Thursday, February 22, 2018

CPAC, School Shootings, and Fake News...

 the world is going mad.

I'm not going to spend my entire day worrying about the dust up at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) over Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit being called a Nazi and being kicked off a panel on free speech.  Think about that for a moment.

Pamala Geller, who organized the panel, had quite a bit to say about the issue:

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: CPAC Joins the Leftist Social Media Giants in Censoring Conservatives

Many times in the past I've brought up the fact that Gateway Pundit is not too careful about what it prints.  And if it does print something in the heat of the moment to boost their already overwhelming page views, they make no effort to correct the falsehood.  Why bother.  In today's overheated 24/7, over reported, and short attention span culture, everyone has moved on to other stories in a matter of hours.

However, calling Jim Hoft a Nazi is a bit over the top and certainly would qualify as fake news.

And then we have MassResistance being dis-invited at the last moment from being an exhibitor at CPAC.
Why would a group or speaker be banned? CPAC Executive Director Dan Schneider said he rescinded our participation due to our uncivil discourse. He was “uncomfortable” with our tone. CPAC has been telling our supporters who call that we “lack common decency.” Several of our supporters were even told that our group encourages violence against gays! That is libelous. We’ve never done anything of the sort. source (good article)
Mass Resistance is considered "uncivil" because they dare to say that homosexuality is dangerous and unhealthy.

Other than some professional seminars where attendees can gain some new knowledge and hobnob with like minded people, I find CPAC (which I had never even heard of until I started blogging) is more of a see and be seen, getting to wear a phony press pass, and feeling all important by being cozy with a bunch of peeps who couldn't care less about you and will forget your name 10 seconds after meeting you.  I've also heard the after hours activities are quite lively too.  Smirk.

Turning Teenagers into Useful Idiots

The left just can't help themselves.

Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me "Scripted Question" After Denying Question About Armed Guards 

And the "ladies who march" are all up in arms (no pun intended) over gun control to keep kids safe.  You know, the kids who escaped the abortionists suction hose or scalpel.  The irony hurts.

Allow me to add, that barring a complete turn around in our culture, the only way to keep schools safer is to have armed guards or armed teachers, and not by taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

May I also add that the only president to actually try to do something positive is Donald J. Trump - you know, "not your president" if you're a libtard!

War on Police

Another police officer was killed trying to do his job.  That makes 14 police officers killed by gunfire in 2018.

Want to stop this assault on police officers?


Make it an automatic death penalty case with no plea bargaining allowed if you kill a cop.  If convicted - you die.


Liberty's Torch:  Media Manipulation: A First Course

LA Times:  Fake videos are on the rise. As they become more realistic, seeing shouldn't always be believing

American Thinker:  Cries to 'Ban the AR-15' Based on Ignorance and Hysteria

Nox and Friends: The Link Between SSRI Drugs and Teen Violence (excellent!)

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