Thursday, March 26, 2020

MyPillow's Mike Lindell, a major Trump supporter, steps in to help...

by turning over 75% of his pillow manufacturing to making cotton masks for health care workers.

While cotton is not the best for masks, it is considered way better than nothing. And cotton is what Mike has.

This is how a true patriot behaves.

Not to sound selfish, but I'm glad I got my MyPillow sheets a few weeks ago before all this Wuflu crap popped up.  They are the highest quality sheets I've ever owned.

Lindell also urged people to “stay in the word.”
“I think when we have times like this, this is an opportunity for one of the biggest revivals ever. I think it gets people to faith because we need to have faith. We don’t know why things happen and why things don’t happen, but God knows, and we don’t need to question why. Let’s just keep the faith.​" source

Thank you, Mike

And that, my dear readers, is all I have. I'd like to talk about keeping to a sensible routine and schedule, getting proper exercise, and other ways to amuse and improve yourself, but I trust you all to be on top of these subjects.

Taking my own advice I'm headed for a 20 minute nap (optimal time for refreshing yourself), pulling out my exercise mat and doing some hard exercise, taking a shower, and attempting a portrait of my Erica kitteh in colored pencil.

These are some of the recent photos (not the best) that I will be using.

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