Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Okay, Peeps - it's time to laugh...

because I can not be serious anymore.

Other than to say, "Thank God, Donald J. Trump is our president!"

So my trucker friend, John (and friend of frequent commenter Cassandra Bird) posted this yesterday on Facecrap.  His trucker friend Wayne actually did this. Between this and the Golden Corral coronavirus update I started to laugh.  Not just a little chuckle, but tears running down my face laughter. (If you don't react the same way just keep in mind that I'm weird like that.)

And his traveling companions guarding his load. Gud doggies!

And from frequent commenter and friend of this blog, Toastrider:

When the Devil whispers in your ear, "You can't stand against the storm," you smile at him, spread your arms, and say, "I am the storm."

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