Thursday, April 18, 2019

Perfect start to the Easter Triduum: Mueller Report...

and Tucker Carlson on that fool "Beto" O'Rourke.

No Collusion!
No Obstruction!

Trump speaks:

And just for fun, listen to Tucker's take on O'Rourke's campaign:

Now let's all relax and move on with the most holy three days in Christendom and let the Godless commies gnash their teeth and spew spit! 

Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Godless commies show their true colors...

and we are surprised - why?

Donald Trump to Democrats: Change the Laws or We’re Putting More Illegals in Sanctuary Cities

Every single one of the commies on the left (but, I repeat myself) support abortion on demand.  They support stealing your money to give to illegal immigrants - including free college for "dreamers" and nothing for gold star children.  They support everything that is evil and an insult to our Creator.

And they dare to virtue signal about "who we are?"

Trump has turned the tables on them by following Alinsky's Rule's for Radicals.  Rule four says, "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." 

So there you have it, commies.  Take in all the illegals you're so worried about.  How about you put them up in your back bedroom while your kid is off in college courtesy of bribes and fake entrance exams?

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Julian Assange: Hero or Traitor?...

you be the judge.

And if you're waiting for clarity from the MSM, your vision will be forever clouded.

Yeah - I know that I have three videos lined up like little soldiers, but instead of floating around Facecrap doing absolutely nothing to improve your life, spend some time listening to people who try their best to be actual journalists.

And since I mentioned Facecrap, what's with them no longer alerting you which of your friends has done an update?  It means that you have to go to your friends list and sift through them one by one to see who has updated.  On purpose?  You bethcha! Who the hell has time for that nonsense.  Now all you see is ads.

Lara Logan's interview with Mark Levin put's the MSM "journalists" in perspective.


PJ Media:  Are More Indictments of Obama Officials Coming?

Don Surber:  Why Democrats have gone loony left

Burning PlatformThe Day America Died

DC Clothesline:  Deep state behind arrest of Julian Assange in last-ditch desperate effort to take down Trump with forced “confessions”


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Glenn Beck's brushed the Cheetos dust off his face...

and gone back to his chalkboard.

About damn time!

From Youtube:
Glenn uses the chalkboard to show exactly who is funding and organizing the migrant caravans across the southern border and how they are connected to top leaders within the U.S. government. We're being twisted inside out and this time it goes way beyond George Soros. Watch this clip and see Glenn back in his element, at the chalkboard.

More on Emma Lozano at Influence Watch

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

What the heck are those two huge birds out back?...

I tried to get a pic, but they were too far away for my puny little camera.

I thought it may be a wild turkey, but it was a weird (but beautiful) beige color.

It's time's like this I always say, "Google is your friend."

Turns out it's a smoke-phase turkey.  Not one, but two.  What are the odds of that happening? 

Excerpt from an article posted in New Jersey, but the Spokesman Review says they've been spotted around here.  What I find really odd is that there's two of them. 

[...]First of all, McBride explained, (supervising biologist for the state Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife) the bird was not a hybrid of two different types of turkeys. The unusual plumage, also known as a “smokey phase” or “smokey gray phase,” was caused by a recessive gene.
“If two eastern wild turkeys that have normal coloration also both have that recessive gene, some of their offspring may have the smokey form — like albinism,” he said.
Although the bird that Ken saw looked nicely camouflaged against that recent snowfall, McBride said the bird’s feathers did not change color in winter.
[...]“They’re quite handsome up-close,” he adds. “They do have little bit of brown, a little bit of grayish color, and you can see the shadow of all the typical turkey coloration.”
They’re also very rare. “We’ll get reports of them maybe once or twice a year,” McBride says. “We really can’t measure how common they are because they’re seen so rarely, but they’re definitely much less than one percent of our wild turkey population, which is between 20,000 and 25,000.”

