Friday, March 24, 2017

American Health Care Act: Does anyone have a clue about what is going on?

because I certainly don't.

And, therefore, I think it's time to give up taxing our brains, our health, and our sanity.

Paul Ryan pulled the health care bill.  Was this a Trump plan to hang it around Ryan's neck?  Possibly.  Ryan is certainly no friend to Trump. Obamacare is headed to the garbage can.  Will Trump just let it collapse?  Possibly.

I'm going to take a nap.


Don Surber:  Trump's finest hour nears

Return of Kings:  7 More Misleading Leftist Concepts That Pretend To Be Positive But Are Not

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Members of the religion of peace kill innocent people in London...

and liberals can't wait to import more of these violent, inbred, disease ridden, sand fleas to infest your city.

Conservatives who are still trying to remain calm and tolerant need to wake the hell up and realize that libtards are the enemy.  They hate you and want to punish you for being a "bitter clinger."  Surrounded by walls in their gated communities and followed around by armed guards, they call you names for wanting to be safe

Today people in London who were simply trying to get on with their lives ended up being mowed down by a crazy person in a vehicle turned killing machine.  A police officer was stabbed and killed just a few feet from Parliament.

This woman, who was trying to earn a living selling post cards on the Westminster Bridge, lies bleeding in critical condition after a Muslim drove into her at high speed.

Yes - it was a Muslim.

Typical comments from the UK at Daily Mail says it all:
Beaumont Livingston, Compton, United Kingdom, 29 minutes ago
I am fuming listening to our 'heroic' MPs, how vulnerable they felt? Welcome to our world, we are out there in the streets open to this threat every day, our MPs keep letting them in, protecting their human rights and now only just feel threatened, welcome to the man and woman in the streets sense of vulnerability.
clivemonk1, St Albans, 31 minutes ago
We all knew this was going to happen we have left ourselves hopelessly exposed it's all too late now and it's innocent people who loose their lives not the incompetent politicians and people condemn Donald Trump for trying to protect his country welcome to the modern world God help us.
The Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has nonchalantly said terror attacks were just a given when you lived in a large city and we should just accept it as the new normal.  The operative words are "Muslim mayor".  There are now so many sand fleas in London they were able to elect one of their own as mayor.

What are you going to do when you wake up one day and your new mayor is a Muslim who suggests you just "get used" to terror attacks?

And don't, for the love of God, tell me about the lovely Muslim lady you work with who wouldn't hurt a fly, because I may lose it and smack you upside the head.

This happening to innocent everyday sorts of people makes my rage erupt into a  volcano shooting me into stroke territory.

The main function of a government is to keep the citizen's safe.  Instead, we have a federal government that has spent the past eight years arguing about where people should be allowed to pee or poo - that is, when they're not suing a citizen for not making flower arrangements for two sodomites who are having a mock wedding ceremony.

Lutheran and Catholic agencies are making a killing by accepting tax dollars - your tax dollars, to import these swine and dumping them in the center of cities where they suck up every social service dollar they can lay their rotten hands on.

For those of you who are in love with "diversity" you need to understand this is not diversity, it's an invasion that will only become the downfall of our country.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dick Blick Art Supply goes all political...

and does it the right way.

I buy the majority of my art supplies online from Dick Blick and I've always been very pleased with the assortment, the prices, and the quick delivery.

 So when I received an email from them today concerning the defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts by the Federal government my first reaction was, "Oh no, I hope this isn't going to be an "I hate Trump" missive.

Instead, this is what I received:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you advocate for a cause that means a lot to you without pissing off half of your customers.

I'm a firm believer in the government not funding the "arts".  It should be up to an individual state if they wish to use some of their block grant money for the arts, although that would not be something I would support.  The difference is if it is handled at the state level, those of us who oppose would have a chance of changing the minds of the budget makers.

There is absolutely no way the government can be involved in funding for the arts without politics and cronyism entering into the equation.  Most of the grants awarded by the NEA are for what I consider less than worthy of even being called "art."

