Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Medicare for All? Rep. Dan Crenshaw Questions Fundamental Flaws of Single-Payer Systems...

aka "socialized medicine."

It won't work.

Today's Medicare doesn't work.

My mother worked in the medical field and when Medicare first came on the scene she said, "It won't work."

She was right.

Millions of people who have paid their entire life and continue to pay after reaching Medicare age do not have doctors. Medicare is not "free."

I'm one of them.

When I first reached the age for Medicare and was forced onto the program (yes, my little cabbages - you will be forced) my husband's doctor took me on as a patient.

Within about one year he retired.

Guess what?  I have not had a doctor since - close to seven years. The best I can do is a physician assistant, and while they're nice ladies, they're far removed from an actual doctor.  My husband was also shifted to a completely incompetent PA who did her best to kill him. 

After spending several days on the phone I got lucky and was able to find a doctor for my husband who is doing a great job. Unfortunately, he is not taking anymore Medicare patients. My last PA quit.  If I need treatment for something I have no one call.

Doctors cannot afford to treat Medicare patients.  It's as simple as that.

The only way Medicare for All will work is if you force doctors to treat everyone.  There's that word "force" again.

How long do you think most doctors will consider staying in the profession when they are forced to work.  Didn't we free the slaves?

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