Monday, April 8, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg flunked Theology 101...

and Beto O'Rourke of the flailing arms thinks Bebe Bibi Netanyahu is a racist.

But, of course.

So Pete - a guy who has sexual relations with other guys, a vision that most straight people don't like to entertain, and is a firm supporter for women to slaughter their offspring, slams Evangelicals who voted for Trump, questions Trump's belief in God, and thinks Mike Pence is a really bad Christian because he thinks marriage is between a man and a woman.

Now the money shot is Pete saying:
“That’s the thing that I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand,” Buttigieg said of the vice president, who has opposed same-sex marriage. “That if you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.” source: left-wing fake news site CNN
Listen up, Pete - you call yourself a "devout" Episcopalian. Last I checked even the Episcopal church, as messed up as it is, believes in original sin and free will.  If I'm wrong about this, perhaps an Episcopal in good standing could correct me.

If we follow Pete's logic then mass murderers, rapists, and serial killers get a pass because "God made them that way."

And if God made you that way, didn't God also make those little babies you're so fond of killing?

See, Pete, I don't need a bunch of pesky Bible verses to back up what I'm saying.  Simple logic will suffice.

Beto Drags Out the "R" Word

Abortion supporting "Catholic" Beto jumped up on counter somewhere with his filthy shoes contaminating where people have to eat and flailing his arms about declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a racist. Why? Because Bebe Bibi wants to protect the people of Israel from being slaughtered by invading forces that hate Jews. 


Dissecting Leftism:  Jordan Peterson Unpacks What Drives the Left and How to Restore Meaning

Breitbart:  Pollak: ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg and Liberal Religious Bigotry

DC Clothesline:   The Unholy War Against Chick-fil-A — Christian hating leftists continue banning franchises from government-run facilities


Since today is Monday and it's the first day of the rest of your life, if you're addicted to your smart phone (which is making you dumb), take 15 minutes to listen to this TED talk.  I guarantee it will get you fired up! Chris does an excellent job!

I may not have a smart phone, but I'm guilty of all the rest. There are days when my mind is racing so fast the cars at the Indy 500 cringe in fear.  What do I do?  I get out my morning journal and the first thing I write is, "Take a deep breath and calm down. One thing at a time."

Off to the gym...

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Great way to start the weekend...

Happy Friday everyone!

Gleefully swiped from my friend, LSP.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Our country has gone completely bonkers...

insane, and crazy.

Starting the day with commie Empty Cortex cramming popcorn, like, ya know, in her mouth while speaking (in her best little girl voice), and like sipping wine, and showing off her apartment devoid of furniture - ya know.  Like, seriously?
BUTTigieg and his "husband"

Moving on to abortion supporting homosexual mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg, questioning Trump's belief in God.  There is just too much to unpack here, so I'll let you figure it out. 

Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, wants Congress to hire a bunch of illegals.  WTHell?

Minnesota muzzie Omar thinks a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood being held as a political prisoner in Egypt should be released. But, of course, Ilhan - how about we move her to Cedar-Riverside?

And it seems Beaver Beto took time off from jumping around on coffee shop counters to illegally rip off 110K of campaign funds. 

I'm headed to the gym to work off some of my shocked face...

Something to think about:

During the open forum at the University of Pennsylvania Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi were asked:

Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning?

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Friday, March 29, 2019

We're coming for you commie libtards...

I could watch this a hundred times - even though I watched the entire rally.

And the crowds outside were darn near as big.


A yuuuuuge thank you to my friend Astroserf over at the world famous home of MOTUS who told me how to embed this.  Forever grateful!

Must See! Rush Limbaugh interview with Sean Hannity...

"we're dealing with deranged people who are not rational."

This is an important interview to hear.

Listen to it, and then listen to it again.

The American people need to understand what is going on.

It's not over, and I never thought it was - hence, other than one silly video, I haven't had much to say about the Mueller non-report. 

