Saturday, June 5, 2021

DO YOU GET IT YET!!! Must see video...

 our weekly dose of Michael Matt.

And against my vow to not rant - I'm going to have a minor rant anyway - because.

I'm mad as hell! And so is Mr. Matt. If you need any back-up for your outrage, Mr. Matt will inject some steel into your spine - which is a hell of a lot better than having a dangerous death vax injected. 

For over a year, we've been inundated with lie after lie.  And no one except the "fringe" media, and the people I call "the littles" told you. Our reward? We were insulted, laughed at, "canceled", called "conspiracy theorists", and shunned. Was it worth it? Yes!  If we persuaded even one person to eschew the death vax, it was not in vain.

Now the CDC is pushing for 12 - 17 year olds to be "vaccinated." Really? Why?  

From Health Impact News: CDC Begins Mass Extermination Program of Americans’ Children Aged 12 to 17 Implementing Eugenic Population Control Measures through COVID-19 Bioweapons. Also worth a read. Don't believe it?  Take a peek at the CDC site for confirmation of this latest bit of  dangerous propaganda. They just are incapable of stopping. 

Yesterday, JD Rucker, over at NOQReport (excellent resource), posted The Most Troubling Thing About the Fauci Emails that Few are Mentioning. 

But through it all, there’s a common theme that continues to get ignored. So much was apparently known by Fauci and many others in and out of DC, yet we’re only learning about it all today and only because of the leaks. How is it possible that nobody spoke out before now? Do read the rest

Sundance, over at The Last Refuge, also brings up some important points covering "why now?" for further pondering: Behind The SARS-CoV-2 Origination Backstory All Roads Lead to Stop Trump.

And, Leo Hohmann brings us a terrifying peek at the future if we don't turn back to Christ:  Will you allow yourself to be ‘marked’ by the world system? 30-year-old prophecy foretold of a coming vaccine that will do exactly that

Finally, a quote from the conclusion of an excellent article in Forward in Christ magazine, PSYCHOPATHS AND HERETICS, by Seth Robinson, in which he outlines what happens when we reject reality. Take some time to read the whole article. 

"Refutation and rejection come at a price. Those who would resist a pseudo-reality must be prepared to face the wrath and scorn of its captives. Such resistance may prove terrifying, but as Jude reminds, the true Christ gives a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline—not of timidity. Fake realities and false gospels will enslave and destroy ‘the blessed company of all faithful people,’ unless they are resisted boldly. It can be done, it must be done, and it will be done—for the gates of hell will not prevail."


Michael Matt speaks to all Christians, not just Catholics, and he puts my puny little rant to shame. God bless him!  

After watching Michael, please share his video far and wide, and then check out my links below. I've gathered up some fun and happy posts to lighten your weekend. 


Woodsterman:  Marilyn ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style Odie brings us photos of the most beautiful Marilyn Monroe - and we thank him!

Bunkerville:  Saturday’s Passel of Potpourri Not only does Bunk toil faithfully all week to bring us truth, but every Saturday she gathers up fun clips of the follies of humans. This week she's focused on animal follies - and we thank her.

Bluebird of Bitterness: Happy Caturday  B of B brings us kittehs in slow mo. You don't have to be a kitteh lover to appreciate the grace and beauty of these lovely felines. 

Don't forget to check out the Imperfect Foods website. Use this link to get $20.00 off each of your first four orders. 

Now go out and catch the red dot! 

Friday, June 4, 2021

This is all I need to know about Anthony Fauci...

which sums up perfectly who and what he is.

From Wiki: (emphasis mine)

Fauci grew up Catholic, but now considers himself a humanist, stating that he thinks "that there are a lot of things about organized religion that are unfortunate, and [that he tends] to like to stay away from" it.
And, wait for it - he was educated by Jesuits through college.

There you have it folks.
Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good.
American Humanist Association

Humanism is a democratic and ethical lifestance which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethics based on human and other natural values in a spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities. It is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality.
Humanists International

Hmmmm - sounds a lot like Freemasonry.

Remember this?

Let's have some Friday kittehs, because God loves kittehs.

Imperfect Foods

I didn't think Imperfect Foods could get any better until I saw my delivery person yesterday. Wowzer!  A rival for my super cute and personably UPS fellow.  He told me how much he loves working for Imperfect Foods and is hoping the company keeps growing.

Get $20.00 off of each of your first four orders with this link.  And don't miss their job listings either. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Father Altman: The real Gospel vs the gospel of the world?...

 which will you follow?

Father James Altman remains as pastor of St. James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse, WI and he isn't backing down. In today's Memorial Holiday sermon, he took aim on Biden, Fauci, CNN and the 'gospel of the world' that is threatening to destroy America. LifeSiteNews Correspondent Jim Hale attended today's High, Latin Mass and recorded Father Altman's entire homily.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Are coincidences messages from God?...


