Friday, March 27, 2020

Government in the time of Wuflu is NOT the solution...

keep it all in perspective.

NOQ Report is starting up American Conservative Movement and posted this video at their site. I joined...


Legal Insurrection:   ABC News/WaPo Poll: Trump approval at highest ever, majority approve of handling of pandemic  Those ignorant and arrogant people who have TDS must be gnashing their teeth in panic and horror. That pleases me.  Good article...

MOTUS: Fake Models  What is the truth? Are we even hearing it?

The Federalist: Media Peddle Bogus Wuhan Virus Stats To Bash America

Peace or Freedom: More common sense on the Chinese virus

Bunkerville:  The Progressives and how they are treating us ‘little people’

Cliff Kincaid at Renew America:  One-worlders exploit pandemic for global government

And now instead of a kitteh, how about a gorgeous painting by Frederick Edwin Church, of the Hudson School of Painting?

Story behind the painting: PAFA acquires painting from Hudson River School that couldn’t sell at auction

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