Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hillary Clinton hacks and wheezes her way through her bash Trump road show...

a drugged up Bill trembles by her side.

The grifters-in-chief opened their "tour" in Canada to a mostly empty arena.  Really? Why Canada?  A very thin crowd of delusional Canadians showed up to rally behind two of the most prolific criminals to ever grace the political stage in the U.S.

The murdering duo, who are too stupid to control their surroundings, are seated in ugly square squashy chairs assuring Hillary will look even more gnome like with her shoulders hunched up to her ears and her tree stump legs dominating the view.

Never in the history of this country have past presidents, Odumbo included, acted in such a despicable low class manner.

When Benghazi Babe Hillary starts her uncontrollable coughing the interviewer, Frank McKenna, the Deputy Chair TD Bank Group and a big Clinton Foundation donor, drones on and on giving the demons time to exit Hillary's evil body.

At 20 seconds in Hillary, already coughing, shoots rapist Waco baby killer Bill some rather murderous looks. Bill jumps in to answer the next question and his trembling hands are on full display.

The evil lives large in these two...


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