Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Debt ceiling Kabuki theater continues, the Huffington Post causes migraines, and John Hawkins is an idiot...

but life goes on.


At the end of the debt talks we will have more debt and our taxes will be raised.  End of story.

Huffington Post

The worst migraine aura I've ever experienced happened after reading a HuffPo story and a bunch of comments.  I went on an expedition over there to  "know what the enemy is thinking" only to be reminded that the enemy doesn't think - they feeeeeeeeeeel. 

John Hawkins 

To make matters worse, I happened upon an article by John Hawkins, The Slow, Painful Coming Death Of The Independent, Conservative Blogosphere.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't link to a silly screed such as this but since I'm not a big important blogger like John, I hesitate to be miserly with my linky-love.  Because that's the only reason he posted that article.  It's called blog whoring.  It seems to be working, but not exactly how he expected.

Allow me to sum up his article to save you the pain of actually having to go and read it.  If you're a small independent conservative blogger, you may as well put a dagger in your heart and end it all. Consider yourself a loser, unlike John who is big, important, and loved by all.  

Hey, John.  My friend Zilla has some advice for you:

Take Your "Death of Right-Blogs" Proclamation and Shove It!

Well said, Zilla!!

And how about what Jimmy Bise offered up in the way of rebuttal?: 

How Selfish Bloggers and a Hapless GOP Are Choking the Life from the Independent, Conservative Blogosphere

 i Own The World has the right attitude: 


Calling All Conservative Bloggers!!

iOTW is not a large blog, we’re not a small blog. We’re somewhere in the middle. And being in the middle means that there are plenty of blogs we can help. iOTW doesn’t want any conservative blogs going belly up (except maybe some annoying ones – hehe) because that isn’t going to help the overall cause of conservatism.
So, if you have your own blog, no matter how modest or large, please put a link to it in the comment section of this post. I will be maintaining this post and monitoring its progress and bumping it from time to time to the front page. I will also be going to the blogs to poach some posts to include among our daily content.
So head on over to iOTW and leave a comment.  

Here's my message for you, John.

You see, this is my little blog and if I want to post pictures of kitteh's - I will.

That's all.


Stogie said...

Wow Adrienne, you rock!!

So that's what "blog whoring" is...writing something stupid and controversial to draw attention to yourself and get lots of links.

Love the kitteh too!

Zilla/MJ said...

Thanks for the linky-love, and for joining in standing up to the not as big and important as he thinks he is blog bully. He wrote a followup which is just as bad, while he says (now) that he didn't say small bloggers should quit (yes he did), he doubles down & says that instead of blogging we should be writing in our journals and diaries so nobody has to see us. What a schmuck. I let him have it in his comments section for both his inane posts, I wonder if they're deleted yet.
I also love teh kitteh!

MaryW said...

Adrienne, you are one of my first go-to's every day. I love your blog and sense of humor. Pllease keep it up.
I love kitteh's, too!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Give him hell Kitteh !

Anonymous said...

My, my. Sounds like the Marxocrat "bg in your own eyes only" blogs are running out of ammunition. I'll just keep my dagger in its sheath. I may have another use for it someday.

Lola said...

Dear Adrienne,

As satisfying as it is to be 'right' in predicting logical conclusions to our current times, sometimes it really Sxcks a dirty sock.

I know too many people who think things are only getting better.

Thanks for being a beacon of logic even in these times.

Randy-g said...

I have felt like that kitteh a lot lately...

Matt said...

Hope the kitteh has some extra clips. I meant to read that post when I saw it on Memorandum, but never got around to it. Sounds like he got just a tad bit self important there.

I consider my weekly Sunday link post blog-whoring, but then again, I'm just trying to spread the love.

Teresa said...

I think the claws need to come out. What an arrogant schmuck!