I understand why Mr. Buchsbaum would be in favor of the funding and applaud his stating clearly why, while at the same time saying if you didn't agree with his position that was okay with him.

I also believe if Mr. Buchsbaum delved a bit more deeply into the corruption and waste in the NEA, he would quickly change his mind.  We can hope.

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National Review:  What’s the ‘Public Purpose’ of the National Endowment for the Arts?

Foundation for Economic Education:  The Pro-Art Case for Defunding the National Endowment for the Arts  (Excellent!)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Judge Neil Gorsuch: Full Opening Statement...


FBI Director James Comey nominated for best tap dancer in a government agency...

I predict he will win.

Director Comey is being grilled today at an open hearing on the Russian active measures investigation.

You can watch the dancing live below if you have absolutely nothing of any interest to do today.  If you need to learn how to talk without saying anything, then watching this travesty is required.

I want to make sure I completely understand what is going on:

It appears that while a fat little freak in North Korea is threatening to nuke us, the libtards are trying to prove that if it wasn't for the Russians one of the most corrupt and soulless women in the entire world would now be president.

The sneaky Russkies water boarded John Podesta until he gave up his password thereby allowing the world (the few who actually paid attention) to know how truly despicable the democrats actually are and how they think you, me, and the rest of the dirt people are just small minded rubes afflicted with every "ism" ever dreamed up by the cloud people.

Does that about sum it up?

It's Spring!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Obama: Dead beat dad vacations for a month on private island. Teenage daughter home alone...

no one is quite sure where Mooch is hiding.

Marriage over?

Looks likely.

Odumbo has jetted off to Tahiti to rest up for a month after his last vacation.  Vacations can be so taxing, can't they?

All this concern for their precious high school age daughter given as reason to rent 8200 square foot home in DC, yet no one is there except the hired help.  Perhaps Valerie Jarrett is the new nanny.

Did Odumbo have lunch with the Hawaiian judge who blocked Trumps travel restrictions?  Nothing would surprise me anymore.

Meantime, here's a picture of Barron Trump who has a stay-at-home mom.

He's a very handsome young fellow.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I've learned about politics watching Boardwalk Empire...

and it's not all good.

Nor is it necessarily all bad, either.

Sometimes things just are.

This is not a review of the series, but a bit of background is necessary before we get to the meat.

Boardwalk Empire, a crime drama set in Atlantic City, NJ during the prohibition era is a HBO series that started in 2010 and ran for 5 seasons.  I stumbled upon it reading a blog by a quite successful lady mystery writer who made mention of the show.

One of the "benefits" of having Amazon Prime is access to TV shows and movies that someone without cable didn't even know existed.  That would be me since we haven't had cable for over 20 years and rarely even rent movies.

Waving a gangster type series in front of someone who was a fan of The Godfather and The Sopranos was an immediate quest for more info.  Was it on Amazon Prime?  Why, yes - yes it is.

I fired up episode one of season one and watched it.  Hmmmm - not bad, so I soldiered on and watched episode two, and before you know it, I had consumed the entire first season (12 episodes) and am currently several episodes into season two. In two days!


Let's go from the good to the bad, shall we?

Atlantic City Boardwalk in the 1920's
The attention to detail of the 1920's is impeccable.  The clothes, homes, and what I would call lifestyle are absolutely perfect.  Not being familiar with Atlantic City, I thought the boardwalk set was terrible and looked like a main street in Disneyland.   Incapable of not doing due diligence, I quickly looked up pics of the boardwalk in 1920 and discovered that it did look just like it was portrayed.  That led to reading many hours of research on the history of Atlantic City.

The depiction of the gangsters was historically accurate.  I devoted many years to the investigation of the 1920's gangs, so very little due diligence was necessary. Characters like Al Capone, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, and Johnny Torrio are just a few of the well known organized crime people with which I've become familiar.

 Many liberties were taken with the lead character, based on Enoch Nucky" Johnson, the "boss" of the Atlantic City political machine, a person I had never heard of until I did my research on Atlantic City.

