Saturday, October 24, 2020

Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity weigh in on "debate"...(videos)

The commie/libtards are so dumb they think coyotes (the animals), are dragging little babies into the country. 

  • When Sean and Tucker show clips of the debate, please notice whenever Trump is talking, Welker shuts him down by changing the subject or just interrupts him.

This is important: 

Over and over, Hannity, Carlson, Whittle, and scores of others, bring up the interference in free speech. Bill Whittle calls it the greatest threat to our country and mentions his hits taking a deep dive as he's suppressed and shadow banned. It's happening to all the conservatives - not just the big guys, but also us little folk who toil away for free to bring a semblance of the news to you.

I understand in this dystopian nightmare we're living in now, many, many people are just trying to survive. I'm not a fan of Facecrap, but it offers me a good idea of what is going on regarding the importance, locally - not from the MSM, but local peeps who stay plugged in.

What can you do?

Share, my pretty poodles. Share everything of importance. Share on Facecrap, Tweet, email your friends. If we lose this country, it shouldn't be because we all didn't do our part to save our representative republic. 

And pray!


...As the looming election advances like a deadly avalanche crashing down a mountainside towards an unsuspecting village below, a battle wages between an evil ingrained establishment and a few dedicated patriots of truth. If you don’t feel the very survival of the nation hangs in the balance, then you are either delusional, willfully ignorant, or unwilling to recognize your own cognitive dissonance. The next five to ten years will alter the course of history in a profound way. Whether the outcome is positive for average American citizens is very much in doubt. This is an important article. Please read the rest and share

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