Sometimes not.

Yesterday was Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles bringing them seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

Those gifts are also given to us.

Was it a coincidence that after church yesterday morning I was led to watch a video intensifying my wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and causing my fortitude and piety to expand? 

Following are three videos. I'm always telling you to watch a video, even when it runs a staggering 35 minutes.  Well, I'm now going to ask you to watch a video that is five hours long.  And then you can move on to a video which is 35 minutes long, and follow that up with one of about 23 minutes.

I watched the first one in one sitting because I thought it was just that important. 

I am not a stranger to what is covered in the video, having done presentations at church on the New Age phenomena, which is rooted in Satanism. And yet, there was plenty of new information. Relying on my previous research and study, I have no reason not to believe what I heard and saw in this video.  

From Health Impact News:

Commentary by Brian Shilhavy

Altiyan Childs is a former Australian Rock musician, and a former Freemason. In 2010 he won The X Factor talent show award, which boosted his career in music to stardom status.

In a video he released last month, he announced that he has now put his life on the line to renounce his secret Freemason vows.

His life has recently changed after being awakened in a speeding car that was heading straight into a brick wall because the driver had fallen asleep. He says he heard a whisper in his ear that woke him from a deep sleep, and that he was able to grab the steering wheel and avoid the crash.

The penalty for renouncing your vows in Freemasonry is death, but he feels compelled to expose Freemasonry for what it is: the oldest religion in the world. 

According to Childs, almost every notable person running the world today, from politics to business to entertainment, got there through Freemasonry.

And his 5 plus hour video was produced to convince you that this is true, from an insider perspective, and to warn about what is soon coming: the implementation of the Luciferian New World Order, which includes a significant reduction of the world’s population.

It took me a few days to watch the entire 5 hours, and when I finished earlier today, I told my friend who recommended the video to me:

“My life will never be the same after watching this. I will not sleep tonight until I publish this (on Health Impact News).”

I will have to concur with Mr. Shilhavy about not resting, until this video is posted - not just here, but everywhere.

I know probably 99.9% of you will say, "Five hours!" Um, no. No time for that. So be it.  That's not my problem.  I'm doing what I believe I'm supposed to be doing; bringing the light of truth to as many people as possible.  

The following video is one of my favorites, Michael Matt of The Remnant Newspaper, who echoes in many ways what you'll hear on the first video. Your eternal life depends on understanding what these people are trying to tell us.


And finally, Father James Altman, of You Cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period. fame, has been censored by his weasel of a bishop who is trying to remove him from his parish for being "divisive and ineffectual." 

His sermon yesterday contains a message for all people - not just Catholics.

He has no intention of leaving his post, and the cost of canon lawyers is $250.00 per hour.  A supporter has started a GiveGoSend page asking for 20K to help fund his defense.  As of this afternoon the fund is at 133,725K.  Ineffectual? Divisive?  WTHell?  He sounds pretty dang effective to me. 

I'm on the home stretch of my garden goals for the month of May - aka catching the red dot. I only have a few things to do, but God has sent rain. Lots of rain.  My quest for the red dot is being side-lined. Coincidence or message? You be the judge.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Take back your sovereignty...

 don't be a lab rat.

I've been very busy the last few weeks getting my garden up and running.  Today is windy, cold, and rainy - so here I am.

I carry around a little beat-up transistor radio, and listen to talk radio while I'm slinging compost and making heaping piles of refuse.  First up is Glenn Beck. At 9 am the Rush show comes on.  From noon to 3 pm Sean Hannity tortures me with his spineless "go-along-to-get-along" crap. 

During the 8 or more hours of broadcast, I am bombarded with notice after notice of why I need to be "vaccinated."  It's now reaching the stage of threats against my person if I refuse to take the "moral high ground", and allow a cocktail of crap to be injected into my body. 

I've noticed quite a few Tucker Carlson vids being touted as "brave."  Tucker is being hailed as the only one telling the truth about various subjects no one else will touch.  That's complete malarkey!  Tucker is owned by his network and he's merely allowed to nibble around the edges of the truth.  In today's world rife with lies to lead you astray, it's earned him millions.

If all these so-called conservatives who label themselves as "journalists" were actually doing their jobs, tell me why they never, ever reference any medical or science expert who differs from the drivel being shoveled out by the CDC, or any of the other alphabet government agencies? Do a Google search of any of America's Front Line Doctors to see cancel culture in full swing.

And while you're explaining that to me, take the time to include why suddenly everyone is babbling about masks and "vaccine" passports, and completely ignoring the potential danger from the "jabbed" to the un-jabbed. 

Science Replaces God...

except it's not real science.

