Thursday, March 19, 2020

Is chloroquine the beginning and the end of the Wuflu?...

it might be.

And then again, it might not.

Until we find out, I suggest you re-acquaint yourself with God - the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I also suggest you quit paying attention to the lying, venal, Godless commie/libtard press. They have an agenda and a narrative. Neither of which is in the best interest of the country or you.

If the not very bright peeps who suffer from TDS want to suck up the filth from these fake news sites, so be it.  I've discovered over the past few years these people are not very bright and feed off each other.  That last part is important. Do not allow these people to be in your life or at least limit your contact with them.

Your environment has a staggering amount of influence in how you conduct your life. The people you hang around with are part of your environment.

And speaking of environment, take this opportunity if you're stuck in the house to do a bit of clutter clearing.  Clutter sucks the life out of you.

I only caught the tail end of the presser, but what I did see was very upliting. Trump is not taking any crap from the evil lying MSM.  Good for him!!!


I have lots of "more's" today since everyone out there is doing such a fabulous job - and I thank you all.

Virtual Mirage:  Coming Economic Measures  LL knows his stuff!

Newsbusters:  Brian Williams, Ian Bremmer Bash Trump 'Blaming China' for Coronavirus  Petty and ignorant fake media just can't stop, can they? The fact is that civilized people don't eat bats, raw snakes, or butcher animals in filthy open air markets. Cultural differences?  Nope. Common sense!

iotwreport:  Worse than the virus – celebrities sing Imagine while quarantined  Oh, dear Lord in heaven.  Yes, you fools - keep singing about no heaven and no hell.  You are all in for a big huge whack upside the head one day.

Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker: How Long Will Americans Tolerate Corona-Madness?  I think Marcus will break the record with comments on this post. 

The Night Wind:  PANIC ATTACKS AND POWER GRABS Lots of good thoughts and great links

Bookworm Room:  Coronavirus: Always look on the bright side of life  Excellent food for thought

Tim Jones at American Thinker:  How Coronavirus Will Strengthen Trump's 2020 Campaign  I think some of the commie/libtards may even be waking up

Woodsterman:  Libturd Thursday Part One  Odie always finds the best to make us laugh - and we thank him!

Today I'm heading out to aggravate my allergy to soil mold and dig away in my garden and enjoy the sunlight after which I will pop down to Ace Hardware for some new clothesline so I can hang my new MyPillow sheets on the line tomorrow.  These sheets are magnificent!

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