Bobbling Bosoms and Graphic Sex

It hasn't taken long to get to the bad. I had no idea that HBO and other cable networks were allowed such leeway in their depiction of the sexual act.  The nudity was really more than was necessary and quickly became boring.  However, I immediately thought of young boys having watched this. The obvious outcome will be their not being able to resist looking for even more graphic images which we know are readily available online.  Not good!

The World of Politics and What I Learned

The really bad stuff follows. 

Where The Godfather and The Soprano's were more focused on the gangsters, Boardwalk Empire is more focused on politics and the corrupt political machines and how they worked. It it was disturbingly familiar to what is going on today.

We tend to be naive when it comes to politics because we are only offered pieces of a big ugly puzzle.  We make jokes about the brother-in-law of the governor getting the construction contract for the new highway, but we really don't know how deep and treacherous the graft and corruption is.  Often referenced is the smoky backroom where deals are made.  The only difference today is the backrooms are no doubt smoke free zones

Boardwalk Empire was a reminder that politics has always been dirty, and human nature hasn't changed much since Adam and Eve first donned their fig leaves.

The machinations behind Warren G.Harding winning the Republican nomination and his subsequently becoming elected president led to even more due diligence on my part.

Warren G. Harding
Other than the Teapot Dome scandal (and, of course, the salacious details of his affair with Nan Britton), Harding was never on my radar for due diligence.  He died 3 years into his term making him even less interesting to most people. His death came 22 years before I was even born.  Now think on this for a moment - for an 18 year old, who voted for the first time in the last election, Harding's death occurred 75 years before they were born, so you can be assured Harding and his scandals hold no interest for them either.  Were they even taught about the Teapot Dome scandal in school?  I doubt it.

Women's Vote

In 1920, Tennessee was the last state needed for ratification of the national right for women to vote thus the election of Harding was due in part to the women's vote.  I might remind the women of today that the biggest roadblock for the passage of the 19th amendment was the democrat party.

The Suffragettes worked for decades for the right to vote and the history of the Suffragette Movement is long and complicated.  Later, their offspring worked for the passage of the equal rights amendment.

Women are now well represented in government and have achieved their dream of equality - they are now just a venal, corrupt, and degenerate as their fellow male politicians. Congratulations, ladies.

Have We All Been Too Naive?


Don't all of us live in some sort of bubble or another?  Are we not influenced by the way we were raised, the company we keep, the things we read?

The biggest difference between now and the 1920's is the speed at which the news travels.  Back in the 20's people relied on newspapers which were just as biased as they are now.  Stories were spun, slanted, and often bought and paid for.

Now these same stories are spun, slanted, bought and paid for, and just plain made up, and reach us in nano-seconds instead of a day or two.

Yet we trudge on with hope in our hearts, which is a gift of God, and not to be taken lightly.  We hope for righteous and good people to step into leadership roles.  We hope for a better future for our children. The only alternative is to sit in the corner, cry, and twirl our hair and that will never be an option for people of good will.

And we pray.

Never stop praying.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Did Trump troll Rachel Maddow?...

I certainly hope so.

The entire world is laughing at Rachel Maddow.  I didn't watch the over-hyped TV form of click bait. Woo, hoo!  Big deal!!  I have Trump's tax return!!!!

I want all of you to think about something:  Even if Donald Trump walked over to the home of some reporter and stuffed those two pages into the mailbox, the decision to disclose that information falls on MSNBC and Rachel Maddow.

It proves how low they are willing to go in order to gain a small uptick in ratings.  And if they would do that to a sitting president, then no one is safe from their unethical behavior.

Mark Dice sums it up nicely - and we thank him.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ZipADee has made me famous...

and I thank her.

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There's snow falling in New York on March 14th...

and we should care, why?

This snow storm even has a name.