Aren't you tired of hearing "follow the science?"  Science is the knowledge obtained from observation, testing, and experimentation following strict guidelines.  It is spurred on by questioning. Try and question anything about the Wuflu to anyone belonging to the covid cult. It will not go well. 

For most of these people what they call "science" has replaced God. They can't explain God, so He has ceased to exist for them.  And yet, their existence depends on a God they ignore. How weird and sad is that?

Take time to view the excellent video at the end of this post, and if you must be around people who have had the death vax, please take all the precautions available to you. We take zinc, liposomal vitamin C, vitamin D, and we have acquired hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as prophylactics. I have also been intermittent fasting to lose my tummy. It's working and I feel great!  More about fasting in the future.   

 Imperfect Foods

Today, I received my third box of "Imperfect Food", and I'm really enjoying the whole process. Unless the company is blowing hot air, they're actually doing something good.

Our Mission: Eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone

We're doing this by re-imagining grocery delivery for a kinder, less wasteful world.

Imperfect was founded to fight food waste by finding a home for the imperfect or “ugly” fruits and vegetables that farms couldn’t sell to grocery stores. This concept took root and grew like a zucchini after a rainstorm. The more we learned, the more we realized that it wasn’t the food that was really imperfect after all; it was the food system. So, as the number of products we offer and cities we serve increases, we keep finding new ways to make a positive impact on our world.

Today's box contained:

Conventional Green Bell Peppers (2 ct) 
Conventional Lemons (2 ct) 
Conventional Pears (2 ct) 
Conventional Summer Squash (1 ct) 
Conventional Yellow Onion (1 lb) 
Conventional Blood Oranges (1 lb) 
Conventional Cabbage (1 head) 
Conventional Cucumber (2 ct) 
Conventional Garlic (2 head) 
Conventional Grapefruit (2 ct) 1 
Conventional Italian Parsley (1 bunch) 
Conventional Kale (1 bunch) 1 
Niman Ranch Uncured Pork Breakfast Sausage (12 ct) 
Imperfect Foods All Natural Smoked Spinach Feta Chicken Sausage (5 ct) 
Organic Yellow Peaches (1 lb) 
Niman Ranch Sweet Italian Ground Pork Sausage (1 lb) 
Conventional Yellow Fingerling Potato (1 lb) 
Organic Sweet Potatoes (1 lb) 
Bonne Maman Apricot Preserve (13 oz) 
Frontière Natural Meats Organic Grass-Fed Beef Strip Steak (2ct) (9 oz)

I have an open shopping time from Monday at 1pm to 3pm on Tuesday at which time I can add or delete items to my order. My box is delivered on Thursday - usually around 1 pm.

I'm still working on the eggs, meat, organic veggies, and cheese I've already received so this order was rather light. In all three deliveries, I've included organic grass-fed steaks or ground beef, and it's been really good. And the carrots?  I call them carrots with character. 

My weekly grocery bill has dropped quite a bit and I've enjoyed trying new foods.  It has made my menus more varied and much easier to prepare. In the last three weeks, I've only purchased a few items at the grocery store to complete our meals. 

Click on my link and if you decide to try it you'll get $80.00 in free groceries ($20.00 off each of you're first four orders.)

Dr. Christiane Northrup Gives New Details on COVID Vaccine Shedding/Transmission, Especially Among Women.

Discussion with The Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Excellent!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

How about some good news for a change?...(must see video)

brought to us by Michael Matt of The Remnant Newspaper - and we thank him!

Resistance is not futile!

STUPID IDEAS: Why The Great Reset Will Fail

From The Remnant: 

Hey, remember 'contact tracing'? Whatever happened to that? Joe Biden's mask mandate never happened, either. What gives? Even Team Gates is falling apart. Did the lunatics at Davos jump the shark?

In this edition of The Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt talks good news. With mask mandates collapsing all over the country, and Blue state governors losing in court, there's an opportunity to push back against the COVID Stupid.

Michael explains how even France is slowly loosening restrictions, while little Ireland brings up the rear. In fact, post-Catholic Ireland is almost as tyrannical as post-Catholic Canada--two countries run by little men as maniacal as Joe Stalin but now with the technology to make the Orwell happen.

By the way, Justin Trudeau est un petit homme extrêmement ennuyeux. (is an extremely boring little man.)

Meanwhile, DeSantis, who's a Catholic, is ignoring the Florida bishops' protest against his lifting of all COVID restrictions. So, now that Grandma can get vaxxed anytime she wants to, the anti-science bishops get to go pound sand. Right?

Michael also talks COVID's MASSIVE silver lining: Modernist, liberal, progressive Christianity--especially in the Catholic Church--was exposed over 2020 and is now on life support, while traditionalists are gaining strength and numbers all over the world.

Michael closes with a truly amazing sign of hope out of Poland, where the Sign the Cross transforms one of the children of darkness into a child of light... and it's all caught on video.


Keep Hope Alive!