Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The day before...


There will be many people darting about doing last minute food shopping, whipping up side dishes, and cleaning the bathroom. 

Since we keep holidays very, very simple, I'll spend the day watering, trimming, and washing my houseplants - a job I find very relaxing. I'll also look over the daily journal prompts for December at Quo Vadismake a few side dishes, and do some reading.  Oh - and I'll clean the bathroom.

We're expecting some sort of horrific wind storm that hasn't materialized yet, but since I had the huge trees cut down on the east of the house and the roof replaced, I couldn't care less. Power outage?  Fire already blazing away in the wood stove, Kindle charged, and candles at the ready. (Update: wind ramping up)

If you're traveling please be safe and watch out for the other guy.  Spokane made Daily Mail and Fox News with its 60/70 car pile up on I-90.  This was not caused by some sort of huge snow storm. It was caused by one person who wasn't paying attention and probably driving too fast for the conditions. Word is that a whole bunch of insurance adjusters had to lie down with cold rags on their foreheads.

Over at is a great article on Thanksgiving.  You may want to print it out and read it at dinner.

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten History of America's Thanksgiving and What It Commemorates

If you're the outdoor type, you may want to check out Outdoor Life Reviews. They post reviews on all sorts of outdoor stuff like fishing, hunting, et al. They do a super great job. 

Let's all have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you won't have to deal with a bunch of never Trumpers.

Amazon Today

The only black Friday I would consider is Amazon.

I'm hoping for an additional reduction on the Lodge cast iron grill.  We gave away our large gas grill.  I really prefer to cook on charcoal and wood. This grill holds quite a bit of food, but is still small enough for just two peeps.

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