Obama frolics in Martha's Vineyard while ValJar unleashes the hounds on Hillary.

Not surprisingly, libtards continue to assert that Hillary "did nothing wrong", and this is just some Republican witch hunt.

They think Hillary, the head of the nation's top crime family, who leaves behind a string of suspicious deaths littering the landscape, not to mention probable drug smuggling, is just part of the "war on women."

I ask you, how can anyone think that conducting government business on a private server is okay? 


And guess what?  Those morons will vote for her.


Virtual Mirage: It's Getting Warm for Hillary

Freedom's Lighthouse:  “Morning Joe” Crew Slams Hillary Clinton’s Handling of Her Email Scandal – Video 08/13/15

D.C. Clothesline:  Is Arkansas Covering Up the Clinton's Trail of Criminal Activities? 


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you in a rut?...

and struggling to climb out?

This may help.

My "break" is not turning out to be much of a break.

And why is that?

Frank, the man half of  Frank and Fern has this to say:

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Been paying attention to the news lately? Well, you know all the problems in Greece are solved. The Chinese markets are all doing great. Our unemployment problem here in the United States just about doesn't exist. You know those precious metals we talk about all the time? Gold and silver? They're going through the ceiling. The European economy is going great guns. Our economy here in the 
United States has set record highs this year. And that pesky Middle Eastern war? Everybody has just kissed and made up. Life is grand and we're all back on the happy train again! I can hear them singing, Happy Days Are Here Again! So let's all run down and buy us a brand new car, refinance our house, take out more student loans, and go into debt just as far as we can, because we all know that debt is good! We've been told this for the last 50+ years, so it must be true.

There's only one problem here. One very large problem. Everything just stated above, is a lie, or if you're a politician, someone misspoke. You see folks, everything mentioned above is not true. We sit in front of our TVs and let talking heads fill us with information that is a lie, and we believe it

because we want to believe it. We are a very comfortable nation. Just go into any Wal-Mart and look around. Look at all the grossly over weight, middle aged men and women dragging their fat little kids behind them with a candy bar in one hand and a sugar laced drink in the other. Yes, we are a comfortable country, but we have gotten too comfortable. We've become complacent. We expect everything to be done for us and all services provided. So when we watch the news, we want to hear happy time stories. Well, everyone of those stories mentioned above, as repeated before, here it is again, they are all lies.  Read the rest and then come back and we'll talk more

My "break" was to reassess how I was spending my time.  That part was pretty easy.  I'm online waaaaaay too much. Simple as that. 

As soon as I tried to break away, I was sucked right back into the fray with all the fracas over Trump, Kelly, Erickson, et al. 

The point being is that none of that silliness has any bearing on my life, or your life, either.  Mainly because, like it or not, there is absolutely nothing we can do about any of this.  Is Trump a Judas Goat?  Maybe, maybe not.  Is Ted Cruz the great savior?  Same answer. 

Sorting out the lies from the truth has become a full time job, and I really don't want to spend my time like that anymore.

Like most people who are on a quest to have a better and more productive life, I continually stumble around looking for a magic bullet; the one thing that will "change my life."  Yesterday it was browsing for articles on "motivation."  Really!  Can anything be any stupider?  Being online too much is the problem, but here I sit, online, looking for motivation. Guess what?  I didn't find any.  What I did find was an awful lot of people trying to sell me their foolproof approach to a better life.

When I taught religious ed at church, I used to tell the adult class that if they're waiting for a burning bush moment to attest to some miracle or another, they were going to have a very long wait.  Meantime, miracles are happening all around them, but somehow, are never seen or acknowledged.

