Thursday, January 17, 2019

Another take on the Gillette ad...

now this is a real eye opener.

I was briefly considering Dollar Shave Club (who is now owned by UniLever.)

Not anymore.

And I have something to say about feminist women backing Gillette's rabidly racist stupid ad.  Notice all the good guys are black and the bad guys are white?

 Head over to Daily Mail and check out the massive number of pics of half or completely naked women (with delicate areas smudged out) displaying vulgar behavior and spewing filth and then come back and tell me how men are toxic.  Women dress themselves like sluts and then complain if a guy whistles at them.

Am I blaming the victims?  You bet I am.

Women are supposed to have a civilizing influence on men.  Instead, feminism has caused them to display behavior that makes most men blush.

Men are considered toxic for acting like a man, while women are slaughtering their unborn babies at the rate of over 600K in the U.S. alone.  And those are just the ones we know about since states do not have to report on abortions numbers.

To compare what in the past was considered flirting with rape is ludicrous.  What today is called "toxic", in the past was simply called "boorish."

I'm not condoning rape, but if a woman hangs out in a bar in shockingly lurid clothing downing shots of liquor, she should not be surprised if the one lone crazy in the crowd thinks she's ripe for plucking.

Now spend a few minutes watching this take on the ad and consider yourself informed.  I have vetted the info and everything seems to be true, although the conclusion reached is up for grabs. Don't be a starling - think for yourself. 


American Thinker:  Next Gillette Should Target 'Toxic Femininity'  While I disagree with the title and think it should say "Toxic Feminism" instead of "Toxic Feminism", I do agree with the assessment

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