Thursday, August 6, 2020

If you don't take a stand now, we'll lose this country...(videos)

putting it all together.

Let's start by acknowledging that many people are finally starting to understand what is going on in this country - but not nearly enough.

What makes it difficult is that all of us toiling in the bottom of the mud-filled trenches are finding nuggets of information, and having to make coherent sense of it all.

I promise you that everything I'm going to post are related nuggets that begin to form a whole.

Let's start off with this very interesting article posted yesterday at American Thinker, The West is One Vast Social Engineering Experiment, by Wen Wryte (a pseudonym)

His closing statement may make you want to read the entire article:

"The West is now one vast social engineering experiment with virtual Skinner boxes for conditioning the inmates.

Those determined to retain their insight and critical faculties, their intellectual independence and their moral sovereignty, may well become a minority within a generation.

Why is this not a matter of serious public concern?"

Next up is Larry Lambert's article, The Mark of the Beast?, covering RFID chips, their use and the possibilities of misuse, electronic money, and facial recognition. LL makes no moral judgement or definite statement one way or another. He leaves that up to you.  It's another nugget of information to tuck in your head.

Moving on to The Night Wind's post, What's Behind the Mask, wherein the matter of "who benefits" is clearly laid out.

From the post:
So this brings up an interesting question. Who really benefits from this Mandatory Mask nonsense? Political power-junkies and Mass Media sensationalists do; but they're pawns in something larger. These people don't act without permission from their financial overlords; and the fact that the big box-stores are in on the act shows that there's some really Big Money behind this whole scam.  
 This next video is from Info Wars, so it's really only about 3:00 long. The other two minutes at the end is Jones advertising his supplements - which is okay with me. He needs to make a living too.

This video covers the New Age and cult indoctrination inherent in mask wearing.  I have done many talks to church groups about the dangers of New Age thinking that has become so popular in the past 30 or so years, and my research was deep and detailed.  Trust me, Oprah, and the people she promoted, were not benign happy little creatures spouting off about "luv."  Nuzzled right up with Oprah are the "prosperity gospels" touted by many TV evangelists. 

Nox and Friends has a post, ALERT! NYC FULL LOCKDOWN!! FORCED CHECKPOINTS AND IMPRISONMENT!!  including a very informative video (approx 7:00).  Coupled with 
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, authorizing the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to shut off utility service to properties where large parties and gatherings, are held in violation of public safety orders should scare anyone. NB: No number of attendees is given for the gathering to be in non-compliance, so a gang banger party of 100 at a rented mansion and a Bible study of 10 could be equally guilty. Watch his remarks HERE (approx 3:00).

Finally, our always entertaining, MOTUS AD, has a look at the school situation that is bubbling away in the background with: School: Accept No Substitutes

Take these nuggets and then read up on "gaslighting." You are being lied to on a daily basis. If you don't buy into the prevailing lies, you're called a "crazy conspiracy theorist".  
To sum it all up is Jo
n Voight with some great advice - and we thank him.

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