Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How many people in Texas are just going to walk away from their destroyed home?...

and never return.

Over 85% of people living in Houston do not have flood insurance.  Some of these people who escaped flooding in the past now have a house under water, a hefty mortgage (ironically known as being under water), and low savings.

I wonder how many of them will simply tell the bank, "It's all yours", and head for the hills.  That leaves the bank owning a worthless house unless it wants to spend mega dollars to fix it up.  Most likely they'll just bulldoze it and sell the land.

Overall, I don't think Houston will lose very much of it's population like New Orleans did after Katrina since it's a much bigger city that has experienced rapid growth and a good economy, but it might slow the growth down which is a bad economic omen.

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