Why is New York snow more important than, say, Odie The Woodsterman snow?  Every time he gets his driveway and sidewalks shoveled he gets another two feet of unnamed snow.   Does naming a snow storm make it more important?  Hey, Odie - next time it snows run out, smack a berm with a shovel and cry out, "I dub thee Snow Charlotte", or any name of your choosing.  Maybe the UK Daily Mail will pick up the story.

State of emergency, shelter in place (what the hell does that mean?)  Does it mean I should stay on a city bus if the snow starts falling while I'm headed home? Or hunch pathetically in the corner of the subway?

Bread and milk wiped out.  Schools closed.  Flights cancelled.

It's going to snow!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's Saturday: Let's talk about mechanically separated chicken...

or as I call it - beaks and feet (with an occasional side of eyeballs)

Many months ago I bought some frozen pizzas that were on sale.  I failed to read the label before bringing them home.  When I did read the label they hit the trash can because the fatal words "mechanically separated chicken" (MSC) was one of the ingredients.  Good thing they were uber cheap.

Last week Digiorno pizzas were on sale.  We've been eating them for years and it never, ever occurred to me to read the label. This time I did.  Holy guacamole - mechanically separated chicken was an ingredient.

What is Mechanically Separated Chicken?

Mechanically separated meat (MSM), mechanically recovered/reclaimed meat (MRM), or mechanically deboned meat (MDM) is a paste-like meat product produced by forcing pureed or ground beefporkturkey or chicken, under high pressure through a sieve or similar device to separate the bone from the edible meat tissue. It is sometimes called "white slime" as an analog to meat-additive pink slime and to meat extracted by advanced meat recovery systems, both of which are different processes. The process entails pureeing or grinding the carcass left after the manual removal of meat from the bones and then forcing the slurry through a sieve under pressure. This puree includes bone, bone marrow, skin, nerves, blood vessels, and the scraps of meat remaining on the bones. The resulting product is a blend primarily consisting of tissues not generally considered meat along with a much smaller amount of actual meat (muscle tissue). source
Pink Slime - Yum!
After much due diligence, I tracked the MSC to the pepperoni used in most, if not all,  frozen pizzas. The Digiorno sausage pizza does not have MSC.  After checking the pepperoni sold in the grocery store which contained no MSC, I figured out the pizza companies were purchasing some special super cheap pepperoni made with MSC to shave costs.

Yeah, I get it - no one has died (that I know of) from eating MSC.  Obviously, I'm still alive.  But it completely grosses me out.

The Solution

  • One solution was to make my own pizzas, but I really like the convenience of popping a pizza in the convection oven.  
  • Number two solution was to buy cheese pizzas and put on my own toppings. The problem is the plain cheese pizzas cost the same as the loaded pizzas
  • Finally, I checked out the Kirkland Signature cheese pizzas at Costco.  A box of four cost $9.99. Whoa!  That's $2.49 per pizza (I have a calculator.)

But would we like the crust was the big question.  It's not a rising crust so we were worried.  It has what they call a "breadcrumb crust. We ended up liking it way better than Digiorno (less bready) and it cooks in only about 10 minutes. 

I slap on some pepperoni, my homemade Italian sausage, onions, black olives, and just about anything that sounds good. The end result is a convenient pizza which costs about $3.00. 

That's something I can live with!

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Pizza Night at Chez Adrienne

Friday, March 10, 2017

Protest exhaustion, TrumpCare, Deep State, and Samantha Bee...

how many of you are as exhausted as I am?

We have the ladies who march™ running around trying to cause mayhem - and not doing a very good job of it because most people are just so tired of all the protests.


Then we have the wrangling over what is supposed to be phase one of dumping Odumbocare.  Rand Paul is trying to rip the throat out of Paul Ryan claiming phase one is no more than Odumbocare lite.

 Is it?

I don't know.

 Odumbocare was passed in a dubious fashion, rolled out in segments like some evil tapeworm, and has so thoroughly skewed the entire insurance market that I'm not sure how you unwind this mess.

I'm of the mind to wait and see what happens next.