Which brings me to this from The Art of Manliness:

We think a magic bullet will save us. Let’s say that we’re able to overcome the torpor-inducing effects of aiming for radical personal change, and we start taking action towards achieving our goals. As humans are wont to do, instead of just getting right to work doing the boring, mundane, time-tested things that will bring success, we typically start looking for “hacks” that will get us the results we want as fast as possible and with as little work as possible. We want that magic bullet that will allow us to hit our target right in the bulls-eye with just one shot.
The danger of looking for a magic bullet is that you end up spending all your time searching for it instead of actually doing the work that needs to be done. You scroll through countless blog articles on productivity, in hopes of discovering that one tip that will make you superhumanly efficient. You listen to podcast after podcast from people who earn their living telling people how to make money online, hoping one day you’ll hear an insight that will unlock your businesses’ potential, so you too can make your living online, telling other people how to make a living online. You research and find the perfect gratitude journal so you can be more zen.
The insidious thing about searching for magic bullets is that you feel like you’re doing something to reach your goals when in fact you’re doing nothing. Magic bullet hunting is masturbatory self-improvement. All the pleasure, without the production of metaphorical progeny.
  The authors go one to explain the concept of Kaizen, which roughly translated from the Japanese means "continuous slow improvement" and was originally applied to businesses. 

Toyota used Kaizen to eventually become the leader in auto sales. I first heard about Kaizen when, during my piano selling days (eons ago), a representative from Yamaha came to our store and did an all day workshop on Kaizen.

How many of you have sat around writing down your goals?  Looks good on paper, but it rarely works out well because it's just overwhelming to try and make many big changes all at the same time.  I do it all the time and the end result is frustration and angst.

A better approach is to make very small improvements every day. 

 That's it, wrapped up in a tidy little package. 

I will have to acknowledge that all the time online was not for naught (cute, huh?)

Off to my haircut (a small improvement), Costco, and deciding what small changes I will be making over the next few weeks.  I already have my first teeny tiny change lined up.  I am forbidden from looking up every article on personal Kaizen ever posted on the web!

NB:  I take answering my comments very seriously.  Anyone who takes the time to comment should be acknowledged, but it will be later today.  Thank you in advance.

For a bit of relief from the news:

These gals made small improvements every day and ended up being able to do this:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Magic Mirror: Seeing the Virtues of Infanticide from a Progressive Viewpoint...

by John Harris.

The progressive mentality needs to preserve abortion as a signal achievement–and even a basic sacrament–because it “reorients” the participant’s consciousness toward the Movement.

I had to turn off Rush Limbaugh a couple of weeks ago (the last day of July, I believe it was) when a caller from California began to explain to El Rushbo the difference between liberals and conservatives. The man’s voice was perhaps a bit whiney thanks to middle age (whose effects are not unknown to yours truly)… but there also seemed to be a touch of Thurston B. Howell the Third (“the Thuhhhd”) in his intonation. Conservatives, he homilied, proceed from the moral assumption that individualism is the ultimate objective of life; liberals assume that altruism is that objective. Conservatives are determined to be rugged do-it-yourselfers, come what may, whereas liberals want to help other people rather than advance their selfish interests.

I need to start paying more attention to my blood pressure. Maybe five minutes of shouting in an empty room (at a silenced radio) helped me blow off steam. When I’d cooled down, I realized that this politely arrogant philosophe who had awaited patiently on Rush’s line the chance to explain to the world—as if it were quantum chromodynamics—his insight about helping others… I realized that I knew this guy very well. I could have profiled him for the FBI: his education, his profession, his income, his place of birth, his family life—I could have put the dart near the bull’s eye on every one. This is the messiah-type. He needs the needy: he needs them to need him—to need the sweet balm of his salvation: his wisdom, his compassion, his generosity. The condescension that drove him to contact the world’s best-known talk-show host and uncork a lecture to the entire planet on the charismatic mystery of caring for others never appeared to him for an instant as… shall we say, a little presumptuous.   So seriously does this type take his own platitudinous piety that he considers its broad-mindedness a revelation to us ordinary, fallen mortals. The high imperative has been entrusted to him in a vision: “Thou faithful servant, do things for others.”

