Friday, June 2, 2017

About this Paris Accord thingy...

this comment over at the hallowed halls of MOTUS AD sums it up brilliantly.

From commenter B.A.
"The globalist's intent was to squeeze the very last golden egg out of the goose, then cook her up for a feast, then after the feast make soup of her bones. After all the scraps and bones had nothing left to give, boiled out so to speak, they intended to leave nothing but a pile of what they deem hubris, thus pacifying their own elitist vanity. Once again, DJT saves the Americans from becoming the third world, her good and brave people crushed, and the great experiment rendered a mockery in human history. God bless President Trump! This is real winning."


American Thinker:  Trump Steps on the Paris Agreement, Stands for Sovereignty

SHTF Plan:   Five Reasons Why America Is About To Become A Very Conservative Country

The Blaze:   Democratic mayor sticks it to Trump: Our city ‘will follow Paris Agreement’ (My question:  How exactly does that work?)

Jeffrey A. Tucker:  The Amazing Arrogance of the Paris Climate Agreement  (Excellent!)

Jon Rappoport:  Break out the CO2 bubbly; Al Gore is crying in his beer (Find out how Gore became mega wealthy off the backs of the tax payers.)

Today's Deals at Amazon

So - how's it going with my new Kindle Paperwhite E-reader?  I love it!!  I was having problems reading in bed.  I just couldn't get the light right.  The bedside lamp was too dim so I tried adding a reading light.  Didn't help.  The Kindle handily solved that problem.

Another reason to love Prime

 I wanted a Bed Head Waver.  I also wanted to try Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue  (seriously - that's the name)  The other item was two Behrens pet food containers with locking lids (rodent proof - don't ask!)

Wallyworld claimed to have all three items.  They lied!  I popped over there and not one of these three items was in the store. I could have ordered them and they would be sent to the store for free, but that would necessitate another trip over there, so I ordered them from Amazon.

To be fair, I did save money because the nice gentleman in the paint department remembered when they carried the pet food container in the store.  He turned around, pointed at some white buckets, and said, "These are food grade, rodent proof, and they only cost about $3.00. Aren't those Behrens cans about $20.00?"  

That saved me about $33.00. 

Also - more fairness here, a return trip to Wallyworld is really no big deal since I'm spitting distance to the store and I'm usually there once or twice a week.  

And - yet even more fairness, the store has returned to having greeters. One of the new ones is a older disabled gentleman who has to sit on his walker seat during his shift.  We engage in some very lively conservative rants which is quite enjoyable.  

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