Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Smirking flappy hands Pelosi and Bobble Head Schumer...

perfect representatives for the party of commie/marxist/libtards.

Watching this travesty of a "debate" with Nancy Pelosi waving her hands about and actually making an opening statement referring to the meeting as "coming together to have a prayerful" debate should set your teeth on edge.

Pelosi makes it known that she would much rather have a "private" meeting and then maybe go out and spin some crap for the media.  No, Nancy.  Just, no!  Let the world see what a bunch of obstructionists you all are.  Everything, except that which concerns national security, should be broadcast.  No more backroom chit chatting.

Her concern is for the America people?  I don't think the ordinary dirt person ever enters what is left of any conscious thought she's possible of conjuring up from the depths of her addled brain.

Schumer weighs in by essentially calling the president of the United States a liar, and both he and Pelosi keep rattling on and on about not shutting down the government and how worried the average person is about such an outcome.

I have news for you two - the average person in the U.S. would just as soon the majority of the government was shut down permanently.  The feds meddling in education, environment, energy, and the numerous HUD programs should all be abolished.

Afterwards, Schumer and Pelosi spoke to the press with Pelosi saying she suggested that Trump pray over their proposals.  Really, Nancy? I suggest that the one who needs to pray is you.  An abortion supporting "Catholic" needs for her pastor to explain to her that because of her support for killing babies in utero she's on a fast track to hell, is not in good standing with the Church, and should never receive Holy Eucharist until she makes a good confession and publicly rescinds her support for abortion.


Politico:   Pelosi privately disses Trump’s manhood after White House meeting (since this statement was made "privately" and it's coming from Politico, it may or may not be true.  You be the judge.)

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