Monday, December 10, 2018

What you don't know can't hurt you?...

is ignorance really bliss?

For the past week having sketchy internet service has prompted me to discover a few things.

The first thing I discovered is when you know that your access may only last for five to fifteen minutes, you eliminate a gazillion sites you usually spend waste time perusing.
Take time to enjoy the beauty of the world

The second thing I discovered is that the surfing aimlessly around the interwebs is a really crappy way to spend your time.  You can lose most anything material in life - your home, your savings, even your car keys and they can be replaced.  But when you lose your time it's gone. Forever.

The third thing I learned is that when you first lose your "connection" to the big bad world, you become edgy and nervous.  After a day or so of that you mellow out a bit and realize that you have space to think. 

About this ignorance thingy:

One thing I thought about quite a bit is how much the world has changed and how much of history has been withheld or deliberately skewed to control the masses. 

We now live in a world where people, including the very young, are the most "connected" populace ever.  And yet they are the dumbest. 

What I find sad is that they don't even know how many of their freedoms have been stripped away by the elitists in their quest for power.  They not only don't know, they don't care.  Will they ever figure it out?  Highly doubtful.  You see, grade school and high school was just a grooming for the mind numbing anti-Christian propaganda they're fed in the universities.

They've become part of the mob.  You see mobs don't always have to be violently running about, like in France, torching cars, wrecking businesses, and causing general mayhem. Mobs can consist of a whole bunch of people who are intellectually (a word I use very loosely) shaped by the people they hang with.

Soon there will no one left to tell them the truth. 


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