Sunday, June 4, 2017

12 arrested in London after muslim terror attack?...

which tells us that these people were known to the authorities.

So why are they still living in the UK?

British born?

Revoke their citizenship and deport them.

And if you think muslims are our only enemies check out the libtards on Huff and Puff defending the killers and blaming Trump, Russia, Brexit, joblessness, and inequality for upsetting these poor dindunothings.

I was going to say that the only thing left out was climate change, but someone finally jumped on that bandwagon.

The comments below have not been corrected for spelling or grammar: 
Joblessness leads to dispair anger and fatalism....the economic imbalances - pervasive world wide - are boiling over into the lives of the everyday person. Until the elite 1-percent) and their heirs are also targetted global economics will be managed without regard to our everyday lives. 
This has been the preferred lone wolf attack method of choice for almost two years now. And it has been done in almost all the major western countries. Unlike a bomb blast its death toll is minimal, if any. The goal here is chaos and fear.
Matt Scott the rhetoric he spews along with May's silence is heard around the world. Whether we like it or not the president of the US even this fumbling fool makes an impact in the world for better or worse... in this case worse. I remember reading that some ISIS leader said he prayed for Donald Trump to become president they knew the damage he commits is more than they could accomplish. 
Trump has something to use for hsis Travel Ban, Amazing he thinks about that first before anyone even knows the facts. They were flashing on Breaking New's that he had been informed and was being kept up on everything, like he really cares, he proved he could care less by pulling the US out of the Climate Deal. These Countries will never trust what he say's.
I can't help but wonder if terrorist attacks are increasing in the UK because of Brexit. If there's a link between being more open about xenophobia and terror attacks, people pushing for a wall around America may be in for a terrible surprise.
These attacks will continue until after the election when Russian Intelligence will concentrate on creating terrorist attacks in the next European Country to hold elections.
I really like the one who is reassuring us that the death toll is "minimal."  Well, gosh - that makes me feel so much better.

Here's a bit of an eye-opener for you to watch: 

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