Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March in North Idaho and Shopping in the Age of Wuflu...


I should be used to it by now.

For the past several weeks I've been happily digging in the garden. Then this morning I was greeted by this scene:

By later today it will be gone and my tulips will still be fine, the daylilies will just shrug it off, and the temps will be up in the 50's in a few days. 

Shopping in the Age of Wuflu

Under the best of circumstances a trip to Michaels (apostrophe missing as per company tradition even though it makes my eyeballs itch) is not high on my list since the visual stimulation makes my head swell.  I marvel that so must crap can be stuffed into one space.

But when I saw some Facecrap posts from our local Michaels with customers screeching and complaining and some of the staff screeching back (I don't blame them one teeny bit), I decided to do my small bit of art supply shopping online at Dick Blick.

Prudence once again had spoken to me and said, "Listen, Girlie - you don't want to wade into a bunch of angry crafty type women waving coupons who want something absolutely non-essential and ready to pop a cork if they can't find it."

If you're one of those people who take out their frustration on salespeople in a store you need to stop it. Now!  And spending some time examining the source of your frustration would be a good idea.  I highly doubt any of my long time commenters would act in such a way, but I'm aware of lurkers who do not hold our conservative values. This advice is directed to them. 

You need to listen when Prudence speaks!

Here's a little message to the ignorant and arrogant anti-Trumper types out there:

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