Friday, July 14, 2017

Protest and Russia fatigue...

I haz it.

And I bet most of the country does, too.

Every week it's some over-hyped group or another protesting, marching, and just generally making pests of themselves.  The Ladies Who March™ will be out today disrupting the lives of working Americans by snarling traffic from Virginia to DC. 

And how about the latest outrage over the congressional dress code?  It seems Nancy Pelosi is all up in arms about having to cover the aforementioned arms.  And somehow it's all Paul Ryan's fault.

Did we elect these clowns to go to DC and argue about the clothes the women are wearing?  I approve of the dress code as it stands.  Just the thought of Nancy Pelosi in a sleeveless dress makes me quiver - and not with excitement.

The latest "Trump is in bed with Russia" crap is winding down.  Let's all have a wonderful weekend and rest up for whatever outrage the MSM gins up next week.

This weekend I plan to post on habits - both good and bad, and how to change the ones you don't like.

I have a fully loaded Kindle (currently reading a book about time perception), a library tote full of books, one used book I snatched up at the grocery store for cheap, a huge container of salad, and enough country style ribs whipped up in my Instant Pot (25 minutes to done) - all of which means I don't have to cook for at least two days.  Yay, me.


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