Friday, January 18, 2019

46th Annual March for Life, January 18, 2019 search results almost 100% negative...

if it's reported at all.

Year after year hundreds of thousands of people gather in D.C. to march for the end to the slaughter of babies in the womb by their mothers.

The MSM covers it in a most perfunctory manner - unlike the odious pink pussy hat wearing harridans who will gather tomorrow in objection to a myriad of complaints.  Unfortunately, we'll be bombarded with mega coverage of these vile women.

As far as I know FoxBreitbart and EWTN are the only people covering the march.

Since Roe v Wade the lies being told about abortion have morphed into being regarded as fact. And if you Google "lies about abortion" or "abortion, the results are overwhelming in favor of abortion and claiming pro-life people are lying.

  • Before Roe v Wade the majority of abortions were performed by medical doctors.  The "coat hanger" we hear about is largely a myth.
  • Before Roe v Wade the deaths from illegal abortion were almost zero.
  • There is almost no time when an abortion is needed to "save the life of the mother."
  • The term "back alley abortion" arose from the fact that legal medical doctors often had their abortion patients enter their offices through a side or back door - for obvious reasons.  
  • The majority of abortions were, and are, performed for matters of convenience.  Planned vacations, interferes with education, and not financially prepared top the list of reasons.
  • Unlike the lies you hear from the left, abortion does have lasting health ramifications - both physically and mentally.  
  • Norma McCorvey (RIP) was tricked and used into being the "Jane Roe" of Roe v Wade.  If you Google McCorvey, almost all the search results do not cover the fact that McCorvey became vehemently pro-life. 
From Youtube: A new report from Breitbart claims the search term 'abortion' was added to a 'blacklist' file for 'controversial YouTube queries'; reaction from Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.
Either you're going to spend your life being manipulated and lied to, or you're going to start to do your own research and learn the truth.  

I've never been a big supporter of marches, but I have great respect for the pro-life people who show up every year to march for life. 

President Trump has pre-recorded a message for the March for Life 2019.  May God bless him... 


Newsbusters: Federal Court: Planned Parenthood Sting Videos ‘Authentic'; Texas May Defund  (Important!)

Newsbusters:  All Three Networks Ignore March for Life; CBS Promotes Women’s March Instead  (I've checked the top MSM sites and have been unable to find one single word on the March for Life.)

March for Life 2018:  President Donald J. Trump speaks to the March for Life from the Rose Garden...

Lifenews:  Trailer Released for New Roe v. Wade Movie: The Story of What Really Happened  (the trailer will be played at today's march, but you can see it at the link)

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