Monday, December 28, 2020

Newsmax is not your friend...

 and neither are 99% of the other "mainstream" media outlets.

Today the headline story at Newsmax is Trump Signs Massive Measure Funding Government, COVID Relief (no link on purpose.)  Scroll down to the end of this Trump hit piece and you'll find © Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Really Newsmax? Not only have you added screeching self-starting videos to your site, but you print crap from AP and call it your own? 

Meantime Liberty Daily, an aggregate site, linked to an article on USA Herald which, while still on their site, has gone 404. I don't know if the Herald intentionally removed the story or there's an internal error. 

BREAKING: Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Bill
Carmine Sabia
- December 27, 2020
President Donald Trump signed the coronavirus relief bill but he made substantial changes to it before sending it back to Congress.
Liberty Daily also linked this at NOQReport: President invokes Impoundment Control Act of 1974, redlining areas of concern in COVID-19 relief bill which you can still access and includes the statement from President Trump.

If you're still waiting for a "news" site to print the truth allow me to tell you - it's not going to happen. They're printing propaganda - not news. And if you fall for it, that makes you part of the problem. 

It's the main reason I spend way more time on the "littles" who don't depend on clicks to drive their advertising fees.

I'm way more interested in relying on people who use their God-given common sense to make an attempt to discern the truth.  And yet, it's only a jump start for engaging my own common sense.  You need to do the same.

You can start with these interesting articles from sources I trust to scrabble around trying to find truth:

PJ Media:   Trump Signs 'Red-Lined' COVID-19 Stimulus Bill, Asks Congress to Remove Wasteful Spending PJ Media is not exactly a "little", but they continue to do a good job with a range of interesting writers.

Nox and Friends: The ‘oh-so clever stupidity’ of the Global Reset mentality  Nox and Friends, under the leadership of Hardnox, has a plethora of fine people doing their best to engage your brain cells - and we thank them.

Victory Girls:  Trump Tries Impoundment Control Act To Cut Spending Will it work?  Who the hell knows.

The Bellows:  The Great Covid Class War - The pandemic has created the perfect pretext for enacting economically destructive policies. With thanks to the head curmudgeon, Fran Porretto, over at Liberty's Torch for linking this article.  The Bellows is an interesting site with many good articles that make you think.

Market Ticker:  You Ready To Revolt Yet America?  A huge heap of truth from  Karl Denninger. 

Diogenes Middle Finger:  An Open Letter to Journalists at the End of the Toughest Year of our Careers  Excellent take down of whining "journalists." 

And finally:

No Room at the Globalist Inns by Robert Morrison | Remnant Columnist
...For those still willing and able to appreciate reality, 2020 has closed doors that can now only be opened to us if we are willing to sacrifice our faith, morals, and ability to reason. What doors remain open to us? In many cases we have found welcome in humble yet peaceful alternatives to our hitherto more ambitious and worldly preferences. In a real sense, it seems that God has led us through tribulation to where many of us ought to have been all along. Accordingly, many of us have had the occasion to thank God for turning us toward paths that we would not have considered previously.

Do read the rest 

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