Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Newt Gingrich: “Look, this is a frenzied, almost a death behavior by the left...

 because they’re in such trouble and Trump potentially represents the end of their world." 

But first, since everyone else has something to say about Kathy Griffen, I guess I'll throw in my opinion.  

Many years ago I watched a video of an actual beheading carried out by muslim scum.  I thought long and hard before deciding that by refusing to watch it I was deliberately avoiding the truth of a situation. 

How many times have you heard the internet meme, "What is seen, cannot be unseen?"  After watching the beheading video, I had a whole new understanding of that phrase.  It has taken years to push those images to a lonely little back corner of my brain.

It's been almost impossible to avoid the sight of Kathy Griffen holding up a bloody head that appears to be Donald Trump.  Every time I see it, my chest gets tight, my heart rate increases, and my mind says (quite inelegantly), "What the hell?"

Now imagine you are the 11 year old son of Donald Trump watching TV when that disgusting picture pops up on the screen.  To make it even worse, I get the impression that Melania Trump has kept her son from many of the worldly endeavors most parents allow their young children.  I doubt that Barron sits around playing violent video games or watches the borderline pornographic stars like Ariana Grande. 

Barron Trump now has his very own "what is seen, cannot be unseen" brain cell.  And that brain cell is attached to a picture of his decapitated father's blood drenched face.

It is very hard at times like this to not wish for someone to rot in hell.  Instead I will pray for the conversion of the soul of Kathy Griffen - grudgingly

This crazy behavior from the left is proof that we're winning.

Newt Gingrich: On back-channel communication

“This notion that suddenly this is a terrible thing, it verges on being insane. But this whole story, and I worry – I don’t actually worry about the substance. I worry about the investigative process and the degree to which sooner or later somewhere, somebody will engage in a mistake, and that mistake will now become the problem, not the original act, not the original accusation.”

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