Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Year of Hell: Sunday Sermon from So. St. Paul... (video)

 a must listen to understand how God works.

Why does God allow evil?

We are being asked to choose between evil and good.  Choose wisely...

The sermon ends at 11:30.  After 11:30 the good father reads the letter from Archbishop Viganò I posted back on November 7th (feels like a year ago, doesn't it?)

If you have not read the letter, you can either listen to it now, or pop back to the link above and read it.  Both the sermon and the letter will bring peace to your heart refreshment to your soul. 

From Remnant TV:

In this Sunday Sermon from So. St. Paul, Father comments on Election Fiasco 2020, arguing that the cheating, lying and fraud going on in America today is something straight out of hell. 
Father encourages his flock to pray for the president. As long as Trump is willing to fight for our nation, we must be willing to fight for him. 
Father also reads a message from Archbishop Vigano (11:30), offering us priestly advice on what happens now and what faithful Christians should do from now until January, 2021.

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