Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hip Hop Patriot and Jay Valentine...

 who are they?

In particular, it seems Jay Valentine bought American Thinker - or something.

The last 4 days he's held the first position on American Thinker.  Yesterday he garnered almost 700 comments, and this morning he's already at 209 comments at 6:30 am (PT), which is almost unheard of. 

If you click on his name there is no info on him, but his first article for AT was back in 2009. 

He's putting out a lot of truth, and truth always wins.

@TheHipHopPatriot · Public Figure
AKA Jeremy Herrell
It seems like Jeremy has been kicking around for quite some time without my knowledge. How is such a thing possible? A friend sent me this video on Facecrap and I was quite impressed. It's worth the time.  

About Mask Mandates

Our local city council declined to order a mask mandate. Good thing too, since I would end up in jail.

In the future anyone who tries to speak to me while wearing a filthy mask will be told to back the heck up since I don't want them spewing their germs, which are passing happily through that rag, on to me.  I suggest you do the same - politely, but firmly.  If they persist, you have permission to call them selfish.

  Folks, those rags are germy, foul, and nasty. As my friend, Ragin' Dave calls them - germ sponges.  This new rule does not apply to the poor employees who are forced to wear one since they've already suffered enough humiliation. 



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