Friday, May 24, 2019

Memorial Day "Sales"...

when stuff is marked down to the price it should have been to begin with.

Just say "NO"

Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor and remember our fallen heroes.  You don't want to spend the day buying a bunch of crap you don't really need.

Take your kids to a Memorial Day celebration in your local community.  Place a flag on the grave of a soldier killed in battle.  Have friends and family over to grill a burger.

I'm a big fan of James Clear, author of Atomic Habits - a seriously great book.  I suggest you buy it in hard bound rather than Kindle

Yesterday he posted, The Diderot Effect: Why We Want Things We Don’t Need — And What to Do About ItI've fallen victim to this many, many times.  

I also fall victim to impulse buying on Amazon.  Yeah - I know I'm an Amazon affiliate and earn a few nickels when you follow my links for your Amazon purchase.  But, I'm also the first one to tell you not to buy what you don't need.  Overcome with the "I wants?"  Simple.  Hit the button that sends that item to your wish list.  I guarantee you that 99% of those items will never get purchased.

See something in a store while your doing necessary shopping that you simply must have?  Stick it in your cart and drive it around while you shop.  You get all the fun of "owning" the item and can put it back on the shelf before you leave the store. 

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit Arlington Cemetery. 

Oh, Noes... May 26, 2019
The Last Ride of Rolling Thunder


Final Rolling Thunder, Inc Ride for Freedom will be this Sunday in D.C.

I always hoped I could one day ride in the Rolling Thunder Freedom Ride.


10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day

And More Stuff:

Diogenes' Middle Finger:   Why Are There So Many Lunatics in the Democrat Party?

Amazon Today

Deals in Sports and Outdoors

I have been remiss in my disclosure statement which Amazon demands we do. To wit - I receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, when you purchase anything through my links even if it's not the item I've posted. We little blog peeps don't have staffs of interns and buckets of paid advertisements and yet often spend hours and hours on research for our posts.  Your Amazon purchases help and I appreciate it so very, very much.

Remember - only buy what you really, really need. The rest goes on your wish list.

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