Thursday, February 14, 2019

The snow is over and my hand is healing...

it's a good day in Idaho.

I've heard a rumor that we broke some snow records with something like 25" in the first two weeks of February.

I do know that on our windy day, our road was completely drifted over.  Our wonderful snow plow fairy was able to open the road and we are grateful.

Tripping the light fantastic in style
Meantime, I wish I could tell you I suffered a major sprain of my left hand last Monday when I rappelled down the White Cliffs of Dover, but alas - I tripped over my hair dryer cord.  How boring!  Thinking I had disengaged my huge fluffy slippers with the sequined stars adorning the front, I admit to being wrong.  Breaking the resulting tumble caused an ugly sprain to my left hand.  Typing was almost impossible.  Obviously I am on the mend and will even go to the gym later although I may have to do mainly lower body exercises so as to not aggravate my sprain.

I'm reading The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great DepressionbyAmity Shlaes, and what an eyeopener it is.  In particular, her description of a group of the "intelligentsia" making a junket in 1927  to the Soviet Union and how clever and wonderful they thought Stalin and communism was.

The difference between then and now is that back in 1927 these dopes came home and were essentially ignored.  Now we elect them to office where they are hard at work doing their best to destroy America - both the reality of the country and the idea of the country. 

How did this happen?

I'm asking for your input here, because I'm not going to be one teeny bit shy on giving you my opinion, and it's not pretty. 

People of faith, Christians and Jews, have been unable to imagine or understand the minds of the people who have turned their backs on God.  They've been too busy enjoying the fruits of our great county.  They allowed the Godless ones to infiltrate the schools and poison their children's minds. They have elected them to office on the promise of "free stuff."  They have allowed the Godless ones to redefine depravity as good and good as evil.

They have stood back and swallowed the lie that being created equal means we are equal. They have divorced, contracepted, and aborted babies right along with the most Godless in our society.  They jumped on the SJW diversity train to inequality where some pigs are more important than other pigs. They have stood by when Christians, Catholics in particular, are demonized.

Empty Cortex and the Green New Deal is the result of decades of turning the other cheek.  It's the result of not understanding who these people are.

Listen to what one of the men on the junket to the Soviet Union in 1927 said in a letter to his mother:
"Everybody is poor together. There is much discontent, much regulation of life, but not much terrorism or repression except of the old upper classes." The Forgotten Man
This is what the communists of today want for you.  The collective being poor together is a dream for them.  They, however, will not be joining you in poorness.

My time of referring to them as commie/marxist/libtards has come to an end.  From now on they will be called exactly what they are - communists. 

I see a glimmer of hope that the populace is waking up to the threat.  Will enough people wake up in time?  


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