Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Woman shot by capitol police dead...w/Update...

explain this to me.

How come the commie/libtards can burn down cities, attack the police and anyone they deem to be the enemy, and the police do nothing? 

And yet today they shot and killed a woman for no damn reason!!!


It appears the original video I posted is already gone.

The new one is, if possible, even more disturbing. 

You all better face the fact that censorship, rather than being an annoyance, will now be in full flower, and the propaganda will flow like a river after spring thaw.  I also posted below the Tucker Carlson interview with Mark Steyn.  The one linked on Liberty Daily has already disappeared. 

I suggest you spend today making sure you have phone numbers, physical addresses, and alternate means of communication with those who share your views. 

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