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 I have never had advertising on this blog.  Since shadow banning by the left of this blog has commenced  my commissions have dropped considerably.  I appreciate everyone who uses my links.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How was Unplanned the movie?...

if everyone in this country would see Unplanned, all people would storm Washington demanding an immediate end to abortion.

It's that good.

I Bought the Lie

Until I was about 30 years old I thought it was "just a blob of cells" and abortion was liberating for women.  They call the devil the "Father of Lies", which explains why someone who was raised a good Catholic girl could stray so far.

I was not alone.

I grew up in the 50's and reached adulthood in the 60's.  I witnessed the advent of birth control and the aftermath when sex became totally separated from procreation.  In the 60's sex became a recreational activity instead of a holy act between a husband and wife who were always open to the possibility of life. 

That "free love" sort of a lifestyle is sinful and sin dulls the mind and destroys the soul.  The devil has done his job well.

Witness women screaming in the streets to kill their babies.  If that isn't evil possession, I don't know what is.

About that R Rating

The progressives do not want young people to see this movie. They rated it R to make sure that doesn't happen.

It reminds me of when I was teaching religious education to the 7th - 12th graders at my parish.  One of the 8th grade students had made a pro-life poster that contained disturbing pictures of aborted babies.  I took the poster to my pastor to ask whether it was appropriate to make that part of the upcoming lesson.  His answer?  "Yes, because it's the truth, and they need to see the truth."

I watched as the young people stood in front of that poster with tears leaking out of their eyes - both the boys and the girls, because it was the truth.  

The Real Message of the Movie

You can seek and find forgiveness after having an abortion.  God loves you and God will forgive you. Grace abounds for those who seek it.

What I Learned

Planned Parenthood knows when people peacefully pray outside an abortion clinic the number of abortions that day drops dramatically and they damn sure don't want you to know this.  As many as 75% of women showing up for abortions leave and seek help elsewhere.

I always thought it was a rather useless act - even though I know the power of prayer.  I was wrong.

From now on I will be one person joining in the prayer line outside a clinic at least once per month.   

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon are the film’s co-writers, co-producers and co-directors.

From Crux: (emphasis mine)
The film has been shown to sample groups hundreds of times, Solomon said. “Not one person said it’s not good. Not one.” Some cried, he added, “even men - they’re just as affected if they were involved in an abortion. And they say they feel freed, healed.”
Konzelman credits such feelings to the film’s overall message: “That there is grace and forgiveness, hope and healing and redemption no matter what you’ve done, and particularly for post-abortion women and men.”
He hopes those scarred by abortion will find healing through the film, then will become pro-life advocates and tell those considering abortion. “This is the mistake I made. I suffered tremendously for it. You don’t need to make the same mistake. If you find yourself in a crisis pregnancy, let’s find another way to handle it.'” 
“The great lie,” Konzelman continued, “is that you can walk into an abortion center, they can erase the baby and you can walk away and forget about it. There’s grief the rest of their life, and this movie helps them get passed that.” 
Solomon said, “If the world doesn’t end abortion, the Lord will. And we are not going to like how he does it.”

The movie opens on March 29th.  Scoop up your teenagers, your friends (especially your friends who may be pro-choice) and see this movie.


Crux:  Co-creators of pro-life film say God planned film ‘for such a time as now’

The Daily Signal:   ‘I Was Almost a Victim of Abortion’: Star of ‘Unplanned’ Wants Movie to Change Hearts, Minds

Lauren Green/Fox News:  R rating for pro-life movie ‘Unplanned’ laughable, wrong

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday's headlines set to music...

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

45 seconds of pure joy.

H/T Last Refuge

Tomorrow we'll talk about Unplanned - the movie.  It's a must-see!

Unplanned - the movie...w/Update...

is opening on March 29th.

Tonight we'll be attending a pre-release screening organized by patriots and pro-life peeps in our town.

