Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Is Black Friday Still a Big Deal With People?...

or have they finally gotten wise?

And other random pre-Thanksgiving thoughts.

Participation in a Black Friday event happened only once in my life. It was at Target. It was awful.  It was not worth the effort. It never happened again!

I may check out some deals on Amazon, but that's the extent of my participation in this yearly ode to silliness.


Daily Mail headline news:  Holidays Hell  Really? Around here we call it winter.  Daily Mail has gone all hard core on ad blocker.  If you want to see their pictures or read any of their goofy stories you must disable your ad blocker. The result is a slowed down glitchy site that flashes and bangs so much it could invoke an epileptic seizure in a susceptible person.  A decision that's sure to cost them many page views.

 The 5 Beep Question

How come our kitchen appliances (coffee maker, microwave, convection oven, et al) beep 5 times when they're finished doing whatever you want them to do?  Why not 3, 4, or 6 beeps?

Finding Good Books

No - not the Good Book, but fun light reading that doesn't contain the "f" word every two sentences and a bunch of graphic sex. So I happen upon the Joe Dillard series by Scott Pratt and loved the characters and the writing.  Then I discover that his wife, Kristy, died of breast cancer at age 55 in early 2018 after 12 years of treatments failed.  After reading a letter posted by his son, I found out that Scott, aged 61, died about 5 months after his wife in a diving accident.
RIP Scott and Kristy

Obviously, I don't know Scott except through his books.  Many of his characters suffer from the same things he and his family have endured over the past decade. But, I was still so very sad and touched by his story. If you like good books check out the Joe Dillard series. Scott also has a bunch of other books that look good too.

A Wheat Free Thanksgiving

Since going wheat/grain free, which isn't really all that hard, a few Thanksgiving adjustments are needed.  My famous herb dressing made with the addition of sausage will be the same except instead of bread I'll be using cauliflower florets. I've made it before and it's delicious. We will be having carbolicious mashed potatoes and corn casserole (a family recipe.)  Since they have no wheat I'm willing to do some extra carbs in a hat tip to Thanksgiving.

A Note About Shadow Banning and the Silencing of Conservatives

Guess what my pretty little peaches? It's not just the "big guys" who are silenced, but also all us little slaves toiling day in and day out in the vineyard of the internet.  People like LL at Virtual Mirage, Bunkerville, Political Clown Parade, Diogenes Middle FingerRed Pill Jew, V for Victory, Always on Watch, Nox and Friends, and Lone Star Parson. Let's not forget those who keep us cheered up and entertained in between all serious stuff like Woodsterman, Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat, and Bluebird of Bitterness. 

How can you help?  Simple!  If you're on Facebook or Twitter link our articles which usually just involves clicking on a share button.  The commie/libtards can't win if we all stick together. 

Just Released by the Republican National Committee

Two minutes of feel good for all of us who are tired of being called deplorable racist homophobe xenophobe Nazi Nazi Nazi dirt people.

As for me - I will continue to cling to my Bible and guns.


Virtual Mirage:  Is there a Pattern of Corruption?  LL has done a stellar job of outlining the whole Biden corruption saga.  Well worth the read

Bunkerville:  FBI Lawyer Who Altered FISA Docs and a Corrupt Intelligence Inspector General

DC Whispers:   REPORT: Second Adam Schiff Staffer Linked to Burisma

Amazon Today

You can do "Black Friday" at Amazon without leaving your warm and cozy home.

Black Friday Countdown at Amazon

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I receive a small commission when you order through my links (thank you, Kid) at no additional cost to you.  Now - I know that you know that, and obviously I know that, but Amazon gets it's panties in a twist if I don't tell you all the time what you already know. So consider yourself told.

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