Yes, and do them with others’ money, collected under threat of imprisonment; do them with a bureaucratic inefficiency so egregious that dead men get monthly checks and debauches in Vegas pass for professional conferences; do them so indiscriminately that a new criminal class of cheats emerges and a new serfdom is created from abject dependency.

But none of that matters to our messiah. Merely to point out such sordid realities is to display the hard-hearted cynicism of the unregenerate sinner, the “me only” individualist. The messiah is above such things. When he looks into the mirror, he sees an enlightened mind and a purified soul. Such a good man—such a wonderful human being! The needy are so very fortunate to have him! Why, they might all wither and turn to dust if he did not stand up on their behalf for basic human rights which, in their own incurable ineptitude, those poor dumb throngs would never, never be able to defend!

Read the rest. It's excellent.

  The only point Mr. Harris left off was the desire for progressives (socialists, communists, et al), to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.  I know this from personal experience.  They will stop at nothing to vilify anyone they perceive as a threat to their sick world view.  Almost all of the progressive talking points Mr. Harris brings up are the very things I'd heard ad nauseum until I banished progressives from my life, and it's been blissfully peaceful ever since.

After a lovely Sunday breakfast of cantaloupe, bacon, and Spanish style fried eggs (my new obsession and the only way to fry eggs), it's time for a nap.


Imagination is not the stepchild of reality
by Jon Rappoport

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Erick Erickson trumped Trump from RedState Gathering...

and has invited Megyn Kelly in his place. 

He's blathering something about "decency" and says he doesn't want his daughters around someone like Donald Trump.  He obviously thinks he's doing his manly duty by dissing Trump who dissed Megyn.

Really, Erick?

Be sure and show your daughters Ms Kelly's GQ photo spread, because nothing says "class" and "decorum" like posing in skin-tight underwear wearing red platform high heels.

And after they look at the pics, maybe you can have them listen to her interview with Howard Stearn where we discover the size of her husband's penis.

And when you've finished with all of that, how about reading them some of your comments?  You could maybe make them into a bed-time story for the little dears.

In April 2009, Erickson posted to Twitter the following about Supreme Court Justice David Souter: "The nation loses the only goat fucking child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court in David Souter's retirement"

Erickson has tweeted controversial remarks regarding feminists, including (in response to a 2010 Super Bowl ad) the following: "That's what the feminazis were enraged over? Seriously?!? Wow. That's what being too ugly to get a date does to your brain"  and "Turned on twitter today and there was a barrage of angry feminists upset with me telling them to get in the kitchen and learn to cook"; "Good thing I didn't suggest the feminists ... you know ... shave. They'd be at my house trying a post-birth abortion on me"; "Feminists have no sense of humor, but clearly God did in creating feminists." 
Shouldn't those comments ban you from the RedState Gathering, where a bunch of unimportant bloggers get together and pretend they're important?

I have purposely not included any links.  If you have some time to waste, feel free to Google the above mentioned clips and photos.  

In the meantime, I have just saved myself an enormous amount of time by striking Red State, Hot Air, and Townhall from my feed, all of which are owned by the same company.


Friday, August 7, 2015

Fox News Morphs into The National Enquirer...

or - what in hell did I watch last night?

If you watched the "debate", no further explanation needed.

Megyn Kelly, sporting a ratty weave (grow up, Megyn!), and fake eyelashes thick enough to make one wonder how she kept her lids in an upright and locked position, giggled and snarked her way through the entire show.  Chris Wallace, who at 67 years old has hair the color of black shoe polish, asked his fair share of "gotcha questions."   Brett Baier was somewhat credible.

Who was the big loser last night?

Fox News.

The happy hour debate was so much better.  Congrats to Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemming for acting like adults, and kudos to the candidates relegated to the "kid's table." 

And what's with Fox not live-streaming without a cable connection? We don't have cable.  If we did have cable I wouldn't be watching on my computer, but on my big screen TV.  Dopes. Thanks to Doug, over at the Daley Gator, for posting some links to live feeds so I was able to watch.

Both debates if you were unable to watch: