Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Almost a week and we're still talking about shit...

this has become beyond ridiculous.

Only the crazy family that starved and imprisoned their gazillion kids is managing to push it out of the headlines.

I have mega errands to run.

But first:  A libtard bellwether on Facecrap, who is a fan of both Castro and Che, is on a trip to Cuba.  The libtard is leaving today.  Her picture title?  Adios Utopia! Good bye 🇨🇺 Cuba! 
Definition of Utopia:  An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. 
And there are still people who don't recognize liberalism as a mental disorder.  Oy vey!

While I'm gone, go read some much more interesting stuff from my friends on the webz:

Bunkerville:  Obama, Graham and Trump all thought the world was in a shit storm

Don Surber:  S***hole liberalism  (remember Melinda Byerley?)

Nox and Freinds:   ACLJ – Planned Parenthood 2016-2017 Annual Report Released  (staggering statistics)

Breitbart:   Facebook Reminds Publishers: ‘We’re In Charge’ (people actually depend on Facecrap to deliver their news? Good grief!)

Political Clown Parade:   Jeff Flake Proclaims The Second Coming Of Comrade Stalin

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