Saturday, December 7, 2019

Diversity is code for chaos...

it's a  benevolent sounding word steeped in virtue signaling which actually causes social strife rather than getting along.

What happens when cultures blend and adapt is that commie/libtards begin screaming "cultural appropriation" to maintain racism and conflict. 

The next time someone spouts off about "diversity", ask them what diversity means to them. I guarantee you that everyone you ask will have a different opinion on what it means.  How's that for diversity?

Or Google "diversity."  I did. Guess what happened?  I made it up to page 20, which equals two hundred articles, and still did not see one article that had anything except positive crapola to say about diversity.  I don't call that very diverse. 

And always remember that diversity never includes white people - in particular white males.

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