Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tucker Carlson to Chicago Alderman George Cardenas: "What a LOATHSOME Little Demagogue You Are!"...

perhaps Alderman Cardenas should review the statistics on shootings in Chicago before he worries about taking care of the illegals in his city.

Chicago January to Date:

Shot & Killed: 18
Shot & Wounded: 86
Total Shot: 104
Total Homicides: 21

Chicago Final 2017 Totals

Shot & Killed: 624
Shot & Wounded: 2937
Total Shot: 3561
Total Homicides: 677

Does that qualify Chicago to be a shithole?

Followed (at 7:35) by Congresswoman Martha McSally (R - Arizona) and her take on what the demon-crats want for immigration reform.

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