Saturday, April 4, 2020

Spam - it's what for dinner...

fried Spam sandwiches.
I got a message from Hormel Foods. They made their first batch of Spam in 1937 to help with the war effort. With all the people shopping and hoarding food, they've decided to make their second batch of Spam tomorrow. 
Thank you, Hormel!

Thinly sliced
Crisply fried
Soft white bread
Lots of mayo (or mustard if you prefer)
Crispy lettuce


Add an egg for a breakfast sammy


  •  Use slices of cucumber
  •  How about some pickle slices
  •  Make it Hawaiian with some pineapple
  • Throw on a bunch of cheese and turn it into a grilled cheese and Spam sandwich.

A Brief History of Spam, an American Meat Icon


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