Thursday, November 29, 2018

Michael Cohen: Yeah, I like lied before under oath, but now I'm like really, really, like telling the truth...

and you should believe me.

Mueller is so stupid that he doesn't even realize he just dumped all over his "star" witness.  If a man lies under oath once, he'll do it again.

The only people buying into this nonsense are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome™ and will believe anything that they think shows Trump in a bad light.
President Trump’s former attorney — Michael Cohen — has pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress after he reportedly reached a plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller. 
Cohen made an unexpected appearance at a Manhattan courtroom early Thursday, where he pleaded guilty to lying under oath to Congress when he testified last year about Russian contacts he made while working on plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. 
Back in August, Cohen pleaded guilty to other federal charges involving his taxi businesses, bank fraud and work he did for the Trump campaign.  source
Cohen is a lawyer.  Explains much of what's going on.

Meantime, in the beautiful city of Rexburg, Idaho, we can see the difference between conservatives and commie/marxist/libtards.

The only thing these lovely young people (probably Mormon) get wrong is thinking you can actually have a conversation with a commie/marxist/libtard.  You can't.


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