Thursday, December 12, 2019

About the possibility of a Civil War 2.0...

was I wrong?

An article I posted on 12/6  Are conservatives living in their own bubble?...
 concluded with:
We've formed our own little bubble of interest and have failed to realize that most people don't give a damn. And the commie/libtards who spout off with goofy anti-Trump crap are just parroting what their commie/libtard friends or the fake news tell them without really being all that interested. 
So when I see "civil war" being bandied about, it makes me wonder who in hell is going to show up for a war they know nothing about.
First up to slap me up side the head was my most esteemed blogger buddy, Bunkerville:
It is claimed that only one third of America supported the American revolution. Most were out in the hinterlands trying to survive and grow a family, and keep their scalp. Still it was quite some war. That was the end of King George III and his experiment with his colonies. Just saying.
Good point, Bunk! 

Next up an article posted on American Thinker (12/6/19), Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War, by William L. Gensert,  has garnered 1,242 comments.  Do I need to tell you which way those comments lean?  I didn't think so.
"When the enemy stands between those with blinding hatred in their hearts and the power they crave, there is nowhere else for them to go but to war.  
There is just one problem with their strategy, Americans see what the Democrats have planned for them.  Americans understand what is coming.  
They are coming for those who will not acquiesce to the left’s plans for America.  All that remains is how the people will react. Normal Americans have had enough -- they are going to fight."

Not to be outdone, LSP posted Rolling to Civil WarExcellent and worth the read.

And your thoughts are??

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