Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Who are we?? included

according to the commie/libtards we're a bunch of violent racists with our knee on the neck of the black community.

Okay, fine.

Now that they've finally planted George Floyd maybe some of the orchestrated and funded "peaceful" protests will stop, because I think all of us deplorable racists are fed up and tired of it.


Uh, no. No they don't, because if they did the left would be outraged about all the black people gunned down in Chicago last weekend by other blacks.
Chicago, IL, saw 18 murders in 24 hours on May 31. It’s the deadliest day in the Windy City in 60 years. 
Data compiled by The Chicago Sun-Times found that “25 people were killed in the city, with another 85 wounded by gunfire” between 7 p.m. on May 29 and 11 p.m. on May 31. source
If your really want to know what BLM is all about, pay a visit to their slick professionally tarted up website.  Am I to believe that a bunch of inner city blacks just happened to be able to put together that site?  Spend some time there and read up on what they want.

On their "about" page under "what we believe" they make this statement:
We are unapologetically Black in our positioning.
Got that?  You, on the other hand, must apologize for your white privilege.

Here's the bottom line, my little chickadees.

Ignore this nonsense. The only blacks (and ignorant whites) buying into this sham are the ill informed, uneducated, in many cases drugged up, inner city blacks who have been systematically dumbed down and enslaved by their own black leaders.

What are we to do?

Tucker is telling us to stand strong. I agree.

Do you really care if an arrogant and ignorant lefty calls you a racist? I don't.  I wouldn't even bother to respond to such an accusation. 


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