Saturday, May 25, 2019

RIP Herman Wouk May 27, 1915 - May 17, 2019...

a passing of great personal sadness.

I love to read.

I started reading at a very young age, about four years old (pretty much self-taught and later solidified with phonics), and encouraged by my mother who kept me well supplied with books of all sorts. Our favorite weekend outing was to walk two miles to the library to stock up on books.  I am still a weekly devotee of our local library and at any given time have ten to fifteen books checked out. A back up a fully loaded Kindle is also at my disposal.  God forbid I should have nothing to read.

When I was about ten years old and whining to my mom that I had nothing to read, she darted over to our book shelf, pulled out The Caine Mutiny, by Herman Wouk, and gave it to me.  She figured it would keep me busy for a very long time.  It was my first "grown up" book.

It kept me busy all right, but I devoured it in just a few days.  It led to reading Marjorie Morningstar, Youngblood Hawke, Winds of War, and War and Remembrance - all of which I loved.

Herman Wouk had the gift of making his characters so real that you felt like you knew them and definitely wanted to invite them over for dinner and great conversation.

His depiction of historical events was meticulously researched and gave the reader an insight otherwise not available.

He was often savaged by book reviewers, a breed of people whose job it is to be snotty while possessing no discernible talents of their own - other than being snotty, that is.

So - thank you Mr. Wouk for the hours and hours of reading enjoyment - you are in my prayers.

Now go out and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend made possible by the service members who died fighting for our freedom.

 I will see you back here on Tuesday. 


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