Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Life in the Fear Lane...

don't buy into it.

This whole Wuflu thing has become tedious, tiresome, and taxing to the internal workings of our bodies.

I was out and about yesterday and other than Wallyworld having outside roped off areas for lines the place was packed. There was no one in line either. I was judging by the parking lot since I didn't actually go inside the store.

I saw a few people with little homemade cloth rags tied on their face which was weird.  I hope they know that it does not protect against viruses - coming or going. And I'm betting that stupid mask never gets washed either.


No way around this, my precious poodles, this constant barrage of Wuflu "news" is stressing us out.  The virus is not the culprit - it's the 24/7 barrage of ridiculous fake news being blasted at us from all directions.

Carb intake is at an all time high as we all seek a dopamine hit (guilty!) And the more we cram in the chips, candy, and beer the worse our stress becomes.

Lloyd Marcus says it brilliantly in his American Thinker article, Will Trump Betray Us After Corona:
Like you, I did not enjoy hearing that America will not reopen before April 30.  However, I understand the situation.  Fear is a powerful thing.  Due to 24/7 apocalyptic coronavirus reporting, fake news media pretty much hold the emotions of millions of Americans in the palm of their sleazy, evil, anti-Trump hand. 
Wisely, Trump is allowing another month for Americans to become fed up with house arrest and realize that computer models are not gospel and the sky is not falling.  We are Americans.  We overcome everything.  God is with us. Read it all


Stop watching the "news." Stay the hell off Facecrap. No more video games.  Get dressed and go outside for a walk.

The people out of work are the hardest hit, and this continuing to keep the country in lock down is a commie/libtard dream come true.

Do not fall for it.

Stay strong as the battle for freedom continues and we need you.

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