Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trump's Fake News Awards Today on Twitter and what I discovered yesterday...

I discovered that you do not put a bumper cover for a 2008 Sonata inside the Sonata to which it will affixed in the future.

Short Form:

I ordered a rear bumper cover off of ebay (already painted in the proper color) for my car.
It had to be picked up at FedEx Ground in the Industrial Park in Spokane Valley since it was "oversized" and they couldn't even get it to Couer d'Alene.
Two FexEx employees and I worked for an hour to find a way to get that in the car.
No dice
So today, I drive back to Spokane with the van (as soon as we jump it) to try again.
On the upside the FedEx employees said it as the best wrapped bumper cover they've ever seen.

Fake News Awards

The lying, fallacious, mendacious, odious, loathsome, malicious, vile, obnoxious, evil, and arrogant left is having a complete meltdown.  That really is all you need to know.

Score one for the red team!

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