Saturday, April 28, 2018

Inspiration Saturday...

but first, take a moment to say a prayer for the family of Alfie Evans who passed away.
Alfie James Evans was a baptized Catholic, like his father. His mother belongs to the Reformed tradition. If a baptized child before the age of reason dies, he goes straight to heaven, according to Catholic teaching. 
“Baptized and under ‘the age of reason’, he does not need our prayers,” tweeted Dr Joseph Shaw, a Catholic ethicist at Oxford University. “His family, and everyone else involved, do.” source
Moving on:

It's a cool rainy day here after a week of above average temps.  We even hit 81° yesterday.  Since my tree pruning and bush whacking is curtailed I will spend part of today cleaning my office which has turned into a jungle of crapola.

If you need a bit of inspiration for your own decluttering journey, Anthony Ongaro from Break the Twitch packs a whole lot of the aforementioned inspiration into the following short video.

Cute Rocky as a puppy and
Anthony's equally cute wife, Amy

His YouTube channel has a bucket full of short useful videos to get you in the mood.  Word of warning:  Do not, I repeat - do not spend the next hour or two watching his videos (even if you fall in love with his too cute doggie, Rocky.)  Scroll through and find one that addresses something that may be challenging you and watch it and maybe one more.  After that, go do what you need to do.  Capisce?

And if you find yourself spending waaaaaaaay more time on social media lately (guilty!), Anthony can help with that too.

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