Saturday, July 25, 2020

A world without the police...

a dream of the commie/libtards.

A nightmare for the rest of us.

And it's happening now.

First read a couple of posts by my friend and very serious person, Larry Lambert, who knows of what he speaks.

And then listen to Bill Whittle who is angrier than I've ever heard him - and for good reason!

Minneapolis Cops Flee the Force, Crime Surges as George Floyd Protest/Riots Roll On

A word about sharing

I try to always add links to information or articles that I think are important.

Because it's all about patriots sharing information with each other.  While Google, Facecrap, and Twitter do their very best to wipe us off the information highway it behooves us to stick together.

I don't make one red cent off of this humble little blog.  Not one.  I do it because it's the duty of patriots to do what ever they can to help save this country.  

Down at the bottom of each post are some little link buttons. If you have a Facecrap or Twitter account it takes just a second to click on those little squares and share this post. 

And don't just share my posts. Share everything you read that seems important.  

This is what they look like - sort of, since mine are not in living color and now I'm ticked off.  

 So drag your little cursor down to the end and click on your preferred sharing button.  I thank you in advance!


Judith Acosta at American Thinker:  How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

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