Saturday, February 9, 2019

American Thinker's about how to argue with a commie/marxit/libtard article is missing the most important point...

once you argue with a lefty, you've lost.

From American Thinker

4 Liberal Arguments against the Wall and How to Beat Them

After so many waves of propaganda against the wall, many Americans are forgetting why they originally wanted it.  It has therefore become necessary to expose these bad arguments so that the Democrats do not succeed in subverting the great gift President Trump is offering the American people.  There is an answer to all of these objections, that all Americans, non-experts and experts, can understand. 
No, no, no!

The left does not care about facts. If you engage in this kind of arguing, you are wasting your time and will regret on your death bed that you did so.

Now, the author of that article has got his facts all lined up like militant little ducks, but lefties do not care about facts.  It's okay to gather the facts in case you run into a rational lefty.

Living in North Idaho and having a family chock full of commies who no longer recognize my existence, doesn't give me many chances to practice what I'm about to tell you.  However, this rhetorical arrow is so ingrained in my conversational quiver, that it's completely automatic.

Supposing you are part of a family stocked with in-your-face lefties (I'm sorry) and they haven't yet plucked you from the family tree they keep in the Bible they never read, or if you work around lefties who love nothing more than to bait you - listen closely.

Number One - Have an audience

Make sure you have an audience.  It's no darn fun to allow Aunt Bessie to make herself look silly at the Thanksgiving family gathering if there is no one there to witness it.  In fact, for a lefty, it's as though it never happened.

Number Two - Do not accept their premise and always ask questions

Never accept their premise and pepper them (respectfully) with questions.  Suppose they say to you that building a wall is immoral.  Your response should be something along these lines:
"I'm really interested in hearing your point of view, but first I want to make certain we're having the same conversation.  Perhaps you can take a moment to define what you mean by morality?"
In most cases that will be the end of the conversation.  Now if they happen to come up with some half-baked definition for "moral" you continue with:
"How do you propose we fix the immigration problem?" 
You continue to narrow the focus of your questions until the lefty has backed himself into a corner.

Never, never, defend yourself against a slur against you.  If they call you a "racist" and you defend yourself by spluttering about all the ways you're not a racist you've automatically accepted their premise that you are a racist.

Some debaters might not like this particular approach, but I always answer any accusation with a question like this:
"What makes you say that?  What exactly have I done for you to call me an ugly name?" 
Make them defend their position! 

The left's only real argument for anything is that you are stupid, mean, or immoral. They have no other arguments other than to smear you in order to feel better about themselves.  They cannot be "good" until you've been proven to be "bad."

Remember dear Aunt Bessie at the Thanksgiving dinner?  Force her, through careful questions, to call you mean and stupid.  If you have maneuvered her to do this while you've remained pleasant and respectful, poor Aunt Bessie will look like the bully she actually is.

Practice the Tucker Carlson eyebrow wrinkle  

I love to watch Tucker lead people to their own rhetorical demise.  Ben Shapiro also has the gift.  They always ask question after question after question ad infinitum.

And remember that lefties lie.

They either lie on purpose or they are so uninformed and stuck in their own bias that they actually believe what dribbles out of their pie hole.

In the following clip watch lefty Columbia professor Robert Hockett continue to assert over and over that Empty Cortex never, ever said those unwilling to work would be supported by the taxpayers.  This is classic gaslighting.  And this dweeb actually believes if he says it often enough it will become the truth.  Unfortunately, when it concerns his fellow lefties, he's right.

I have two questions about this clip.  What the hell is that thing perched on top of his head, and what parent would allow their progeny to attend Columbia if this is the quality of professorship on the campus?   Wait - one more question: what kind of drugs is this twitchy dude ingesting?

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