Deep State

Remember when the only people talking about "deep state" were the soundly criticized conspiracy theory wackos?   I do. 

Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee
Disclaimer:  What comes next is predicated on my being only vaguely familiar with who this woman is and knowing nothing about some supposedly comedy show she's on.  I've seen her name pop up on different sites, and have refrained from reading the articles because I'm not one bit interested in what she's doing or saying.

However, I did read that she's being attacked for making some off-hand comment about "Nazi haircuts" in some skit about CPAC.  From what I understand one of the pictures she used was of some fellow at the conference who has brain cancer - hence the haircut. 

Here's my thoughts:
  • I don't give and rat's rear patootie what this woman said.
  • Wasn't Donald Trump soundly attacked for "mocking disabled people"?
  • Did we not defend Donald Trump for his actions?
  • There was no way for her to know that this young man had brain cancer.
  • She apologized and the show also donated $1000.00 toward this young man's treatment
Wasn't that good enough for everyone?

Apparently not.

The young man in question doesn't like her apology. He thinks it was a "half apology."  I'm sorry this young man has cancer.  Cancer sucks.  Of course, all this attention has driven his GoFundMe donations into the stratosphere.  Good for him. 

And another suggestion:  Let's quit giving this woman so much free publicity.  I've never heard of her show, have no idea where this show is broadcast, and highly doubt she has one tiny bit of influence on much of anything.

 Let's move on.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Is the lunatic left looking for a civil war?...

they need to remember that we own all the guns.

Ace of Spades had a very good article How to Survive In the Age of Rage
Just in case people don't get this: I'm not being rhetorical when I say that a large fraction of the country, on both the left and the nevertrumper/GOPe side of things, has gone insane.

The world feels like a Twilight Zone episode to them -- the world they went to sleep in on November 8, 2016 was not the same world they woke up to the next day of November 9, 2016.

[...]The daily hysteria, paranoia, conspiricizing, meltdowns, tantrums, out of left field accusations -- these are not signs of healthy minds.

We are used to saying X Derangement Syndrome but I really think there is some actual derangement going on.

And I would like to tell everyone reading: Please do not give in to it. Do not let their sickness become your sickness.  Read the rest because he has some great advice
It's advice I need to take to heart and act on because some of the events of the past few days has shoved the needle of my rage-o-meter into the stratosphere.

Day Without "Women"

We have schools in many parts of the country which have shut down for the day with very short notice due to the selfish liberal women who want to "protest" with "A Day Without Women."   No never mind or caring about parents, mostly women, who have to scramble to find alternative child care, or worse, may have to miss a day of work themselves to stay home with their children.

Allow me to present to the angry (and mostly ugly) liberal women the vision of a real woman, who has a successful business and three beautiful children, heading off to enjoy a luncheon in celebration of International Women's Day at the White House hosted by First Lady Melania Trump.

Looking lovely, Ivanka

Woody Kaine, filthy hippie spawn of Tim Kaine

Mayhem in St. Paul

And then we have the happy Trump supporters of the Twin Cities gathered together for a permitted rally in the rotunda of the State Capitol in St. Paul being physically attacked by a mob of hippie losers who threw smoke bombs, used pepper spray and tasers, screamed, shoved little old ladies, and punched senior citizen men.

Leading the pack was Senator Tim Kaine's deadbeat son who ended up being arrested.  And guess what loyal readers?  Tim Kaine thought that was just dandy.

Difference is, the Trump supporters fought back, just as I would have done if I was there.  It's one of the reasons I avoid crowds of any kind.

Appalling  Attack on Dr. Charles Murray at Middlebury College, Vermont

This one still makes my blood pressure zip up to the stroke level.

Charles Murray deserved better.

The violent protests that greeted the conservative political scientist when he tried to speak at Middlebury College last week could be easily dismissed as the latest episode in the by-now tiresome campus speech wars. They shouldn't be. Murray isn't just another right-wing gadfly who enjoys provoking left-wing outrage. In a very real sense, if the left thinks he isn't worth debating, then one has to wonder who they think is.

