Wednesday, August 5, 2020


where do you draw the red line?

For me, it's the masks.

I will not comply, and so far haven't had to don the commie mask of shame and servitude.

I went to Costco last night and when offered an already cross-contaminated mask at the door, I said; "I'm sorry, I can't."  Before I could even croak out "medical", the door peeps just shrugged and wished me well.

And guess who shared physical therapy space with me yesterday? Our very own nationally famous mask Nazi, Arnold Mason.  And ----------- he wasn't wearing a mask and neither was his PT guy.  

I expect kudos for not saying, "Hey, Arnie, where's your mask?" I figured Pinnacle PT didn't need the drama. 

A tune that popped into my head while trying out my new battery powered weed whacker (it's wonderful!), is an apt, happy tune for our world today.

Turn up your speakers, rock out, and get happy!

We will win!

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