Synopsis (from Wiki):

Abby Johnson is one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the United States. She has worked at a clinic in Texas for eight years, and has become a community outreach director and media spokeswoman for the organization, even winning the Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year Award. One day she is asked to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion at thirteen weeks gestation. It is then that she witnesses a baby struggling for its life even as it is dismembered by an abortionist's tool. She resigns, becoming a anti-abortion activist, founding a ministry to assist former Planned Parenthood employees turned anti-abortion after their own experiences.

The film was shot on a budget of $6 million. Mike Lindell, the founder and owner of My Pillow, was a major backer of the film, contributing $1 million dollars to the production.Lindell has a cameo in the film.
Unplanned was given an R rating by the MPAA, who cited a few graphic abortion-related scenes as the reason for the rating and notified the producers of the film that the film would remain R-rated unless those scenes were removed, but denied that it had assigned the rating due to political bias. Pure Flix, which had been expecting a PG-13 rating, decided not to contest the MPAA's action due to concerns that such conflict may delay the film's release. However, regarding the MPAA's rating, co-directors Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon said that:
We consider the MPAA’s current standards to be deeply flawed, insofar as they allowed scenes of remarkably graphic sex, violence, degradation, murder and mayhem to have a PG-13 rating, whereas our film, highlighting the grave dangers of abortion in a straightforward manner, is considered dangerous for the American people to view.

If you have any doubt is pro-abortion (death) people are being strangled and their souls invaded by the Evil One, read a few of the comments from Youtube.  I don't have time to be "sanitizing" the bad words.  Youtube doesn't care and I think it's important to see the mind set of baby killers.

absolutely repulsive. This is all a bunch of bullshit, and the fetus isn't gonna fucking move ok? god you people are so fucking stupid. go take your dip and your "wholesome christian values" and shove them up your ass. the same people saying that you should give birth to it anyway and if you really don't want it to just give up for adoption are the same people who are against gay people adopting and all of you are fucking sickos. disgusting. I hope this video gets taken down.

This is pure shit lol have fun watching a movie based on 0 facts and based on a woman who can hardly piece a sentence together.

Amazing to read all the comments by these religious nutjobs ~ Not all pregnancies are planned - nor are they emotionally ready, financially stable ready nor even qualified to be a "parent" - Someone show me where it says directly in whatever Bible or Koran or text of your holy Doctrine where it specifically states that "Abortions" are a sin? You can't. and with the population count of close to 8 Billion people on this planet - our environment cannot handle the capacity; and you cry and sob over the thought of a fetus being removed during a clinical procedure, while doing nothing about the several hundreds of thousands of children who were already born, dying in unnecessary wars overseas. Where's the movie about that to shove in your faces? If you're so pro-life, then why aren't you practicing that in your daily lives to its full extent? - or is it only "human lives" that matter to you and your fictitious god?

This trailer is disgusting and demonizes a company that has help many women AND MEN over the years. I pray to god this movie dosent do well because its just capitalizing on today's political climate instead of just trying to make a good movie. I hope the creators burn in hell those pieces of actual human garbage


Today is the Feast of the Annunciation celebrating the coming of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to announce to her the special mission God had chosen for her in being the mother of His only son.

And Mary said, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy word."

What a perfect day to see a movie about the killing of babies.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hymn to the Holy Innocents in Illinois State Capitol for those lost through abortion...

by the youth of St. John Cantius Church, Chicago who gathered together in the capitol of Illinois rotunda a few days ago to pray for the innocent babies who have died from abortion

Illinois is trying to push through some horrendous pro-death legislation.  Pray for them to fail.

Lully, Lulla, Lullay" by Philip Stopford is a lullaby sung to the Holy Innocents murdered by King Herod.


Lully, lullay, Thou little tiny Child,
Bye, bye, lully, lullay.
Lullay, thou little tiny Child,
Bye, bye, lully, lullay.
O sisters too, how may we do,
For to preserve this day
This poor youngling for whom we do sing
Bye, bye, lully, lullay.
Herod, the king, in his raging,
Charged he hath this day
His men of might, in his owne sight,
All young children to slay.
That woe is me, poor Child for Thee!
And ever mourn and sigh,
For thy parting neither say nor sing,
Bye, bye, lully, lullay.

