Saturday, October 24, 2020

TRUMP CARD - Excellent! Dinesh D'Souza does it again

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If you watched Bill Whittle's video I posted Friday, this documentary will cement what he said about MSM being complicit in hiding and distorting the news and how dangerous it really is.

From the Combox:

A comment from Sane_Person37, known to his friends as Kid, on yesterday's post. Kid is the proprietor of Dairy of a Right Wing Pussycat and has a (mostly hidden) talent for comedic writing - something that is very hard to do.  A perfect example is his post Highlights of the Hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Barrett. Go read it for some laugh out loud moments.

Yesterday, however, he was serious when he commented on the Bill Whittle video about the suppression of free speech - and we thank him:

Bill is absolutely right that accurate information is the hinge pin that connects everything else together.

American media and 'education' has been much worse than Russia ever dreamed about.

Looking back through the history of even your own lifetime, I believe you can envision millions of smart people looking at our cultural landscape and saying "That ain't gonna work". We have fewer and fewer of those people around now than when I was a kid. Conclusion: We will be trampled by the ignorant masses of people of all ages in our lifetimes.

I spend no effort or energy trying to hold it back. I am strictly in self-defense mode where currently in my life and environment the risks are very low that I'll have to deploy a weapon. Hope it stays that way but the country as a whole is going down the toilet purely because people do not have accurate information with which to defend themselves, their communities and their country. (See Yuri Brezmanov) As Bill says it is the only thing that matters. We could trade all other issues for it and be a million times better off because educated people will solve all those other problems very quickly. Stupid misinformed people have zero chance to fix anything.

The tech people? Straight from hell.

The country won't cease to exist because Joe Biden, or pick any democrat, gets elected to the white house, it will be because not enough people rejected it happening. America will cease to exist with the next democrat majority. It took a long trip downhill with the radical moslem administration and while it's coming back to some extent it won't reach the point it started at.

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