The story sounds like one we've heard before. Murray was invited to speak by a conservative campus student group. Protesters assembled to prevent him from speaking. They disrupted the speech to the point where it had to be canceled. Murray then repaired to a room to have his speech recorded so that those who wanted to hear it could do so. Protesters continued to disrupt the proceedings, and Murray was physically threatened as he attempted to leave the building. One of the professors who accompanied him was injured by the mob.  source 
So now I guess it's okay to attack a 74 year old man and a female college professor.   Dr. Murray's account of the incident and his conclusions is a must read

At the very bottom of this post I included an interview with Dr. Murray from a few years ago discussing his book Coming Apart that is stellar.  It's about 45 minutes long but worth every minute.  Set aside some time to watch it.

Not to be outdone in their quest for lunacy the owners of an independent bookstore did this:

On Wednesday, women across America will participate in the “Day Without Women” strike, which aims to highlight the often underappreciated economic power of women. In a similar vein, the staff of Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights, Ohio decided to send a concrete visual message about women and culture—only theirs emphasizes the lopsided ratio between male and female authors. The staff of the independent bookstore adjusted the shelves of their general fiction section so that books written by men are turned backward, with their white pages facing out. That leaves only the spines of books by women facing forward.
And they're going to keep the books like this for two weeks.  Wow! Great way to run a business.

 Did it occur to these mental midgets that maybe men write more books?  And did it also occur to them that they are in charge of their inventory?  Looks to me like they're making a buck off the back's of male authors.  Couldn't that be considered some form of slavery - or something?  How about this, dopes - why not just throw out all those backward facing books and just keep the lady written books?  Put your money where your big stupid mouth is.

And further more, being a vociferous reader for the past 66 years (if you're a female writer you may want to skip the next part - I left a space on purpose so the words don't seep into your eyeballs by accident)
Most male authors are better writers than most female writers.  Of course, we have female writers who string together words in an order that makes one's heart sing, but there's way more men authors who do that.  There - I said it!

Daniel Greenfield Weighs in on The Deep State

#ObamaGate: Exposing the Obama Deep State

After Trump secured the nomination, Obama’s people filed a wiretapping request. As he was on the verge of winning, they did it again. After he won, they are doing everything they can to bring him down.

It was always going to come down to this.

One is the elected President of the United States. The other is the Anti-President who commands a vast network that encompasses the organizers of OFA, the official infrastructure of the DNC and Obama Anonymous, a shadow government of loyalists embedded in key positions across the government.  read the rest
 When the wire tapping of Trump story started I was like, "Well, duh!"  How many of you are surprised that just about everyone in this country is being spied on, recorded, and tracked?  I'm not.

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Weasel Zippers:  Feminist Icon: Girls Shouldn’t Read Any Books Written By Men…

Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat:  The Trouble with Trump

Blazing Cat Fur:  Charles Murray recalls the Middlebury Mugging  (BCF makes some great points)

James Quinn:  What the Hell is Going On?  

Newsbusters:  On Women's Day, Actress Proudly Admits Her Morality Comes From Her Genitals

MOTUS AD:  A Day Without Womyn, Democrats and Democrats-Lite

Monday, March 6, 2017

It's Monday and the world keeps getting crazier...

and crazier.

 Did the Obama administration tap Donald Trump's Trump Tower phones?  Yes.  Next question.

Trump has announced his new travel ban so expect the libtards to starting squealing in 3. 2. 1.  Some things have changed in the new one.  I don't know what the changes are and I don't care.  I would prefer to see all immigration halted for the foreseeable future, but that's just me.

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case of the confused girl who thinks she's a boy concerning  where she's supposed to pee.  In what civilized world do adults run around passing legislation and spending untold amounts of money trying to decide where people should pee?  The better discussion should be concerning her weight.  If she's not already a diabetic, she will be soon.

The facts are this:  She is a girl.  She thinks she's a boy.  She's claiming discrimination based on her sex.  The question is:  Is "she" being discriminated against, or is "he" being discriminated against?

