Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tucker Carlson to Brad Woodhouse, former DNC communications director: "What the hell are you talking about?"

my question exactly.

Listen to this ignorant elitist creep pontificating and understand this is what all the libtards think.  And it's also what they think about you.

Trump defends Western Civilization and the left goes nuts.  Why?  Are they really so propagandized and dumbed down that they actually believe living in a hut on top of flea infested sand pile is comparable to living in an air conditioned house?  Silly question.  Of course they do.

Is rap, filled with foul language and promoting violence against "hoes and bitches", equal to a classical symphony?

Is speaking proper English and not wearing your pants around your knees a dog whistle for white nationalism?

Is claiming our way of life is better than others a hate filled statement?  In their world it is.  And yet I witness the yuppie libtards living la dolce vita slurping their over-priced soy lattes in their trendy corner coffee cafes while bashing capitalism.

The Declination and Liberty's Torch do a great job of laying down the fundamentals of reaching the truth in any situation.  And the truth is not what the libtards are trying to ram down our throat by the force of their incessant nattering.

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