Tuesday, June 2, 2020

How many scary black guns can you pack into downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on Monday night?...


Definitely over five hundred.

And that's not counting the side arms and shotguns.

Rumor was that antifa types were headed to our beautiful Coeur d'Alene downtown to plunder and riot.

It was not to be.

Local Brent Regan:
"Last night's "Gun d'Alene" was AMAZING! Thousands of citizens, the majority of them armed, turned out at the mere suggestion that Antifa anarchist thugs and/or Proud Boys radicals may be coming to cause trouble. You want to cause trouble in our town? Not just "No" but "Hell No!!". You are welcome to come. You are welcome to peacefully protest. But do anything stupid and it won't last 10 seconds.
...Armed citizens are the solution to the anarchy sweeping our cities. Armed citizens, NOT SWAT police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets. Armed citizens peacefully gathering in a show of community strength and resolve. The small town equivalent of an American Aircraft Carrier Battle Group letting people know that we have the means and resolve to ensure peace."
As night fell, the streets were lined with cars and trucks just having a fine ol' time cruising and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

The antifa types scoped out the scene and decided maybe heading to Missoula, MT may be a better idea.

Proud to live in North Idaho!!

Photos from the Facecrap page of Liz Ehret Re - and we thank her.


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Monday, June 1, 2020

Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

this is hard to watch, but it should be seen by everyone.

Tucker did a splendid job explaining what is really going on - and we thank him!

Never fear - Tucker is followed by a palate cleanser. President Donald J. Trump made a statement today - and we thank him too.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

It was never about George Floyd...

it's about violent destructive people doing what they love to do.

This is not a protest - it's a criminal riot.

And it's out of control.

The MSM needs to quit calling what is going on "protests."

How many of the agitators are bused in and paid to rile up the IQ challenged while the commie/libtard governors and mayors of the bluest cities in the country hide in back rooms and allow this to continue?

That is all...

Friday, May 29, 2020

Minnesota burns...

but I'm sure that new pilfered air-fryer and couch will make up for all the inconvenience. 

I have nothing to say about my childhood home and the riots (NOT protests) that hasn't already been said.

How many Soros funded agitators were bused in?

I have bean and cucumber seeds to plant. See you all later. 

How about a Friday kitteh?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Contact tracing and Forced Vaccinations... video

is it true?

Since I'm suspicious of just about anything on the internet, I did a bit of checking up on this video, which is going viral.  My research has shown that you're seeing the truth.

Will it happen? Only if you let it.

Here is a link to Partners in Health which is mentioned toward the end of the video. If you check out their "partnerships" page under foundations you'll find the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in the number one spot.

Check out the ones listed under "public sector", "corporate partners", and "matching gift supporters", for a laundry list of the some of the most dangerous people subverting our country.


The Night Wind: The Fate of the Non-essential

Gateway Pundit:  Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot to Create 600-Strong Army of Contact Tracers

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Masks/no masks, Socialist distancing/hugs, Essential/non-essential, Open/closed...

the "new" America.

It's not pretty.

Yesterday I finally had my regular dental appointment more than a month over due. I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to be admitted to the office starting with hanging out in my vehicle until someone came to get me.

After having my teeth scrapped  scraped and cleaned, I headed across the street to Wallyworld.  My usual time for shopping is 7 am and now it was about 10 am.  The peeps with silly filthy rags tied on their faces outnumbered the sane peeps by quite a large margin.

Onward to the Dollar Store where even more (filthy pointless) masks were in evidence.

Here's the biggest problem I have with the masks - beyond the fact that they do nothing in the way of protecting anyone and may actually harm the people wearing them.  If people wish to subjugate themselves to fear and nonsense, who am I to stop them?

The real problem with having everyone masked is you cannot read an expression on someone's face when three quarters of it is covered. You can't see a smile so no one bothers to smile. You also can't judge if someone may have bad intentions.  It's really very unsettling. One thing I did notice is those of us who were unmasked were smiling quite broadly at the other unmasked peeps.

In my morning prayers I thank God that I live somewhere where there is still a bit of sanity.  Being attacked by mask-wearers outraged by my bare face is not high on my list of concerns, but it's still a concern - hence the early morning shopping when fewer people are out and about.

Is it depressing?  Why, yes - yes it is.

Tucker Carlson sums up the shaming being pushed by the fake news MSM in order to keep the commie/libtards outraged and upset - and we thank him.

Here are a few happy pictures of North Idaho to cheer you (and me) up:

Yesterday in Bonners Ferry just north of us posted in North Idaho Life on Facecrap.

Sunrise this morning at Fernan Lake