Friday, December 6, 2019

Are conservatives living in their own bubble?...

just a thought for Friday.

Not sure how it got to be Friday already, but it has.  Sigh

Anyhoo, I was out and about yesterday running errands.  I wore my MAGA hat necklace.  Not apparent in this photo is how sparkly and bright this pendant is in real life.  It's a bit like wearing an LED headlight on your chest.

At Home Depot three women commented on it and every one of them asked what "MAGA" meant.  It would be an understatement to say I was rather startled by the question.  When I answered, "Make America great again", they said, "Oh, yeah - that's right."  I went through the same drill at Ross and the beauty supply.

Are you ready?

Every one of those 9 or so people voted for Trump and didn't know what MAGA meant without being reminded.

The peeps I hang with didn't have to be told what it meant, but they're all political junkies and/or conservatives like I am.

It got me to thinking that when we say that most people are not interested in the impeachment hearings, what we're missing is that most people are not interested in any aspect of the politics of this country and are woefully uninformed.

We've formed our own little bubble of interest and have failed to realize that most people don't give a damn. And the commie/libtards who spout off with goofy anti-Trump crap are just parroting what their commie/libtard friends or the fake news tell them without really being all that interested.

So when I see "civil war" being bandied about, it makes me wonder who in hell is going to show up for a war they know nothing about.

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