Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Women's March Libtards Backing Gun Control School Walkouts...

because it's all about "protecting the little kiddies" and certainly not at all political.

Now for an irony alert:

On the Women's March Minnesota Facecrap page immediately following the "save the kids" anti-gun march/school walkout post, is a post on their seminar focused on "abortion for everyone."  These women don't even see the irony.

Sadly, no one has denied them the ability to kill their babies in the womb.  And yet they continue to bang that same worn out drum.  Since Roe v Wade, almost universally noted by legal scholars to be bad law, over 60 million babies have been dismembered and flushed down the drain - unless, of course, their little body parts aren't sold to the highest bidder.

Using young people to advance the libtard message is nothing new, and nothing good has ever been the result.

The conservatives are all about having armed guards in schools.  How about asking why that is necessary?

It doesn't take a Phi Beta Kappa to realize that the majority of kids today are raised in homes with a woman as head-of-household.  Fully 40% of kids born today are illegitimate, with that figure over 70% in black households.  While I applaud not flushing the kid down the drain, the idea of "free love" and "do your own thing" is not working too well.

This is what passes for child rearing today
So, women are concerned about the very kids they're raising.  Even more irony, huh?

We punish the kids who strive to be Christians, while others are given participation trophies for merely showing up imbuing them with an over-inflated sense of their importance.

We hand them technology before they're able to toddle across the room, and yet don't have time to sit down for a family dinner every night.  Children, mostly boys, are watching explicit and disgusting online porn as young as 9 and 10 years old.

When little boys act like little boys, we pump them full of dangerous psychotropic drugs proven to cause aggression and/or thoughts of suicide in developing brains, and label them with a completely made up disease.

Their heads are relentlessly stuffed full of the libtard message for hours every single day in indoctrination centers laughingly called schools while test scores plummet.

The school board in Edina, MN, a wealthy suburb of Minneapolis, once considered the gold standard in schools , went full libtard a few years ago with diversity and foisting a white guilt trip on its mostly white students.  And the result?  Student overall scores are being decimated.  Reading and math scores at grade level are being hit the hardest.  You can read about the whole dismal train wreck HERE.

Until we as a nation return to decency and morals based on Biblical and God given natural law, no amount of armed guards will keep these young people safe. 

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