That's about all the outrage I can muster up for today.    


It has come to my attention (after doing deep due diligence) that frequent commenter ZipADee is not just any old commenter, but a talented producer of videos.  She has her own Youtube channel, Dianne's Designs   with a bunch more of these wonderful videos with a message (so I'm also thinking ZipADee may not be her real name, but further investigation will be needed.)  Take a moment and head over and subscribe to her channel. 

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Are you as disturbed as I am? Illegal wire taps, Charles Murray protest, OFA, convicted terrorist and murderer Rasmea Yousef Odeh a leader of the Day Without Women, and crazy Loretta Lynch...

this is way more serious than we could ever imagine.


Because it would never occur to those of us who lean right to impede and/or physically assault someone who held different views.  Did we block the crazy ladies who march™?  Do we riot when a libtard is going to give a speech?  Do we carry around signs with vulgar language and wear sexually explicit costumes?  Do we smash windows, flip over cars, and burn down buildings when we become a wee bit pissed off?

Obviously, those are all rhetorical questions.

It is the very reason I doubt we're going to be ready for what's heading toward us in the way of civil discord.  If we can't imagine acting out in such a manner, it's hard, if not impossible, to imagine anyone else doing so.

Don't be caught unaware.

It doesn't take very many paid protesters to rile up a crowd of useful idiots.  It's happened before and it will happen again.

I'm going to step out on a limb here and state that I believe Trump knew from day one that he was being tapped.  It is inconceivable that he would not have Trump Tower swept by security which would include a check on his phones.  This is not Trump's first bull ride in a rodeo.  I think he knew and acted accordingly and kept the knowledge tucked away for future use.  And that time has arrived. 

N.Y. Times:  Protesters Disrupt Speech by ‘Bell Curve’ Author at Vermont College

N.Y. Post:  Meet the terrorist behind the next women’s march

Indivisible:  Link 

Legal Insurrection:  Violence Breaks Out Between Pro- and Anti-Trump Camps in Berkeley

Lawnewz:  Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance

The first video from Feb. 19 is very interesting:

It doesn't get any more bat guano crazy than this: 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Tucker Carlson interviews AT Jeff Sessions about the Russians and Trump gives his weekly address...

"leaks are an unhealthy trend."

First up is the dishonestly skewed Google search engine.  When I Googled "did Russia affect the election"  the overwhelming number of stories that pop up are anti-Trump and anti-Russia.  We know people, thanks in part to the internet, have the attention span of a gnat with ADD and will rarely go beyond one or two pages of results.

Second up, I pose a question:  How exactly did the Russians change the result of the election?  Do any of us actually believe the millions upon millions of people read the leaked Podesta emails, or for that matter had even heard of them?  Wikileaks has said over and over that the emails did not come from Russia.  Meantime the Hillary supporters just poo-pooed the whole thing and ignored her home jiggered server and leaking emails.

  Did we not witness an erratic and sickly acting Clinton staggering to meaningless events and needing days to recover from the strain?  Did she not call half the people in the country "deplorable, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and any other phobs you can dream up?

For 18 long months the MSM, including plenty of conservatives, told us that Trump was running a terrible campaign, had absolutely no ground game, and was surely going to lose - bigly.  They laughed, jeered, insulted, and did all they could to destroy him. During that time I watched rally after rally, studied the crowds, and listened to Trump and wondered how in hell someone who was running a bad campaign could draw such crowds - often on very short notice.

I'm an organizing junkie and have been in charge of putting together large events and the sheer magnitude of the scheduling involved in his events boggled my mind.  No ground game?  That was his ground game and it obviously worked.

Lastly, not a question, but a statement: 

This election was a major wake up call to many ordinary people in this country of how dishonestly the MSM operates.  It's also a window into their dark ugly shriveled up souls and the hate they harbor for us little dirt people.  They really think we're too stupid to make a rational decision about anything, let alone who to vote for.

