Thursday, November 28, 2019


for so many things.

A happy little doggie - not a glamour shot 
Most of all I'm thankful for our wonderful emergency vet clinic just minutes from our home.  Our Frankie doggie erupted in screams of pain about 11:00 pm last night.  After many tests, xrays, and such, it was determined that he had a raging case of pancreatitis.

He's been on IV fluids and pain meds during the night.  I just delivered his home made food and if he keeps a little of it down we may be able to bring him home later today.

I'm exhausted after getting home after 2 am, so I'm also thankful I did 99% of my cooking yesterday.


11:39 am PST - Frankie's coming home!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

And, of course:

A day is not complete without a kitteh:

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