Illinois House Bill 2495 and Senate Bill 1942, misnamed the Reproductive Health Act, include so many harmful provisions the full effect of these bills can hardly be imagined. 

We know the legislation:
  • - seeks to define abortion as health care and a fundamental right;
  • - removes abortion clinics from a regulatory framework designed for     significant medical procedures;
  • - attacks a carefully constructed agreement in law on how hospitals care for   the victims of sexual assault;
  • - repeals the ban on partial birth abortion;
  • - repeals legal protections for doctors and hospitals who decline to participate   in abortions;
  • - requires private health insurance in Illinois to fully cover the cost of       abortion;
  • - removes the requirement that only doctors can perform abortions;
  •  as well as many other changes that in totality require us to treat abortion as a   celebrated right instead of a heart-wrenching tragedy.
Illinois House Bill 2467 and Senate Bill 1594 seek to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Holy Carp!: Seattle City Council has cornered the market on arrogant and rude...

in view of the documentary just published by Seattle KOMO news, Seattle is Dying,  you'd think they'd make an effort to behave better.

It's a good thing I don't live in Seattle because if that had been me I would have snapped resulting in my being dragged out wearing zip ties.

KOMO TV: Seattle is Dying...

this is heartbreaking.

I still remember the first time I went to Seattle not long after we moved to North Idaho 30 years ago.  It was one of the most beautiful cities I'd ever seen and if it wasn't for the lack of sunshine I would have moved there in a heartbeat.

I was dazzled by the usual tourist attractions like the Pike Place Market.

  Chinatown, now called the "International District" by the politically correct zombies in charge of Seattle, was full of wonderful shops and markets.

The beauty of Elliot Bay where you can take a ferry to the surrounding islands was dazzling.

We spent an entire day in Pioneer Square touring the Seattle Underground and hanging out in local restaurants.  I sat on one of the benches shown in this picture and enjoyed the ambiance of the neighborhood.

Over the years of living only 5 hours away by car, I heard disturbing reports of some of the things going on there.  I didn't want to believe it.

Now I must.

This documentary by KOMO is heartbreaking, not just for the demise and destruction of a beautiful city, but the pain and devastation caused to our fellow human beings who are being used by the left as human experiments.

I know this video is a whopping ( by internet standards) 59 minutes long, but I urge you to watch it and completely understand what happens when the godless commies take control.

I also ask you to share this video so others may understand what happens to a city that is is ruled by democrats for well over 30 years.


Rantz: Homeless punching, urinating on workers in Seattle’s Pioneer Square  The comments on this article are illuminating - to say the least.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Well - that didn't take long: New Zealand bans certain scary black guns...

commies everywhere ecstatic.

Problem is, NZ, you have zero idea of how many of these scary guns are out there, and you have no way of enforcing people actually voluntarily turning them in.  What's next?  Door to door searches?

And............why isn't it considered cultural appropriation when the Prime Minister of NZ drapes her head in a muslim style scarf?

Morning Shows In Awe of 'Tough' 'Impactful' NZ Gun Ban, Lament U.S. Constitution

Wise words from Virtual Mirage:

Get rid of electoral college?...

do that and you can kiss this country goodbye.

I'm wondering if anyone under the age of 40 even knows the purpose of the electoral college.

If you want the same people who have destroyed the great cities on the east and west coast having the power to elect our presidents to the ends of time all you have to do is dump the electoral college?

Later I will be posting a video, Seattle is Dying, bravely made by KOMO News.  The devastation taking place in Seattle, one of the most beautiful cities I'm ever visited, is staggering.   It's important for you to see what liberal policies do to a city and the human suffering that is the result.