As Lone Star Parson so succinctly said:
Why aren't the same Press and Party that are whipping up a Cold War frenzy investigating Hillary's ties with Russia? You know, that awkward Uranium One/Rosatom deal which gave Russia control over 20% of US uranium.

It seems the Democrats and their MSM propaganda arm have two standards when it comes to Russia. One for Hillary and another for Trump and the team who beat her, and did they win because evil masterminds in the Kremlin rigged our election?

No. They won because people voted for Trump instead of the worst, most corrupt, scandal ridden candidate the Democrats could find.

Hubris may well have stolen the election from Hillary Rodham Clinton, but it sure wasn't Russia. Time to face reality, Democrats, and move on. You lost. 

Get over it.  read it all

And now a palate cleanser:  Instead of negative, divisive, and just plain ugly that we've been bombarded with for 8 years, Trump brings hope. 

Yesterday at around 4:30pm I decided to pop down to the grocery store and get fried chicken for dinner.  Hubby loves potato salad, but the Reser's brand the grocery deli sells is pretty bad - and darned expensive, too.  So I grabbed three taters, cut them in large chunks, plunked them on a steamer basket in the Instant Pot with one cup of water in the bottom of the pot.  After 10 minutes at pressure they were perfect and didn't have their taste and vitamins boiled out of them.  While they cooked I had just enough time to chop the celery and onions and make the dressing.  

I dashed to the store while the taters cooled and cut them up when I got home, added the celery, onions, and dressing.  I also added hard cooked eggs I had done the day before in the Instant Pot (5 minutes at pressure, 5 minutes natural release, a few minutes in cold water.)   Viola!  A heaping bowl of Instant Pot potato salad at a fraction of the cost of store bought and ten times better. 

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The "real" Donald Trump finally revealed?...

oh - hell noes.

What you saw last night was the same Donald Trump he's always been.

For those of us who have supported him from day one it was a glorious affirmation of all that we believed. 


Does it mean I don't expect him to act on his promises?  Does it also mean I approve of everything he proposed?  Nope and nope.  I'm not a big fan of government run child care, and I'll reserve judgement on paid family leave until I see details.

I'm excited to see how the rabid anti-Trumpers are going to spin Trump's speech.  And what of the pink pussy hat wearing Ladies who March?™  What will they protest about now? 

 My friend, Kid ("Sane Person" in the combox and head honcho at Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat) sent me a link to an article in the Washington Times that accurately sums up my feelings today: Trump speech leaves Democrats befuddled, in ruins, with question marks

In the meantime, lets gaze upon our new first lady and first daughter:

And in case you haven't seen his speech yet:

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bull dyke Rosie O'Donnell to lead protest ahead of Trump's speech to the joint houses of congress 2/28/17...

so far it's registering -5 on most people's care-o-meter.

And for good reason.

Since before Trump's inauguration we've been bombarded with a never ending parade of protests from the leftists.  For those who are not being directly affected by the marches and protests it warrants no more than a shrug - if they're  even aware of it at all.

It brings to mind the memory of all the Tea Party folks marching, rioting, breaking windows, tipping over cars, screeching out foul language, and wearing funny hats.  Oh, wait - that didn't happen, did it?

I think the majority of us have had quite enough of the antics of the leftists who persist in protesting whatever strikes their pygmy brains as the outrage of the day.  Not one of them can formulate exactly what Trump has done to garner such irrational hate.

May I suggest, in the interests of keeping a modicum of sanity, you quit imbibing in any main stream media,  practice going to the source for your info, and finding a good book to read.

That is all.


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Kellyanne Conway's outrageous behavior in the Oval Office...

according to the libtards.

Who, I might add, were okay with a slew of staged photos of their hero Barack Obama with his big ugly feet all over the Resolute desk which is a valuable antique. 

Kellyanne's offense?  Kneeling on the Oval office couch to snap a picture.

Photo composite: H/T Director Blue

At least Kellyanne looks cute and it appears many of the dean's of colleges in attendance agree.